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There are many ways to make money playing games

Because they allow us to escape reality, games are fun. If gaming becomes your job, this aspect of escapism will disappear. And most likely so will the enjoyment. Do you love to play games? It is worth considering before you make it to make money while playing games career. These ways to make money playing video games may not be the best decision.

These are the best opportunities to make a living in gaming. Other careers in the gaming industry exist, but they aren’t as involved with the actual gameplay as the ones mentioned above.

You have the option of creating your own game and earning money via in-app purchases, ads, or sales. However, games can take a while to create and require a different set of skills.

It is possible to make living playing video games. However, it can be difficult. These are just a few options. How do you know if they are right for your needs? And tips on how to get started. There are many ways to make money playing video games.

Earn money to live stream

You can stream your gameplay live for everyone to see. You should aim to create a large audience that you can monetize through ads or a loyal following (which you can monetize via donations and subscriptions). Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming, but YouTube is also an option. There is too much streaming. There are so many other streams available to stream you. This is the hard part. You can set yourself apart by having your own style of humor and personality.

Games Journalism: Try your hand

Do you dream of becoming a writer? You can join an existing website or start your own site and write news, reviews, and interviews about a particular game, genre, industry, or other topics. As a freelancer, you will get paid per article if you write for an existing website. You can also monetize traffic by using ads, Patreon subscriptions, or similar methods if you start your own website.

Games journalism is like all types of journalism. Many people desire to write about gaming for a living. Writing for an existing website will likely mean that you work for very little while building a portfolio and proving your skills. It will take many years to create an audience so that you can make enough money to support your site.

Make video game guides and tutorials

Guides are a favorite pastime for many newcomers to certain games, especially those that deal with multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP). This creates a market where people can make money by sharing useful information that they want to learn.

A guide can be written by anyone. You need to create guides that are popular in order to make money. However, the more popular a game is, the more competition there will be. Your guides will stand out by providing more information than other players. This means you need to invest a lot of time and become an expert.

Strong writing skills are essential. Guides should be both dense and thorough, but also easy to understand and entertaining. No matter if you are publishing eBooks or writing for the web, formatting skills are essential.

Host a Gaming Podcast on YouTube or YouTube Channel

Do you have a lot of things to share? You can create a weekly, monthly, or daily show about gaming. You could have an opinion-based roundtable discussion or a series of interviews with prominent gamers, tips, and tricks for specific games, or any other interesting thing.

Before you can see any revenue, you will need to build an audience. You must make your show compelling enough to get people to tune in. The show will not succeed if it is boring, shallow, inconsistent, or of poor production quality.

Podcast content doesn’t need to be as detailed as a guide. Your personality doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as that of a streamer. For example, you could create a channel dedicated to gaming news. Although you won’t be required to entertain viewers for hours on end, it is important to stick to a schedule.

Get Sponsorships or Win Gaming Tournaments

Some people are not able to win. It is possible to be a top-ranked player, but still lose in tournaments early and not win any money. Even if you win some cash, it might not be enough to cover the cost of hotels and flights. Don’t live off your winnings if you don’t rise to the top.

You’ll have more luck and make more money if you pursue a career in non-competitive streaming. People will still enjoy your performance, even if it’s not your best.

Test Games – Get Paid

Controllers for Xbox One and PS4

Before a game is released, it goes through several phases of development. Developers need outsiders to test their games. Your job as a play tester is to review everything that the developer has requested. This includes finding and documenting any bugs.

How to Test Games and Make a Living

Although it’s not difficult to become a tester these days, it can be a tedious job. It’s easy to become bored quickly if you play in a way that intentionally breaks games, especially if your job requires you to check the same areas after each game revision.

It’s not great pay, but it is comparable to, or slightly higher than, the minimum wage. You won’t find an internal job at a major game development company unless you are able to test mobile games. These are not as exciting as PC and console releases.

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