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How to Grow Instagram Followers 2021

Many of you may be wondering if it is safe to buy Instagram followers. The question is valid because this trade can appear shady at first glance, but you must realize that many of the influencers you see on Instagram use this approach to secure brand partnerships, and some even use it to promote their products.

The sites listed below are the top places to buy Instagram followers and can assist you in buying real Instagram followers. Growing naturally is the best method, but it takes time and requires creativity and aptitude and luck. So, provide a hand with your ingenuity and strenuous effort to boost your following growth.

We took the time to thoroughly examine each supplier to guarantee that they provide the same level of quality, reliability, and client service. We take care of the research, so you do not have to. Only the finest Instagram follower sellers from across the world are listed here so that you can buy Instagram followers from the top Instagram followers sites.

With that in mind, here are a few of the finest and most reliable services for purchasing Instagram followers safely:

  1. Adflee

Adflee is one of the most popular places to earn real Instagram followers. You could enter the realm of Insta popularity and become a phenomenon by following a few simple steps. Adflee has built a reputation for providing excellent customer service and tailor-made strategies for diverse users throughout the years.

Aside from that, a helpful customer service representative is always on hand to assist the consumer throughout the procedure. Adflee provides service 24*7 and delivers high-quality views in the shortest time possible.

The basic idea behind Adflee is that every customer should feel as if their account is the most important. Adflee is the most visited website by many social media influencers and users because of this. The key reason for this is that the website strives to provide the most satisfactory possible results in the shortest amount of time. This is one of the great features of using the Adflee service to increase Instagram followers quickly.

Another great feature of Adflee is that all your information is secure because you do not have to reveal any login information. All you must do now is make your account public, as this is the only way to gain followers on the network.

Adflee is the way to go for anyone looking for safety and the highest quality Instagram followers.

  1. GrowthSilo

You have an Instagram account for your company or business, but you need more followers. Increasing your number of followers can be time-consuming and difficult. Many followers ensure benefits such as interaction, exposure, and even traffic to your web page.

Growthsilo is a simple and straightforward Instagram growth solution that can help you build your audience by gaining actual focused Instagram followers. Through its human-managed service, the team solely uses organic growth. Some of the most well-known and respected brands, such as Forbes, have put their trust in them.

Once you have signed up, you can interact with them and reveal your intended audience, and they will take care of the rest. They promise increased engagement, exposure, and the ability to monetize your audience. Normal Instagram users, organizations, businesses, and influencers are all clients of Growthsilo. While growing your organic following, Growthsilo will help you save time. So far, their user reviews have been fantastic. The personal account manager should, above all, provide you with peace of mind. You need calmness while concentrating on other parts of your business in the challenging Instagram arena.

  1. StormLikes

Stormlikes will appeal to those who are tired of ghost followers. The Instagram-only business promises to provide clients with authentic followers. This company also strives to make each customer’s experience unique to their requirements. This means quick client service and Instagram engagement on their timetable, whether they want it now or later.

Clients can also define the gender balance and the regions they want their followers to come from. This gives their account growth a more organic and flowing appearance. Custom plans and one-time payments are available, as well as monthly instalments. Those with several accounts can get a discount on their subscription for a set percentage off. Clients are not required to enter a password, and payment is made through PayPal. According to the website, the business has a network of community profiles and users, which allows them to ensure real-world involvement.

Overall, this service appears to be a solid pick for individuals trying to increase their Instagram following and influence. The Stormlikes website is current, and its blog includes timely and helpful information. Stormlikes is a challenger in the Instagram space since it allows for greater customisation than other service providers.


Look at Likes if you seek increased followers on Instagram from a source to buy them that will preserve your and their reputations.

This organization understands that to succeed on Instagram, you must concentrate on the positive features of your account, and they can handle the rest. They can assist you with ordering in a manner that is so simple that it will only take a few minutes, and you can also mention your plan to them, and they will work with you to meet it. This means they are highly adaptable and aware of the fact that each client’s requirements are unique.

We like that their prices are reasonable, so you do not have to be a millionaire to get them. They begin with 100 Instagram followers for $3, which is a hard bargain. They may also assist you with rapid customer service, which is precious in this sector. They also have various payment alternatives so you can pay for things on the internet without worrying about being hacked.

  1. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is not to be overlooked because it is number five on this list of the top websites to buy Instagram followers. Because of its strong understanding and skilled competence in Instagram development, you cannot afford to ignore this service.

