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How To Buy A DTF Printer? You Can Refer To The Following Points

Today, DTF printers are one of the most common technologies used in the garment printing industry. With its simple operation and highly reproducible output, and with Sublistar’s newest product, the DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel, this type of printing can achieve ultra-high-volume apparel printing that is comparable to screen printing.

The garment printing industry, as the first place of clothing, food, housing and transportation, has always occupied a very important position in life. Especially the socio-economic and cultural development so far, personalized trend leads the fashion front. Therefore, DTF printing will realize the customization needs of more customers, and with the development of e-commerce business, DTF printing has a broad and bright future.

What is DTF printer?

DTF printer as a whole contains a printer connected to a computer, a machine with the function of shaking and spreading powder, and drying function, and finally it can be cut manually or with a cutting machine to cut each design independently, and finally use a heat press for pressing and tearing the film, you can successfully get a piece of clothing with successful printing.

The reason why DTF printers have become popular is no more than one of its most important features. It is the universal printer of the garment printing industry, not picking fabrics, not picking colors, and printing in both shades is excellent. And it can produce according to the demand of the order, de-stocking, cost saving, short making cycle, fast production speed, reliable output quality.

In the aspect of how to buy DTF printer, Sublistar gives professional advice, which can be used as one of the references.

(1) Determine your market and business needs

(2) The performance of the printer

(3) How to choose the equipped consumables

(4) Prices and services offered by suppliers

(5) Other supporting equipment

Consider market and business needs

Before starting DTF printing, Sublistar generally ask customers first, whether they have done before in the garment industry, DTG/Sublimation/Screen printing, etc., one is familiar with whether you have experience in the production of garments, then get started will be very fast. Because you will have a basic understanding of the spending power of your business group and the fabrics that the local public prefers to wear. This way, based on the demand for previous orders, predict the next level of consumption and the approximate amount of production orders. From there, you will be able to determine the size of production and later narrow down your choices by selecting the right printer size, efficiency and features.

Performance of DTF printers

DTF printers have been around for several years now. From the humble beginnings of a small machine, they have evolved and become more powerful. More and more superior performance has been added. It can be adapted to various environments and operated smoothly.

The first generation of DTF printers basically emphasize the white ink circulation system, three-stage heating function, automatic winding and other functions. In recent years, Sublistar, as a highly recognized brand of DTF printers, has taken the lead in introducing the printhead heating function, one-touch multifunction, automatic printhead moisturizing function, and nozzle needle breakage monitoring.

The printhead heating function is suitable for normal operation in low temperature environment, and the multi-function function is to control multiple DTF printers by one computer. This function ensures the efficient operation of the machine. Printhead automatic moisturizing function is effective to avoid long-term vacation when no one operates, the printhead dry impact on the later use and life. Nozzle broken needle monitoring is to avoid the printer in the printing process, pattern printing leakage and other issues.

work Printer

Or on-demand options, if your work environment has been able to maintain the temperature requirements of the DTF printer within the range, you do not need to specifically buy the printhead heating function, because the higher the configuration, the more expensive.

Purchase in addition to the performance of the above to pay attention to, pay attention to the model of the printhead, as well as the brand of the board, and later there is if the supporting software upgrade, whether it is compatible with the issue.

Equipped with consumables how to choose

To achieve high-quality printing or to achieve efficient production, the choice of high-quality DTF printing consumables is also essential.

On the one hand, using high-quality consumables is a kind of protection for the printer, which is more conducive to the success of printing and ensures the stability of printing quality; on the other hand, it can also avoid the waste of materials and control the production cost. At present, DTF printing consumables include DTF printing ink, DTF PET film and DTF TPU hot melt powder.

Generally manufacturers will provide matching consumables, and after testing, is able to ensure that the machine lasting stable operation. It is better to use the same brand of ink for a long time, if you change it halfway, you may have to re-do the curve and debug the color, etc. Sublistar currently has a non-sedimentation ink with white ink circulation system, which is more helpful for the stable and smooth output of DTF printing.

If you want to print garments with more characteristics, you can use it with a variety of special films, such as: Dazzle reflective film, laser film, temperature change film, glow-in-the-dark film and so on.

Prices and services offered by suppliers

Choose reliable products and brands.

The price range of DTF printers available in the market today is inconsistent, with different brands having different pricing strategies. However, you should be reminded that while considering the price of a product, you should also take into account its quality and after-sales service.

If the price of a particular device is significantly lower than other products of the same model in the market, the quality of the components or materials used in the product may be lower. It may cost you more in repairs in the long run. Therefore, you should try to choose a well-known brand and communicate fully with the supplier to find out whether it can provide perfect technical support and after-sales service.

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Other supporting equipment

Undoubtedly, DTF printing requires more than just one printer from pattern design to product completion, so you also need to consider whether other equipments are compatible with your DTF printer and whether they are compatible in terms of production capacity.

For example, if you choose the popular 600mm wide format printer and purchase more than one. Because you need to process bulk orders, then choosing the DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel, which is more efficient and can be used for batch fulfillment, as well as a cutter assist, will greatly increase production and efficiency.

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