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How to Download Movies and TV shows On HBO Max


When watching HBO Max movies and TV shows online, you may meet some streaming errors such as the videos keep loading or it always gets stuck in the middle. You just admit that the high-quality HBO Max videos need a very good network condition to play them fluently. So, instead of streaming them online, you may also want to know how to download HBO Max movies and TV shows to watch offline, so you don’t need to pay attention to the network connection at all. Now in this article, 2 ways will be offered to help you do it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Just have a look.

How to Download HBO Max Movies and TV Shows on Windows/Mac

Although HBO Max app is equipped with the download function for its subscribers, this method is not actually supported on computers. That means you will need a third-party forward for you to do it instead. Here, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is recommended to you.

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader offers professional video download service for HBO users to easily find the videos you want with an in-built search engine, then just download them in one click. The software will keep original HD quality and also detect language options to save both audios and subtitles for you, so you can have the same high-quality HBO Max movies and TV shows playback experience after downloading them offline.

More importantly, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can remove the DRM protection added on HBO Max videos, and convert them to common MP4 as well as MKV formats. So when you get HBO Max downloads, you can move them to save on devices even without HBO Max app installed and directly play the video files using different media players.

Now, you can read more to see what advantages can this best HBO Max video downloader bring, too.

Download HBO Max Videos in HD 1080P MP4/MKV

The powerful download function offered by MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can provide the best HD 1080P quality to let you save all HBO Max movies and TV shows for playback offline with good experience. Also, when it offers the most widely-used video formats such as MP4 and MKV to save the downloads, you can transfer them to almost all devices to play with any player, greatly improving the HBO Max video playback flexibility offline.

Up to 5X Faster Batch Downloading Speed

Except for the download quality, you will also enjoy the quick speed provided by MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, which can help you batch download more HBO Max videos at once with 5X faster speed. It won’t take you much time to process the video download and the software will finish it quickly for you. The downloading speed can be even much faster when your network condition is good!

Download Audios and Subtitles of Different Languages

For foreign audiences, you would also care about watching a HBO Max video and can’t understand because of the language barrier. Knowing this need, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can also help you to detect the audios as well as subtitles of the HBO Max movies or TV shows, then provides the options to let you download the videos. So when you directly save the HBO Max videos in your speaking languages to enjoy offline.

Keep HBO Max Downloads Without Expiration

You must know that the official download function will have limitations on the time of keeping an HBO Max download. For example, the downloaded videos will expire after 48 hours or 30 days and you have to redownload them once again. But if you process the video download through MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, this limitation no more exists. All downloaded HBO Max movies and TV shows can be kept offline as long as you need!

Play HBO Max Videos on Devices Without HBO Max App

When MovPilot HBO Video Downloader also removes protection from all HBO Max downloads, not only can you transfer them to any device you want, but also allows you to play them even without the HBO Max app installed. Just use a common media player and add the HBO Max MP4/MKV downloads, then you can directly play them with good quality offline.

Now, you will continue seeing how to download HBO Max videos using MovPilot HBO Video Downloader on your Windows/Mac computers.

Step 1. Sign in HBO Max Account

When you have installed MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, open it on your Windows/Mac computer. Then the software will ask you to sign in using your HBO Max account before starting to download videos in it.

Step 2. Search HBO Max Videos to Download

After signing in the account, you will see a search bar provided. Use this in-built search engine to find any HBO Max movies and TV shows you want to download for enjoying offline directly.

Step 3. Make Settings to Download HBO Max Videos

Now, click the “Setting” button in the top-right corner. Then in the pop-up window, you can change the “Video format”, “Video codec”, and also select the audio/subtitle language as well as subtitle type before starting to download the videos as you want.

You can also do the settings for each video you need to download separately by clicking the “Setting” button behind it.

Step 4. Download HBO Max Movies and TV Shows

Finally, just go back to the video search results. Now click the download buttons provided after the videos you like, then MovPilot HBO Video Downloader will download them with the settings you just made for you immediately.

How to Download HBO Max Movies and TV Shows on Android/iPhone

As mentioned before, on mobile phones such as Android and iPhone devices, HBO Max’s in-built download service can directly help you download HBO Max movies and TV shows after being its Ad-free plan subscribers. But some limitations you still need to pay attention to using this feature, including:

  • You can’t keep the HBO Max downloads outside the app but can only watch them inside it.
  • The HBO Max can only be kept for 30 days offline. Once you start watching it, the videos will even expire after 48 hours.

Now, you can also read the tutorial here and see how to download HBO Max videos within the app on your Android and iPhone devices.

Step 1. After installing the HBO Max app, open it and check that your device has connected to a good Wifi.

Step 2. You need to sign in with your account that has subscribed to the Ad-free plan. Then in the app, just search for the movies and TV shows you want to download and play offline.

Step 3. Once you find HBO Max videos you need to download, click into their profile pages. When you see the “Download” button, just press and the app will begin to download the videos for you.

Download HBO Max Videos App

In Conclusion

On computers, when HBO Max app is not supported with the download function, you must need extra help to download HBO Mac movies and TV shows to play them offline. Here, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can just bring you the most professional help. Now, just have a try! 

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