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If you were in an automobile accident in Utah, you probably have a lot of queries and worries. You might be curious about the value of your auto accident case. It would take much work to determine a case’s value because there are too many factors. Nonetheless, a few things are crucial to understand when filing your auto accident claim.

Type of injury

Not every injury is equal when it comes to assessing personal injury cases. The nature of your injuries significantly impacts how much your case is worth. Insurance companies place a different value on subjective ailments like whiplash, strains and sprains, and other soft-tissue injuries than they do on objectively provable injuries like scars and broken bones. Although it frequently relies on the specifics, brain and spinal cord damage can raise the value of your auto accident claim.


How are you going to establish the validity of your assertion? There is much more to it than telling the judge or the insurance company about your case, as some people believe they can do. You must know and comprehend the Rules of Evidence in Utah to present your case correctly. Knowing what evidence is required is necessary; a skilled car accident lawyer can use this information to strengthen your case. Learn more about Swenson & Shelley to find out how they can help your case.

Accident type

Did you sustain injuries in a car accident or a truck crash? Every accident kind has unique dangers and difficulties. Some have benefits, while others have drawbacks.

Medical costs

Medical bills are among the main factors influencing a personal injury case’s worth. This is so because the extent of the injury and the amount of medical bills are typically correlated. Though there are other significant elements in your case, medical expenses come first.

Diminished earnings

Your case’s value is mainly based on how much earnings you would have made if the accident hadn’t happened. The financial effects of an accident can be severe and long-lasting, regardless of whether it is because of hospitalization or incapacitating conditions. For instance, many people miss work while healing from their injuries. 

Recovery period

Have you healed completely from your car accident injuries? How much time did it take you to recover from your wounds? Were you entirely or partially disabled after your accident? Is it inevitable that you will always be in pain? All of these are significant elements that influence how much your claim is worth.

Comparative fault

The only portion of your damages you can get back under Utah law is the portion the person who hurt you caused. If your actions had any role in them, you cannot get back the appropriate amount of the damages you directly caused. To add to the difficulty, you will not be eligible for any compensation if you were at least 50% at fault. This implies that your case worth will be diminished by 25% if the jury finds you were 25% at fault. Your case has no merit if the jury finds you were at least 50% at fault.

Final words

Seek legal counsel to determine the worth of your claim.

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