How To Convert PDF To Word With The Best Free PDF Converter

Working with PDF files often puts forward the need to convert these into conveniently editable file formats, as PDFs are primarily non-editable. Among a variety of solutions to sort out this concern, you can rely on UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac, the most suitable PDF converter for your Mac and Windows compatible devices.

UPDF Converter with OCR – The PDF Converter You Will Regret to Miss

This one is a free, desktop-compatible PDF converter you can use to convert PDF files to editable documents in your PC. Using this converter, you get the liberty to concert any kind of interactive or non-interactive PDF documents into Word. Text, HTML, Excel, and other editable file formats.

It comes with an interactive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to simultaneously convert many files. The best part is you don’t need to wait for long durations as the conversion task lasts no more than a few seconds.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF to Many Editable Formats

Using this PDF converter, you are free to convert your PDF documents into any convenient editable file format, including HTML, XML, Text, RTF, PDF/A, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, etc., which exclusively means that you need not worry over sticking to a particular file format for working with this converter. You can even convert PDF images to a number of formats, like, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

  • Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Formats with OCR

The UPDF converter allows you to convert a scanned PDF into a variety of file formats that are convenient to edit. The converter makes this possible with the OCR feature, which makes it additively advantageous to use this software for PDF conversion. The OCR feature used here is known to support 23 different languages, granting you the freedom to convert PDF files into editable formats in your preferred language.

  • Convert Password Protected PDF to Editable Formats

Want to convert an important PDF file into an editable format, but got stuck with password prompts? Take a breath, UPDF Converter comes to your rescue. Password encryption is not a barrier with this PDF converter. The software internally decrypts your uploaded PDF file and converts it into your proffered editable format within just a few mouse clicks.

  • Batch Conversion

When opting to use this software for PDF conversion, rest assured about the ‘one conversion at a time’ glitch. This efficient tool allows you to take up a simultaneous batch conversion of any number of PDF files to editable formats, without size and count limitations.


  • This converter performs a precise and accurate conversion of PDF files to editable file formats, requiring you to make absolutely no or rarely minor formatting adjustments.
  • The converter is known to maintain an affordable format consistency.

When trying to figure out effective solutions to convert PDF documents into editable file formats, using the UPDF Converter is certainly a worthy choice to make. This free desktop tool handles the concern with utmost ease, allowing you to convert non-editable PDF files into almost any desired editable format within a few seconds, and that too in your preferred language.

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