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psd to image converter

Part 1: Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful and comprehensive PDF editor that lets you easily manage PDFs across desktop, mobile, and web. It offers high-quality conversion of PDFs to other formats, as well as a variety of powerful and comprehensive functions like OCR, electronic signature, and more. It’s an affordable and cost-effective solution for managing your PDF files.

In this article, we will introduce the main functions of Wondershare PDFelement useful for converting PDFs to other formats:-

Simple Interface:

The PDFelement interface is simple and easy to use. The main functions are displayed on the home page, and the conversion quality is high.

Supports Multiple Formats:

PDFelement supports a variety of formats, including office formats like Word, Excel, and PPT, as well as picture formats like JPG, PNG, and JPEG. It also supports other formats like HTML.

Powerful Functions:

PDFelement offers powerful and comprehensive functions beyond just conversion, such as OCR and electronic signature. These functions make it a versatile and powerful tool for managing PDFs.

Multiple Conversion Options:

PDFelement lets you convert your PDFs to a variety of different formats to suit your needs. You can even convert multiple files at once. For example, you can convert a PDF to Word and then to Excel.


At only $6.99 per month, PDFelement is an affordable solution for managing your PDFs. It’s also cost-effective, as it offers a wide range of features in a single package. It is a great value for your money and easy to use.

Part 2: Feature about converting PDF on Mac

Why would you need to convert a PDF?

There are many reasons why you might need to convert a PDF. Maybe you need to send a file in a different format so that it can be edited, or the PDF document won’t open for some reason.

For example, if your PDF document can not be opened, you can use PDFelement for Mac to convert it into another format that can be read. Or, if you need to create a copy of a PDF document but don’t have the original file, you can use PDFelement for Mac to convert the PDF document into another format and then edit it. There are many possibilities when it comes to converting PDFs, and PDFelement for Mac is more than capable of handling any conversion task you might need it to do.

On mobile platforms that don’t have a native or installed PDF viewer, images are more accessible. PNG/JPG files allow for compression, resulting in smaller file sizes and making it easier to distribute online. You may view the entire document at once rather than having to turn each page separately. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between PNG and JPG outputs. It’s a time-saving method for sharing PDF material with individuals who don’t have access to a Mac PDF editor.

How to convert PDF by PDFelement for Mac?

Method 1: Convert a single PDF page to an image file

Method 1 pdf to image

Step 1: Import PDF Documents

The “Open File” button can be found on the Home screen. Alternatively, you may drag and drop PDFs into the program. This PDF to image converter program is capable of converting multiple PDF documents at once, allowing you to aggregate a variety of PDF files for batch conversion if needed.

Step 2: Convert a PDF to an image

If you just want to convert a single PDF file to an image, go to the “File” menu and select “Export To” > “Image.” Then choose the format option. After that, name the created picture file and click “Save.”

Step 3. In Batch, convert PDF to image.

If you want to convert many PDF files into pictures, go to the “Tool” button in the left column and choose “Batch Process” then “PDF Converter.” Simply add the PDFs you wish to convert and pick the “Image” option on the “Format” part in the new window.

Once you’ve picked the “Image” option for the output documents, you may further customize settings and preferences. Change the conversion options, including Image Quality. Finally, hit “Apply.”

You can create a PDF from a JPG or any other image format, such as PNG, BMP, and others with PDFelement.

PDFelement is capable of converting PDFs to a variety of formats, including HTML5 and EPUB. Aside from that, it allows users to modify text as well as pictures in PDFs, as well as manage PDF pages by adding, cutting, or deleting pages. It also enables customers to secure their confidential papers using strong encryption techniques. Finally, since it works with macOS 10.12 Sierra through 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave, there are no compatibility worries.

Method 2: Convert multiple PDF pages to a single JPEG file

One of the newest features included in version 8.6.2 is the ability to combine many PDF pages into a single image file. This makes sharing easier, and you may compile all of the important information from several PDF pages into one photo so that it’s easier to look at as well.

Process 1: To convert an entire PDF to a single photo, follow these steps.

  • After importing the pdf file click the Convert PDF symbol on the home page. Select a source PDF file from the drop-down menu; then click Open.
  • Select “All pages into a single image” from the dropdown menu. Select JPEG or PNG from the dropdown menu of file formats. Select Convert from the dropdown menu.
  • You’ll be able to preview the image file after it’s been saved to ensure that all of the pages in the PDF have been transformed into a single JPG or PNG image.

Process 2: To export an entire PDF to a Single Image File, follow these steps.

  • To import a PDF file, click Open or use a drag-and-drop action.
  • To start, choose File > Export To > All pages into a single image > JPG/PNG. You’ll be prompted to download and install the PDF Converter module if it isn’t already present. Click the Relaunch button in PDFelement for Mac to reload it when installed.
  • After the PDF is converted, a file with all of the pages will be generated. To see what’s in the picture, use the Preview app or any other image viewer.


Other features in PDFelement

In addition to the features mentioned earlier for PDFelement for Mac, it also offers a number of other functions for different operating systems.

PDFelement for Windows:

Windows users can enjoy the benefits of OCR, fill the form and sign, and measure PDF capabilities. For example, PDFelement’s OCR function allows you to convert scanned documents into editable text files. This can be especially helpful if you need to edit a document that was created in physical form or if you need to access information that is only available in a scanned format. Additionally, PDFelement’s fill the form and sign function enables you to easily create and sign forms without having to print them out or use another program. This can be extremely helpful if you need to fill out a lot of forms or if you need to sign a contract online.

PDFelement for iOS:

For iOS devices, PDFelement offers the ability to edit, annotate, multiple scans, convert, and cloud storage features. This means that you can use your iPhone or iPad to easily fill out forms, add comments and annotations to PDFs, scan multiple pages into a single PDF file, convert PDFs into different formats (such as Word or Excel), and store your files in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.

PDFelement for Android:

Android users can enjoy the benefits of reading, annotating, and organizing PDF pages. This means that you can open and view PDFs on your Android device, add comments and annotations, and reorganize pages within a PDF file. This can be extremely helpful if you need to read a lot of PDFs on your phone or if you need to annotate them for later reference.

Part 3: Conclusion

Converting a pdf to an image can be a handy way to make the document easier to share or edit. Wondershare Pdfelement for Mac is one of the simplest and most effective PDF editor app to do this conversion. It offers a range of features and options, making it possible to convert any pdf into almost any desired format. In addition, Pdfelement is very affordable- making it a great choice for budget-minded users.

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