How the Smartphone is the Buyer’s Agent’s Best Tool

Smartphones are now powerful enough to replace computers, say Samsung developers. So what does that mean for buyer’s agents?

In August 2021, Samsung announced a new insight where it informed clients that its phones were now more powerful than the average desktop computer. Undoubtedly this is the face they want to present to the world. Marketing their products means aspiring to greatness or alluding to it in their marketing campaigns. What does this mean for buyer’s agents who depend on their devices?

The announcement caused a few waves. Technically savvy internet users were either offended or agreed with the statement, with no middle ground between them. However, no matter which camp you stand in, there can be no denying that Smartphones have made remote work more accessible. So we investigated whether you really could replace your computer with your mobile phone, or if the idea is crazy talk.

What Is a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers’ agents are often used by companies who sell land and property. A buyer’s agent assigned a client to help guide them through the process of finding a property. They will be with you from the very beginning. Your buyer’s agent will help you choose which properties are worthwhile investments, which is a terrible investment. They will then take you through the buying process from start to finish. Thus, operating on your behalf to make sure you get the best deals possible.

Since many property investors usually own multiple properties, a buyer’s agent can become a lifelong partnership. You need to be sure that you can trust them to represent you in the best viable way. 360o Wealth is an excellent choice if buying in Australia; they are a buyers agent Sydney with an excellent reputation.

How Do Buyer’s Agents Use Smartphones?

With so much speculation regarding how powerful the average smartphone is, we should continue our investigation by examining how buyer agents use their smartphones, to begin with. Buyer’s agents use smartphones for all manner of interactions with clients. For example, they use their phones to check in with their existing consumers and follow leads for new consumers. In addition, buyer’s agents use smartphones on a B2B basis for contacting other businesses.

We believe that although the smartphone has the technical capacity to replace a computer. It will not do so anytime soon. There are too many areas where laptops and mobile phones differ. For example, can you imagine typing out a three-page work email on your smartphone? Such things are best created on keyboards. The role of the buyer’s agent also involves a lot of paperwork. It is more difficult to fill in forms through a smartphone than do them online via a laptop.

Will smartphones replace laptops and buyers’ agent’s offices?

As the digital world evolves, we are going to see smartphones with greater and greater technical capacity. Eventually, they will rule out the need for laptops. However, just like the Kindle did not replace the book, and just like the elevator did not replace stairs, we should not write off our laptops just yet.

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