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How to do App SEO


With Google opening doors to apps showing on its search engine, a whole new segment of SEO for Apps has been created! Now you can make sure that people can actually find your app on not just the play store but also on google! This will enable more people to download your app easily. 

In a study conducted, Google learned that about 27% of the apps were downloaded after being discovered through the search engine. Isn’t this fascinating? Who wouldn’t want this to happen right! So let us dig deep to under how this can actually be done! In this article, we shall be discussing how to do App SEO to reach more people. Also, App SEO helps you to reach the target audience easily. 

The goal of App SEO should always be to ensure that the app receives maximum downloads and users. The complete campaign should be created keeping that in mind. Depending just on views, impressions and likes do not really yield any positive result as desired. 

App SEO is one of the most important factors that must be planned out during the initial stages of planning the marketing strategy for your app. Once a draft is available, you can certainly go on improvising on it to make it better. Let us now start with the most important aspects of App SEO. 

There seem to be three key features that influence how people discover your app on the search engine: 

  1. Keywords
  2. Reviews and rating
  3. Backlinks 

Let us now move towards understanding each one of these features in-depth.


Keywords are the basic requirement for SEO. Whatever might be the end result that you need, you should use the right words to ensure that you are able to drive good traffic to your apps. Try to ensure that you have the keywords in the title and description on the play store. 

This helps your app pop up on the top when people search for a particular keyword. When you have your app at the top, you can certainly expect more downloads for sure! People love the top performers! 

Reviews and rating:

Google gives a lot of importance to what users feel about your app. Thus a great deal of value is given to the user reviews for your apps. These apps not only help you with your ranking in the app store but also in the search engine.

Ensure that you always have a way, where users take a minute to rate and review your app once they use your app for some time. This will surely help more people discover your app through the search engine. 

It is quite natural that other users also read these reviews and based on its tone, decide to whether or not download and use your app. Try to gather as many organic reviews as possible for your app using multiple strategies. 


Backlinks are the lifelines for every business. The more other people talk about your business, the better. Ensure that you are able to get as many as posts from various partners possible. 

This will enable your app to be better analyzed by google, thereby giving it a better chance at discovery through SEO. A few places to start with would be platforms such as Quora, where you can answer questions from people and provide link to your website. 

You can also try popular bloggers to write about your app and include backlinks. This will also drive a good amount of traffic and thereby increasing your SEO rank. 

Along with the above three activities, a few other things that can enable more reach to your app through SEO are discussed below. You can use SEO in glasgow to make sure you have the best App SEO plan with you.

  • Always have your link attached to your brand name

You might be using your brand name in multiple places. Each of these places is potential to drive more people to download your app. Thus, make sure you have the app download link attached to your brand name in all the places where you use it. This will increase the reach!

  • Provide the download link in your website

Almost every business these days has a website. Most of the people love to have a look at a business website before they decide to take their services.

Thus, in your website, make sure that the download link for your app is placed in the most visited pages of your website. This will make sure that you are able to get more people to download your app from your website. 

  • Branding is very important

While you are providing the download button in multiple locations, make sure you use your brand name while asking people to download. I.e. Use anchor texts such as “Download my app on Android” instead of just saying “download on android”. 

This will help you in creating brand awareness as well as ensuring that the search engines know which app was downloaded, thus increasing your ranking. 

  • QR codes can help increase your downloads and thus your SEO ranking!

You might be doing a lot of marketing for getting your app downloads. While doing so, try to use QR codes on each of your creatives! This will enable organic reach and thus, SEO automatically picks it up. Thus increasing your ranking. 

  • Make use the communities you already are a part of

Today, most of us would be part of 100s of groups of the social media platforms. Send out download links in these communities that increase the downloads. The search engines put you in the top when this is done right. Ensure you actively post in multiple groups to reach more and more people. This will automatically increase your App SEO.

So you have started following the above steps, what next you might ask. So once the above strategies have been deployed, the next important thing is to keep a close watch on how each of the strategies is playing out for you. 

There might be which are providing exceptional results, and a few might be underperforming. It is very important to identify these underperforming strategies. Once you have identified them you can then optimise them. 

There are multiple tools that are available today, that can help you track the SEO or ASO. A few of them would be: 

  • Apptweak:

This is one of the most widely used tools for ASO. This has various features that help you check the performance for your branding strategies. The app even has a free trial that you can make use of. 

  • Sensor tower: 

If your need is to track traffic, competition and difficulties, then Sensor tower would be your go-to app. Since Sensor tower means serious business, it only offers services to its paid clients. The packages start from $79/month onwards. 

  • Mobile Action: 

If you have a chance for ranking up in the game using a particular word, then mobile action is the only option that enables this! It gives information that helps you understand which of your keywords when used optimally can help you get a better ranking. It also offers a free 7-day trial. This will help you understand the app and then go for a more valuable pack.

  • Google Adwords Keyword planner:

When SEO is being discussed, Google tools just can not be ignored. Even though Google Adwords keyword planner is not exactly an ASO tool, it offers valuable insights into the keywords people use across the world. 

Looking at this one can easily decide which keyword they can use for their own ASO and SEO for apps. This a freeish app. And can be a food place to start with. 

  • App Annie:

One of the largest tools out there, App Annie can help you analyse the competition the best. If you want to know where you stand, then this is the goto app for you. There are certain features one can use for free and when you need insights you will have to pay. That’s fair enough, isn’t it?! 

You can either choose to use one or a combination of these tools to ensure that you are able to track the progress of your SEO methods for the app. And as time goes by, it is important to keep the methods up to date to ensure that you do not fall behind. 

Also note that these tools themselves will also be improvising each day, thus enabling you the best scrutinize and improve your SEO campaigns for the apps the best. 

Final words:

App SEO or ASO as it is popularly known, has become one of the most critical marketing strategies that enable the good reach of the app. 

Through this reach, you can expect more organic downloads, which in turn help you increase your SEO rankings and get more downloads again!

We hope the article was able to give you the various ways in which you can increase your app SEO, track it and become the top app out there. 

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