How to Buy a Refurbished MacBook in Switzerland?

How to Buy a Refurbished MacBook in Switzerland?

MacBooks always cost an arm and a leg. So, while most people are always itching to buy them, the price can be a significant deterrent. Unknown to most people is that a refurbished MacBook is as good as a new one, costing far less.

What is a refurbished MacBook?

Simply put, it is a previously owned or used Mac but returned to the manufacturer. For example, it could have been returned due to a minor issue that needed fixing or upgrading. It may also be a product someone elected to recycle through Apple’s recycling program. The MacBook undergoes vigorous quality control assessment and evaluation. It is then repaired to ensure all underlying issues are sorted out.

What to look for when buying a refurbished Mac?

While planning to buy a refurbished Mac, it is vital to examine the body to ensure it does not have significant physical damages. Check to ensure that all screws are in place and not loose. If a competent service provider carried out the refurbishing, it should have all the screws tightened as it should be.

The display hinges should be steady enough to support the lid. Confirm how old the Mac is to be sure you are not buying something too old. Once you are through with the hardware, boot it up to see if the macOS loads to the desktop picture. The MacBook failing to boot could be a sign of many underlying issues that should be an early warning sign.

In addition to booting, it is important to ensure that the keyboard is working as expected. Type every keyboard character to ensure it works fine. Be sure to try the caps lock and other functional keys.

Additionally, check the disk drive by inserting a DVD to ensure it reads information, and check all ports using a USB disk to be sure they work. Launch the Facetime app to be sure the webcam is operational.

Finally, check the battery to ensure it is in the right shape and won’t drain power after an hour. Click on the Apple Logo and hold down the Option Key. Select the Power option on System information. Here, pay attention to the health information section. A good refurb Mac should have a cycle count between 300 and 1000. The lesser, the better.

What is the average lifespan of a refurbished Mac?

A refurbished MacBook returned to its optimal operating condition should provide solid performance for five to eight years. During this period, it should work at optimal levels without any issues. Nevertheless, the lifespan depends on how it is used and carried around.

The best place to buy a refurbished Mac in Switzerland

ReboostMac is the best place to buy refurbished MacBooks in Switzerland. Its refurbished MacBook’s are tested and ascertained by quality suppliers to look and work like new ones. They also show minimal to no signs of wear maintaining a high level of quality. The Macs are also competitively priced, making it easy to own at far much less than a new one.

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