The experts behind this firm are Instagram specialists who know everything there is to know about the platform. You will discover that this service has a long history in the market (years, in fact). They are committed to their consumers and endeavour to give them excellent service.

Because they are so familiar with the difficulty, their purpose should be to boost your IG exposure by growing your follower base. They guarantee to bring high-quality Instagram followers to your account within 72 hours, which we enjoy.

The platform makes it clear that only genuine followers are sent to your profile. They accomplish this by enlisting the help of actual people in their network. They are compensated for engaging with you to help you develop a strong following and loyal consumer base. This solution is secure, efficient, and quick, and it provides engagement-specific solutions to meet your requirements.

  1. PlentyGram

You may or may not be acquainted with PlentyGram, depending on how novice you are to purchasing Instagram followers. This knowledge may be new to you, but you must understand it. Because this service focuses solely on Instagram and TikTok, it is considered a speciality service in that regard.

You can choose from various Instagram follower packages, ranging from the Starter plan, which includes 100 Instagram followers, to the Diamond plan, which provides 10,000 Instagram followers. Based on the bundle you purchase, they claim to provide 100% actual followers in 12 to 72 hours. You only must disclose your password once for a one-time cost for high-quality followers.

This platform will assist you and your advertising campaigns if you use both Instagram and TikTok. Both social platforms are currently exploding with advertising and sales opportunities. As a result, your plan should be on fire as well.

  1. Goldstar Social

This organization is well-known for completing tasks on time. They can help you get a lot of followers, and subscribers. This means they can provide interaction in addition to having a large following. As a result, they always take care to provide you with a well-rounded growth experience to help you flourish and gain awareness on Instagram.

The results they provide can sometimes be apparent in as little as a few hours. The followers they provide are 100% genuine, and they engage with you daily. Many people have come to this place today searching for more engagement, and they have found it.

When using this website, be sure to select the package that best suits your needs. When it comes to choosing followers packages, you must be cautious. All these services are outstanding, and the outcomes they deliver are of the greatest caliber.

  1. Social Empire

Social Empire lives up to its name by offering a wide range of social media services. For SoundCloud, these items span from views and likes to followers. The quantity of followers on an Instagram account is the key to its success. Users can get those followers with the help of SocialEmpire; they go through some legitimate processes and employ the correct software tools to route many Instagram followers to a specific page. The provider also offers promotion on additional platforms in addition to these packs. They guarantee to promote the clients’ accounts on Twitter and Reddit, for example. It is reasonable in terms of price—the better the prices, the more packages a consumer purchase.

Furthermore, the site is extremely private, and the accounts that engage with a user’s profile are genuine. Social Empire does not use accounts with fictitious names or numbers that expire after a set number of uses. It has a good reputation, with over 2 million orders and several reviews on the site. On the downside, the business does not give refunds. It also lacks a refund policy and a privacy policy. It does, however, include an affiliate network for those who want to generate money from their social media sites.

  1. InstaMama

With its dependable service, this company promises to assist firms to go to the next level. They understand numerous other businesses create phony profiles to sell followers. They, however, do not. All their accounts are used by actual people. As a result, the client’s account gains credibility, as people will see other legitimate users rather than ones that appear to be fake. This is also one of the features that makes this platform secure. Instagram’s algorithm does not block those who are followed by genuine individuals.

All the followers are sent out in stages so that no one knows they are being paid. The provider will begin delivering within 2 to 24 hours of receiving payment. Their retention rate is also among the highest in the industry. This means that new consumers do not abandon the account after a short time.

InstaMama is relatively safe because it does not need clients to provide personal information such as passwords. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, the payment method is likewise encrypted. On the downside, it only accepts credit cards, which may be troublesome for some users.

  1. Media Mister

Do not be fooled by the service’s low ranking; Media Mister is a powerful Instagram follower provider that you should not overlook. For many years, Media Mister has been a fantastic provider in this scenario. They have been a part of this sector from its inception. Consider the level of skills and information they have acquired.

This organization is so active that they offer nearly every type of involvement across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and others. We will, however, concentrate on their Instagram follower solutions. Clients can easily use the entire service because it features a user interface that is basic enough for anyone to utilize.

