5 Things to consider before buying a VPN for HBO Max in Australia

HBO Max in Australia

To protect your privacy in the cyber world, nothing comes as the best solution as a VPN. A reliable VPN encrypts all your online traffic, provides a secure tunnel over the network, bypasses geo-restrictions, and gives you an enjoyable experience streaming HBO Max in Australia.

However, not all VPNs are reliable that are available in the market. There are certain factors to consider when looking to the best VPNs for HBO Max, and here are the top 5 that you must check making a purchase decision:

Large Server Number

A VPN establishes a connection by creating an encrypted tunnel between the server and the user. A VPN requires some servers to manage the traffic to make the link fast and avoid interruptions. With that, all connected, you get a smooth online experience consistently.

You can check on a VPN’s website how many servers they have worldwide. Premium VPNs always list their server numbers for their users. The larger, the better

More servers mean you will get faster speed with your connection and can even switch servers for different purposes to get a smooth experience without any lagging issues.

Servers Location

The server’s location matters a lot when it comes to the VPN. The concept is similar to the physical location. You can reach the places near you quickly and always look for the nearest point for anything to get. VPN server location works in the same way for your internet connection.

Most VPNs have multiple servers in the same region, allowing users from different parts of the world to connect to the nearest one. This will enable you to achieve a faster speed and quicker connection to the service because of the short distance.

Further, server location also solves the geo-restrictions issues, and its presence in the region gives you access to only all the online services available there. So, if you want to stream US HBO Max in Australia, you only need to connect with the VPN’s US server.

Compatibility with Devices

Not everyone uses the same device for streaming content or accessing the internet. To ensure the availability of a VPN on your device, look for the operating systems it is compatible with. Majorly it must support Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Some VPNs also contain SmartDNS technology, allowing you to stream even on VPN-incompatible devices.

Privacy Policy

Assessing the VPN’s privacy policy is highly significant, and it is the primary goal of any VPN to protect its user’s online privacy. 

Any VPN which comes with the zero logs policy is the best. Zero logs mean it will not store user information or create any records in its systems. However, many available VPNs in the market claim that they do not keep any logs but do not provide any factual statement about it.

A reliable VPN with zero log policy will only collect your server load, bandwidth use, and server location details to improve their service. They do not track any of your online activity and do not store it on their servers. You can also check out the importance of VPNs for online Privacy Security.


The subscription price highly influences your purchase decision. At this point, many users turn towards the free VPN service. We never recommend using any free VPN due to their dubious privacy policies. They may look like a free and reasonable option to access the blocked content without paying any cost; however, they significantly compromise your online privacy.

Nothing is free in this online world. You are always paying in other forms for any service. And in the case of VPN, it becomes more crucial. 

Using a free VPN is not secure and can reveal all your information to the third-parties. Besides, you do not get premium features like static IP, P2P connection, Kill Switch, and others with a free VPN.

So, getting a premium service is always the best idea as they are trustworthy and come with tons of security features to make your connection secure.

To Conclude

Whether you are looking for a VPN to access HBO Max in Australia or for any other reason, knowing what features your VPN service provides is crucial. You have to get the best deal for yourself. 

Check reviews of different VPNs and compare them in terms of price, security, speed, compatibility, and customer support. Also, some VPNs have dedicated servers for streaming regional locked VOD services. 

Hence, if your sole purpose is to watch HBO Max in Australia, you can mold your decision accordingly.

These 5 factors will help you choose the exemplary service and make your VPN purchase a value for money. Learn more about how to choose the VPNs.

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