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How To Change Your IP Address With A Proxy Server

If you need to change your IP address, whether it is to avoid tracking or to access geo-blocked content, using a proxy server is the easiest way. Unlike VPNs, most proxy servers do not require you to download an app or software. You can change your IP by simply setting up your proxies in your browser or device settings. 

Before you can learn how to change your IP address with a proxy server, it’s important to know why you would need one. Proxies allow users to browse the web anonymously, making it difficult for other parties to track the user’s movements. This is because your web request will appear as if it’s connected from a different IP address before sending data across any network. 

Another reason is that proxies make it easy for users to get past internet filters and blocks from schools or workplaces without requiring technical knowledge. So, what is their difference from Virtual Private Networks (VPN)?

Proxy vs VPN

In addition to cost and software requirements, they also differ in speed. Proxies are cheaper and faster than VPNs because VPNs have to encrypt all your traffic. Proxies, on the other hand, work on application-level which makes them a better choice for dedicated tasks. Some of these tasks include multiple account management, data aggregation, web crawling, and more. VPNs are great for avoiding tracking and surveillance. In summary:

  • VPN = Better Anonymity
  • Proxy = Better Performance

How To Set Up A Proxy:

Generally speaking, there are six steps in setting up your proxies. Please note that you have to get the proxy details from your provider. This includes the proxy IP, proxy type, and port. 

  1. Open your browser settings.
  2. Go to Advanced.
  3. Find the proxy section.
  4. Fill out the details provided by your proxy service.
  5. Confirm
  6. Visit an IP checker site to confirm that it shows your proxy IP.

When Should You Change Your IP?

One instance is when you live in an area where your access to certain content or sites may be limited. For example: changing your IP to a different location can help overcome content restrictions. If you also need to investigate data from other countries, obtaining an IP from that nation can allow you to collect the data without having to be present physically.

Another scenario is when you need to protect your identity when surfing online or avoid tracking. IP addresses can reveal personal information such as your location, sites you’ve registered to, online purchases you’ve made, and other interests. Changing your IP can help break these tracks. Using proxies or VPNs can help provide better security.

Best Proxies For Personal Use  

The main advantage of using a proxy is that it provides online anonymity without requiring you to install any software. However, note that not all proxies work on all sites; hence, it is advised that you try out one at a time until you find one which works best for your needs. Here are three proxies that can help: 

NewIPNow: NewIPNow offers private proxies for as low as $0.88 per IP. Their smallest package is $8.80 where you can get 10 proxies with your choice of location and targets. Despite having the cheapest rate for private proxies, they offer many features. NewIPNow is well-known in forums where users share their experiences and request promotions. 

Webshare: Just like NewIPNow, Webshare also lets you choose from several different types of proxy servers (e.g., United States, United Kingdom, or Germany) before purchase. Their prices are also competitive. Their main differences are the number of users and their proxy products.  Webshare private proxies mean it is shared with other users targeting the same websites as you. If you want to use the proxies exclusively, you can get their dedicated plan which starts at $49.87/month for 25 proxies.

InstantProxies: Aptly called Instant Proxies, you can be assured of immediate proxy delivery every time you want to change your IP address. Similar to NewIPNow, their private proxies mean you use the IPs exclusively. One of InstantProxies’ unique features is that they allow users to test their proxies before purchase. By testing them, you’ll see if the proxy will work for your target site and how fast they are. If it does not work or if you’re unsatisfied with the results of the test, then you can test a new batch. When you’re satisfied, then you can continue to order.

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