They make it so simple that all you must do is go to the social media network you want (Instagram), select the service you wish to (followers), and then select the sort of service you need from the options list on that page. Followers for Normal, Instagram Ads, and Region-Specific objectives are available from the dropdown menu. Then enter your Instagram profile URL, click ‘Add to Cart,’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

You could assume they charge a lot for their services, but they are inexpensive given their level of knowledge in the field. One of the reasons we included them on this list for your evaluation is this.

  1. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is one of the most efficient methods for gaining Instagram followers. As their name implies, they excel in this area, and it shows in the quality of their service. One of their essential features is that if the customer requests it, all the new fans they deliver might come from a single country or area. They could, for example, be Indian or American. Furthermore, this service is entirely risk-free, as the company does not even inquire about the account’s sensitive information, such as its password.

Because of its skills and proven services, this firm has risen to become one of the industry’s leaders since its inception in 2013. However, this is reflected in their pricing, which may be a disadvantage for individuals on a tight budget. Those that can afford a little more, on the other hand, can profit from this type of service.

Here are Some Helpful Tips

The issue is that many internet sites pretend to sell real Instagram followers but are selling bots. So, before you purchase Instagram followers, keep these points in mind to avoid getting duped:

  1. Buy Targeted Followers

When you purchase real Instagram followers, one of several aspects to watch for is the accounts that are following you. A trustworthy seller will inquire as to who your intended audience is, as well as your most-used buzzwords and rivals. They can create a list of intended accounts based on statistics, region, and interests using that information. The end effect is not just a slew of new followers but an engaged following that you can grow.

  1. Work With Transparent Sellers

Because the entire “buy Instagram followers” market has an image for being a little sketchy, we understand if you are apprehensive of who you buy from.

It is a terrible sign if the firm from whom you purchase Instagram followers is not upfront about how they will gain your followers. They do not have to guide you through every step of how they gain each follower, but they should be able to tell you what method they use.

  1. Look for Engagement Growth

When you purchase active Instagram followers, you should observe an increase in your number of followers and your interaction levels.

Remember, the whole point of getting real Instagram followers is to encourage them to connect with your material so you can increase your brand’s exposure and recognition.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Instagram Followers

In today’s age, where everything’s legitimacy and originality are being questioned, primarily via a neoliberal lens, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of buying Instagram followers is crucial.


  1. Higher Following Rate

Users of social media are a trend-following demographic. They will choose the company with the most followers out of two or three competitors. That is all there is to it. Your business’s reputation will diminish if it has a low number of followers. As a result, buying Instagram followers can help you bridge the gap between having a new account and having no followers.

  1. Higher Visibility

As search engines such as Google, social media platforms use algorithms to build social media feeds for their users. When customers navigate their newsfeed, it is easier for them to see exactly what they are interested in. Of course, several factors can affect this algorithm, including the number of followers and general interaction. But the more Instagram followers your business has, the more probably it is to appear in the Instagram newsfeed.

  1. Better Engagement

Some of your followers will respond to your postings. Their participation should, in theory, promote likes and comments from your real followers. Overall, this improves content mobility and encourages followers to engage.

When acquiring Instagram followers that participate, though, exercise extreme caution. A bot that says the stupid thing can have disastrous consequences! Only buy real Instagram followers from companies with a track record of helping, not hindering, your Instagram growth.

  1. Getting Endorsement Deals becomes Easier

Influencer endorsements are an excellent way to profit from the platform. When you have many followers, you can become an advertiser, and other firms will commission you to promote their items on your account. Most Instagrammers look at your number of followers first when selecting an influencer. Simply raising your following count can help you acquire a lot more gigs.


  1. Costly with no ROI Guarantees

The truth is that purchasing approved Instagram followers may be expensive. If you want to have a substantial influence, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy a few thousand followers. And if you do not do your homework and buy from trusted suppliers, you could not get the return you expect. So, before making such a significant purchase of followers, you should be careful and strategic.

  1. Potentially Damage your Reputation

Having to purchase your way into a game is always fraught with discrimination. When consumers learn of a dishonest rise to power, they immediately generate unfavourable impressions. And with the understanding that can be gained from social media posts, this truth has never been more evident today. If you acquire a considerable number of followers but lack the quality to back them up, it might backfire threefold, resulting in complete damage to your reputation.

  1. Engagement is not a Guarantee that comes with Followers

Many people feel that simply paying a few thousand dollars for a few thousand Instagram followers will guarantee their success. That is not the case — far from it. Even if you have many Instagram followers, you still need to strategize and deploy great content to increase interaction. Buying Instagram followers gets you in the game, but if you want to finish the title, you will need to play your cards wisely.


