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How To Advertise Your Minecraft Server

Minecraft servers are best used whenever you want to enjoy playing the game with multiple players. If you are a new server owner, then it can often be highly challenging to get new players to join your server which is why this article will outline some key tips to jump-start your Minecraft servers community. 

One of the most popular means of getting players to play on your server is by using advertising. However, prior to posting your server advertisement, it is crucial that you ensure that your server is ready for players to play on. You will also need to ensure that players remain on your server after they have joined and that they are encouraged to invite friends to play on your server also.

The list below will help to guide you in preparing your server and will show you how to ensure that your server is engaging and appealing, ensuring player retention by proxy. It is highly recommended that you analyze this list prior to advertising your own server:

1) You need to have completely set up your server including ranks, ships, builds, permissions, and other configurations in order to prevent any issues occurring in regard to your server’s availability and overall performance. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that outline the best means of configuring your server.

2) You should use a customized domain or subdomain as a server address in order to make it far easier for people to remember your server and share it. 

3) You should also select a game mode that will provide players with a distinctive and unique user experience. Always encourage new players to stay on your server irrespective of whether you have set up the server for your friends or not. 

How Do I Get Players On My Minecraft Server?

Playing on a Minecraft Server without any other players online is incredibly dull. The majority of server owners desire numerous players as they want to build the biggest Minecraft server. However, this is not easy to achieve as you will need to ensure that you have created a server that will attract other players in the first instance.

There are numerous factors that should be considered when advertising your server. While adding a server to an MC server list is a brilliant star, there is more to the process than just doing this. Some of the most positively contributing aspects include advertising your server using voting rewards, advertising sites, and showcasing strong server development.

You will need to be able to create a server that demonstrates that it is a positive server to play on. Depending on the overall size of the server that you wish to create, you will also need to plan the type of server accordingly.

Ways To Advertise Your Server

Server List

This is one of the most commonly used means of obtaining players on your Minecraft server. Most of the server lists that are compiled are broken down using votes. This allows you to potentially climb up the ranks on a server list by ensuring that you have set up a voting plugin. These lists also tend to place your servers into categories called “new servers” whenever you have first added your server. This provides you with a boost and you will definitely see an influx of new members on the first day that you have uploaded your server.

Once you have established a community base, growing your server will become way easier as these members will advertise your server to their friends if it is entertaining to play on. They will also vote for the server while actively playing on it to make it look more inviting.

Nearly all of these server lists will allow you to pay for your server to be placed into a sponsored category. This is a relatively expensive means of advertising, however, it is open to all.

What Are The Most Popular Server Lists?


Craftlist is a brilliant place to start when advertising your server. This is a popular server list that is relatively easy to post on and connect to.

Minecraft Server List

Minecraft Server List is undoubtedly one of the more popular lists available to you. If you choose to upload your server and post it to this website, you will notice that you will receive a large influx of new players on your first day. You should bear in mind that this influx will be because you have been placed into a New Servers category for the first day of your listing. Thus, you should set up a voting plug-in to ensure that you climb the ranks on this particular list continuously.

Minecraft MP

Minecraft MP is an incredibly popular server list. This a brilliant list if your server is a standout modded server, or has been customized to perfection. The search platform on Minecraft MP also enables you to search for servers on the basis of ping, server types, plugins, versions, and more.

Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers is one of the oldest server lists around and it is still highly popular. It is always advisable that you add your server to this platform as this will help new players to discover your server easily. Many people also specifically use this list to find new servers to play on.

Voting Plugin

If you have added a Minecraft Server to your list, voting is undoubtedly going to be the most crucial part of your server. Enabling a voting plugin does numerous things for your server, and is one of the best means of obtaining user interaction. Server owners can also set up rewards for their player bases if they choose to vote, which creates a large demand for players to vote every day which ultimately lifts your ranking on the relevant Minecraft server lists.


This is arguably the most crucial aspect of having a highly successful server. Players will not enjoy playing on your server if it is undeveloped and poorly made. Thus, it is crucial that you take the appropriate amount of time to build and develop your Minecraft server prior to releasing it to the wider public.

There are numerous routes that you will be able to take when developing your server. All of these will bring various different communities and players to your server. There are also numerous game types that can be pre-configured for your specific server. There are also numerous add-ons that you can download for your server that will assist you in your overall development. These add-ons include plugin installation add-ons and creation add-ons.


To conclude, creating a highly popular and well-played game on Minecraft Server is incredibly hard to do. However, if you are willing to dedicate a large amount of time to developing a server to perfection and making it as inviting to other players as possible, then you are on the right path!

If you cover all of the points that I have outlined in this article then you will be more likely to develop a server that has high player retention. You should not forget that being a server owner also comes with numerous responsibilities and this is not something that you should be aiming to rush if you want to create a highly popular server.

Posting your server on various Minecraft Lists that I have outlined in this article will also ensure that you receive new players, especially on your first day of posting. Thus, you should ensure that you have developed your server as much as possible prior to posting your server to these lists to ensure the highest level of player retention.



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