Important Things To Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool

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Owning a pool has many benefits however, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before installing a swimming pool to ensure that you are not only making the right choice for you and your family but also to get the most value out of your investment. It’s essential that you know what is involved with installing a pool before jumping in and making the purchase. Here are some important things to consider:

The cost

The biggest thing to consider for many when purchasing a pool is the cost. Some fall into the trap of thinking the price of the pool is the total cost but there are many additional expenses that need to be factored in. Things such as fencing, landscaping, pool features and electrical work can all add to the overall price. It is important to ask your pool builder for a quote that includes everything you want in and around your pool to save any unexpected surprises. Additionally, a pool doesn’t just cost money upfront, they require regular maintenance over their lifespan which should be factored in when working out the ongoing annual outlay required. The great thing about fibreglass pools is they require very little money and effort to keep them in good shape.

How long the pool will take to install 

You should consider how long a pool will take to be built at your place. Your pool builder should be able to give a time frame based on the condition of your site however, this can alter depending on numerous things such as the weather, the season you choose to install your pool, council approvals, the size and added features you want to include in your pool. A good tip is, if you want to be able to choose the exact time your pool is installed and you want to use your pool for the entire summer period, it’s a good idea to install your pool in the winter. Pool companies are usually not as busy at this time of the year and you will find that many of them offer specials or discounts.

The process of installing a pool

Council approvals

Your pool builder cannot commence your pool construction until they have been given the green light from council to do so. They will lodge all necessary paperwork on your behalf, and they will be in touch once they have received the approvals.

Time to excavate

Next, it’s time to start excavating the ground to make way for your pool, this includes the area where your pool will be located and the areas surrounding it for your pool fencing and any landscaping requirements.

Installation process

Once the groundwork has been completed, the pool installation can begin. Normally any electrical or plumbing work gets done first. The pool is then lifted into place, once positioned in the ground it is checked to ensure its exactly where it needs to be and is level. The area around the pool is filled with backfill and compacted. Once this is done, timber boxing is constructed around the perimeter of the pool. Concrete is poured and set. This area will be used to place your decking or outdoor flooring choice on.  Lastly your pool is filled with water and the chemistry levels are set. Once this is done, your pool is ready to swim in. 

Consider the size and design


The size of your pool can have a big influence on the overall functionality and appeal of your backyard. If you make your pool too big it can limit the amount of space left for other components. For those with unlimited space, you can have virtually any size pool you would like. If you have a small backyard there is only so big you can go. Once you have established how much room you are willing to sacrifice for a pool, you can then narrow down your options from there.


Choosing the right pool design is key to ensuring you get most use out of it. You should think of what you want out of a pool and what is your incentive for purchasing one. If you would like a pool primarily for fitness purposes, you may consider a lap pool. Or perhaps you are more leaning towards rest and relaxation, you may benefit from a smaller pool or spa. There is a lot of pool designs to choose from all with different intended uses. 

Additionally, another vitally important consideration is the look you want for your pool area when deciding on the design. For example, kidney shaped pools have soft, curved edges and are great for those looking to create an oasis feel in their backyard whereas a rectangular shaped pool has straight lines which compliments modern and contemporary designs. To create a cohesive space between your indoor and outdoor spaces it’s important to choose a design that will compliment your home.  

If you aren’t sure on which pool size and design you would like, speak with your local pool builder, they should have lots of experience and can advise you on which pool type will work best with your lifestyle and backyard. 

Additional features

As mentioned earlier, additional features typically cost extra. When working out your budget be sure that you allow for pool fencing as it is a mandatory requirement in Australia. Extras such as landscaping and decking may not be included in your quote. Be sure to ask about this when you are doing your research. You will need to consider extras that can be added to your pool such as lighting, heating, cleaning accessories, and jets. Whilst all can be installed at a later date, it is typically more expensive then when you initially put in your pool. All these things should be factored in when you are in the design phase of your pool construction, this way you can change anything that doesn’t work before its already done.

Find a pool builder that has extensive experience

This may seem like a no brainer, but you want a pool builder that has extensive experience to ensure that your pool is built to the highest standard and ties in with the existing layout of your yard seamlessly. 

Here’s what you should ask your pool builder before hiring them:

  1. What is your experience?
  2. How much is the total cost of the pool, including add ons?
  3. How long will it take to install my pool?
  4. Are all of your pool builders qualified/experienced?
  5. Do your pools come with extended warranties?
  6. Do you have customer feedback I can have a look at?
  7. Will you work with me throughout the pool build?
  8. What products are used to make the pool?

It pays to do a bit of research

Researching pool builders and companies may seem like a laborious task however, it is vital to ensure that the pool you get services you and your family well not only today but for many decades to come. You want to be sure that you are investing your hard-earned dollars into a quality pool that has no hidden costs. If you have any questions about installing a pool at your home give our team here at Barrier Reef Pools a call, we are happy to help if we can. 

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