How to Enhance Your In-Ground Pool Design for Ultimate Relaxation

How to Enhance Your In-Ground Pool Design for Ultimate Relaxation

You may assume that one pool design is as good as any other. However, this thinking is flawed. While pool design is necessary for aesthetic purposes, it also serves a functional role. As a result, the right design can make a significant difference in a swimming pool’s general use.

There are three types of pools: above-ground, semi in-ground, and in-ground. But, when referencing pool design, the focus primarily remains on in-ground pools. This distinction stems from their tendency to be more aesthetically diverse based on construction and placement. Additionally, there are varying materials builders use in the construction of in-ground pools, namely:

  • Fibreglass pools: are the quickest pool to erect; their manufacture occurs in a factory before eventually being transported to the pool site.
  • Concrete pools: Concrete pools are well suited to custom designs, and thus can be any shape or size, based on the customer’s preferences.
  • Vinyl-lined pools: Vinyl liners come in three variations; composite liner, steel wall vinyl liner, and cement wall.

While each of these materials has different effects on swimming pool construction, there is little difference in the outcome, particularly if you use the right design to suit your purposes.

Therefore, if ultimate relaxation is your goal, here are a few tips on enhancing your in-ground pool design to get what you want.

Use the Right Lighting

In-pool lighting can make a profound difference in creating the right atmosphere. Proper placement can have many effects, including creating a scenic sight, reflecting surrounding views, or enhancing the pool’s presence. Since these effects are only apparent in contrasting darkness, swimming pool lights are ideal for illuminating night swims while affording a glimpse of some spectacular scenery.

Use Tile Accents

The tiles you use to line the inside of your swimming pool can be functional and a design aspect that dictates how you feel while in and around the pool. Therefore, use decorative tiles to enhance a luxurious aesthetic. It is even better if they match some of your home’s décor for a more seamless look.

Attempt Some Demarcation

While it is common to consider a swimming pool as one structure, some divisions may also be beneficial in enhancing its use as a space for relaxation. Therefore, consider using a design that accommodates the demarcation of specific areas to mark different uses. For example, you can create spaces used for sports by installing things like basketball hoops at one corner, clamps to hold a net in the middle, or dedicated lane markers for those who want to swim laps.

Water Features

Adding water features like waterfalls, in-pool seating, and even a spa can help elevate your pool to the ultimate relaxation spot.


Think beyond the water-filled structure and consider how to use the area around the swimming pool to create and enhance that feeling of relaxation. The right plants and flowers surrounding the pool can underscore its status as a place to unwind and enjoy.

Include Necessary Amenities

There are several facilities necessary for enhancing the pool experience. They are also an extension of comfort. So, if you have the space, why not consider adding some loungers on the deck or setting up a sitting area under a nearby cabana or similar structure? You can also construct an outdoor kitchen. No matter your choice, any additional amenities will only enhance your pool area.

Installing a swimming pool is an investment, so why not get the most out of it by using design to make it the best place for your friends and family to get the ultimate relaxation?

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