How to Deal With the Sinus Infection?

Have you ever experienced the common cold? Well, it is one of the most uncomfortable conditions that you may experience. Studies explain that sinus infection is similar to the common cold. You experience the same symptoms as the common cold.

One of the best ENT in lahore shares that sinus gets better with time as often, it does not need any medications. If you think that antibiotics can help you get better with a sinus infection, you are wrong. You can follow some of the best tips to boost the recovery process of the sinus infection.

  • Choose Foods That Contain Antibacterial Properties 

Ginger tea is often used as a home remedy for flu but do you know that it is also beneficial for sinus infection? Well, you can go with some other foods that also contain antibacterial properties, like onion and garlic.

Honey is also good for sinus infections. You can add a tbsp. of honey into ginger tea as it will soothe the symptoms of the sinus infection.

Honey is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties.

  • Use Oil to Clear Sinus 

Some oils help open up the sinus and thin the mucus to remove it. Studies share that eucalyptus oil has one ingredient that is beneficial for the speedy recovery of sinus infections.

You can apply the oil to your chest or temples. People often inhaled it with the help of the diffuser. You can add some drops of this oil into the water and go with the steam therapy.

  • Go With Warm Compress for Facial Pain 

Sinus infection often leads to facial pain. But no worries, as you can ease the facial pain using natural ways. Warm compress is an ancient technique that has been used to ease pain. Use a towel and place it on your eyes, nose, and cheeks. A warm compress helps ease the facial pain by clearing the nasal passage from the outside.

  • Try Neti Pot with Saline Solution 

To ease the sinusitis symptoms, a process is used which is known as nasal irrigation. Neti pot with saline solution can help to ease the symptoms of chronic sinus infection. You must follow some instructions before starting the process.

Add saline solution in the pot and go at a 45-degree angle over the sink. Be careful when you pour the saline solution into your nostril after inserting the spout of the pot.

Make sure that you add only distilled water that does not contain bacteria and parasites. Doctors suggest sanitizing the Neti pot after every use.

  • Go With Over-The-Counter Medications 

When you have tried every home remedy, and do not see improvements, you need to visit the pharmacy. Some of the medicines are effective to ease the symptoms of sinus infections. It helps to drain the sinuses and also reduces inflammation.

What Are The Causes Of The Sinus Infection?

When the tissues in the sinuses swell up, sinus infection occurs with the buildup of mucus. Such a condition results in discomfort and pain in your sinus.

The sinuses are like the pockets that are air-filled and found in the bones of the face. Due to lack of drainage, you may experience a sinus infection. Drainage problems can result due to different health conditions, such as non-allergic rhinitis, hay fever, changes in air pressure, allergens exposure, etc.

Prevention Tips for Sinus Infection

Prevention is the key and you just need to follow some tips to avoid the sinus infection.

  • Wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene.
  • Get quality sleep if you have a common cold for a speedy recovery.
  • Make sure that you use a humidifier to keep your home air moist.
  • Quit smoking and also avoid places of smoking areas. Second-hand smoking also causes many health conditions.

Final Thought

Experts say that sinus infection often goes on its own and takes only 10 days. Home remedies can help to speed up the recovery of the sinus infection. You should talk to your doctor if you experience severe symptoms.

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