How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Amazon

It’s not easy to go through all the negative comments that Amazon sellers can often get on their product pages. Dealing with unhappy customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it isn’t all bad to get negative reviews. You can always turn a poor review to your advantage. Sometimes, unfavorable or negative comments could be the work of troublemakers. But you can pay attention to the constructive ones left by your customers and improve the areas of your business that require work.

Here are a few ways you can work with negative comments to improve your products and enhance customer experience.

1.      Increase customer trust

If you only have positive reviews and comments on your product page, the potential might get the wrong idea that the feedback might be purchased or fake. Moreover, many Amazon sellers try to hide/remove negative feedback so that the customers won’t be able to see them; but customers these days are quite clever. They can find out the reality of your product within a matter of seconds just by researching a little.

It’s better not to get in trouble because of all this. In the worst-case scenario, Amazon will suspend or permanently delete your account for censoring/hiding negative feedback. Plus, you can’t always keep your brand safe from negative reviews. Customers can leave negative feedback on your social media handles too. To turn this around, make sure to show the customers what’s real. Don’t hide anything from them. Instead, reply to all the negative comments with genuineness, and let them know you will improve. This way, the other buyers visiting will see that you own up to your mistakes rather than being ignorant about them.

2.      Improve product quality

It’s okay to assume that your product is the best of all but your customers might think otherwise. Moreover, they can’t always be wrong too! If you are repeatedly getting similar negative reviews regarding the item you offer, then there might be an area of your product that requires improvement. Instead of getting angry over the commenters, look at what they are pointing at and try to improve your inventory. Listening to customers’ reviews and giving them what they need is also a great way of showing them you care.

Moreover, it is also quite possible that the customers don’t like what you are offering or it doesn’t meet the demands of your target audience. You might have to change your products entirely and shift to a different niche altogether. Whatever it might be, one thing is for sure- these negative reviews can end up being the best opportunity for you to improve your business areas.

3.      Learn what your customers are trying to say

Ignoring the negative comments of your customers won’t take you anywhere. They might not even shop from you the next time, which can easily result in you losing sales. The best way to go about it is to reach out to the customers that have commented anything negative, and acquire what exactly went wrong. Make them feel important and let them know that their feedback matters. Once they let you know what the main issue is, make sure to apologize and assure that the same mistake won’t happen again.

Secondly, once your customers receive your products, ask them through emails to leave a comment on your product page. This will help you earn more reviews, which will increase the authenticity of your brand.

Pro tip: You can also make use of the seller tools available in the market to handle your reviews or feedback for you. You can easily find great review management software online.

4.      Show off your reviews!

Try to display the positive reviews you received on your social media accounts or product page to all the customers. Showing off positive reviews is the best way to let the audience know your product keeps on improving, and it helps customers feel good! Moreover, if you come across any negative reviews and end up solving the issue, then post about it too! It will help the traffic visiting your page understand that you value your customers and optimize your product to keep them happy. Be responsive to every feedback you get, and don’t ignore what your buyers are trying to convey through their feedback.

In conclusion,

It’s not always such a bad thing to get negative comments. As long as you work on your product and win back the hearts of your customers, it’s all good. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and keep the customers happy! Good luck.

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