Will Buying Followers Work?

You are not paying for genuine people interested in your unique goods and services when you buy Instagram followers. You are paying for individuals who are not likely to interact with your Instagram posts.

This implies that the Instagram followers you buy will not interact with your posts or stories. The new followers are unlikely to return the favour, and if they do, they will only stick around for a few days before disappearing. Buying Instagram followers will help you achieve your goal of having many followers.

Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

By breaking Instagram’s terms and conditions and manipulating the system, you expose your account to risk. Not to mention the fact that most of your new followers will be bots or fraudulent accounts who will unfollow you in a matter of weeks.

Buying Instagram followers, on the other hand, has a positive aspect.

It jumpstarts the growth of your fan base. If you are new on Instagram, it can be challenging to establish a reputation if you do not have any followers. You acquire clout with other possible accounts by buying followers, even if they are bots, increasing the chances of actual people following you. If you have a few posts yet hundreds or even thousands of followers on Instagram, it will raise red flags for Instagram and other future followers.

Where can I Buy Instagram Followers?

Above, we have included a thorough list of websites from which you may purchase Instagram followers. This is due to the industry’s size and the fact that most of it are dubious. If you care about the credibility of your Instagram account, there are several sites you should avoid.

When looking for a site to buy Instagram followers, one of the first things to consider is their credibility. Read their reviews on different online websites. Check their testimonials.

You also need to keep in mind your budget and buy the best package in the decided budget. Also, look for additional charges as well. If everything is fine, then you can buy Instagram followers from that website.

What are the Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers is one of your best options if you want to minimize time establishing your account. Organic growth is possible, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. It would be difficult to wait a year and expand naturally if you had spent creating a shop and wanted to promote it on Instagram to increase sales. As a result, you may want to explore purchasing Instagram followers so that you can focus on other essential duties.

Visitors will assume you are worth following if your account has many followers. Furthermore, they will regard your account as legitimate and significant.

It will assist you in reaching out to more accounts and locate people interested in your material. It means that your work will appear on the explore page, which is crucial for discovering new profiles.

Your account will become more exposed when you purchase Instagram followers, resulting in organic followers.

How Much Time is Taken to Deliver the Followers?

You want to get started as soon as you decide to launch your Instagram account and purchase followers. Delays cost you a lot because they hinder your brand’s exposure. Some websites are meant to work for you, with followers emerging in as little as 10 minutes, unlike others, which might take days to get started. Simply organize your followers and make sure your page is visible to the public, and they will take care of the rest.

Will Instagram Ban my Account if I Buy Followers?

No, Instagram will not deactivate your account if you buy followers. At worst, you will lose your purchased followers, which is not ideal because it wastes money and puts your reputation in jeopardy. To avoid this, make sure you only utilize high-quality providers who only supply high-quality Instagram followers rather than bots or spammer accounts.

How do Companies Deliver Instagram Followers?

Every business is unique, and each employs its own set of approaches and tactics for gaining Instagram followers. This might range from simple Bot Networks to complicated ad targeting strategies. Remember to research your provider’s procedures before purchasing Instagram followers.

What does Retention Mean in Context of Instagram Followers?

Retention refers to the number of people who will stick with you after the provider’s assurance (if one exists) expires. We wait until the retention assurance has passed to see whether any of the acquired followers unfollow our account or are removed by Instagram, and then we reflect our results in our evaluations.

What was the Instapurge?

Instagram removed about 10,000,000 accounts in December 2014 that were judged inactive, fraudulent, or established for spam reasons. That deletion did not affect the best Instagram follower services, which is why we include it in our assessments of the best Instagram follower providers.

Am I buying Real or Fake Followers?

The type of followers you will receive is highly dependent on the kind of service provider you select. Actual users are delivered to your account by top-rated providers. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these followers. Many dishonest vendors, however, provide inexpensive, inactive, or fraudulent followers.


Having many followers on social platforms is a solid cornerstone for promoting your brand online. It aids in promoting your business through a variety of marketing platforms while also contributing to your entire online presence and brand recognition.

After reviewing the data, you can decide whether you support or oppose the idea of purchasing Instagram followers. However, you should not overlook the fact that there are numerous alternative methods for gaining customers and followers. We understand the thinking of social media consumers as an experienced web review firm. Our team advises you to try one of these services for once and see the results yourself; after that, everything depends on you whether you further buy Instagram followers or not.

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