How to Download and Install Messenger on Huawei?

There are many popular apps that people use today, and Messenger is one of them.

People use Messenger widely because it is an app that works in tandem with the Facebook app. The app lets you send text messages, make video and voice calls, or create groups with your Facebook connections.

Millions of smartphone users globally use Messenger as a messaging medium, and thus, a very common question is how to download Messenger on Huawei.

Huawei phones are well capable of launching and operating Messenger smoothly, enabling users to enjoy many apps like Messenger on Huawei.

How to Download and Install Messenger on Huawei?

In this article, you will learn how to install Messenger on Huawei devices in just a few simple steps.

Using AppGallery

AppGallery is an amazing app marketplace with thousands of popular apps and games, ranging from casual gaming to productivity.

Here’s how to download Messenger on Huawei devices:

Step 1: Go to AppGallery from your home screen shortcut (red bag icon).

Step 2: Once the store home page opens, tap the search bar and search for “Messenger.”

Step 3: Hit the INSTALL button. It may take a few seconds or minutes to install.

Once installed, you can start using Messenger on Huawei by tapping on the OPEN button.

That’s it! This is how you can download Messenger on your Huawei devices through AppGallery.

Here is an alternative method on how to install Messenger in Huawei

Did you know that there is an alternative method to download Messenger on Huawei that some people prefer? Yes, by leveraging the APK file (official), you can install Messenger on Huawei and many other apps.

APK is referred to as a file-type application package that lets users from all around the world download files from third-party sources.

Now that you know about APK files, let’s see how to download Messenger on Huawei using its APK.

Step 1: Pick a website of your choice that offers official APK files.

APK Mirror is one such popular website for APKs.

Step 2: Tap the search icon, type “Messenger” on the search bar that pops up, and then search for it. You will be able to see results.

Step 3: Tap the download icon on the leftmost side of the Messenger app result.

This is how you can download Messenger on Huawei using an APK file.

Now let’s see the last step, that is, how to install Messenger on Huawei.

Step 4: The download for Huawei Messenger APK will begin instantly, and it will be downloaded in just a few seconds.

As the download finishes, there are two ways to open the APK file:

  1. You can simply tap on the “download completed” notification on the notification bar. This will open the Messenger app on your Huawei device.
  2. Open the Files app of your Huawei device, and open the APK from the Downloads folder.

That’s all it takes to install Messenger on your Huawei phone.

Facebook Messenger is an extension app for its attractive messaging features, and people around the globe use it to stay connected with their family or friends.

That said, Huawei users should not miss out on the wonderful app, and this is why we created a guide that will help you find and install Messenger on Huawei.

We hope this article answered all your questions regarding how to download Messenger on Huawei, and it’s child’s play for you now. You can also refer to our YouTube video as well for more clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the Messenger app?

Messenger is an app by Meta that allows for SMS messages, Internet voice and video calls, and text messaging with Facebook users.

What is the name of Huawei’s app marketplace?

The official app marketplace for Huawei devices is called AppGallery and comes preinstalled on all Huawei phones.   

Is the Messenger app available on AppGallery?

Yes, you can easily find and install the app via AppGallery just by searching for it.

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