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SEO for B2B: How to Leverage Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation, B2B appointment setting, audience segmentation and other tools for working with B2B leads are used by lead generation agencies to great results. We’ll look into these methods to see how you can employ them for your business.

B2B Lead Generation Agency: Building Your Business 

Lead generation is a crucial part of any business. It’s a head engine of growth, and working with a B2B lead generation agency is a step to the implementation of that growth. B2B lead generation depends on industry and product. But every business needs complementary leads to continue increasing its customer base. Thus, generation agency Belkins’ focuses on establishing a system that raises quality B2B leads and poses a marketing list. How does the lead agency support your team in achieving its main goals?

Finding a suitable lead generation agency will enable you to:

1) Gain access to a full range of marketing strategies.

An agency knows how to combine campaigns to maximize your ROI. When dealing with an agency, all you need to do is agree on the outcomes, and the agency will assume the entire implementation.

2) Leverage most of your tools.

Lead generation agencies have experience using advanced leads and analytics tools, so they can assist you with making better use of the data gathered through these tools. For example, you might have the right technology stack without knowing how to apply it for analysis. This won’t be an issue once you’ve started working with a lead generation agency.

3) Monitor and test productivity.

The only way to know if your campaigns are working is to monitor, test, and modify. Lead agencies that provide lead generation services for b2b have access to artificial intelligence tools that can help expedite data analysis. 

It is also worth noting that agencies use artificial intelligence platforms that increase the deliverability of emails. Using an email checker, you can circumvent spam filters, evade blacklists and ensure your messages are delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. 

4) Increase revenue.

Lead agencies deal with involved customers. This is why you are likely to get better revenue by working with a lead generation agency:  

  • You get personalized, industry-specific lead generation oriented at your company’s net income.
  • You also get an outside perspective that results in improved strategies. 

Why Do SEO and Lead Generation Go Hand in Hand?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an e-marketing strategy that aims to improve your website’s position in search results. B2B lead generation, in turn, is a marketing process aimed at attracting leads. SEO and lead generation are a perfect pairing, but they are not the same thing. 

Using the right SEO strategy, you can transform a website into one of the most efficient lead generation tools that operate 24/7 to ensure a constant flow of B2B leads. Lead generation and SEO work jointly: the more frequently you turn up on the front page of the search results, the more potential clients can locate you and interact with you. SEO generates potential clients by guaranteeing that you’re viewable in search systems and that you show up when customers search for your target keywords. 

Customer segmentation in B2B

Customer segmentation is a potent force that enables marketers to form an accurate view of their clients and unite them into groups. These groups are attracting potential customers via personalized content. Without market segmentation, you can’t start building up relationships with leads right from the first contact.

Needs-based market segmentation is one of the most popular techniques because it allows concentrating on buying motivations. However, this method is quite challenging. It is difficult to identify the exact needs of potential customers. One way to do it is by surveying current customers and extrapolating the results on your target audience. 

Another important tool is tiered or profitability segmentation, since it takes into account the potential value of the lead. This can be done in several ways:

  • Based on acquisition channel (various channels might have a different cost per lead);
  • Based on average customer lifetime value.

B2B Appointment Setting

B2B Appointment Setting as Part of Your Business

A reliable B2B appointment setting service is a major part of B2B lead generation. B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity, the purpose of which is to monitor and engage business leads. With no appointment setting process, you won’t reach great success in closing your deals. 

There are 3 main stages to B2B lead generation: explore, set an appointment, and close the deal. While each element is crucial, without appointment setting, only a few potential clients would make it to the buying stage. 

5 SEO methods used by the top lead generating companies

Lead generation and SEO are, as we’ve established, two different things. But if you combine these potent tools, you will be able to accelerate the growth of your business. For the most part, SEO is aimed at working with various aspects of your website to reach higher ranks in search systems. 

According to your goals for the website, the lead generation ways will differ.

1) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), contextual and banner ads 

Social media enables you to deal with users on a personalized basis and segment the audience by interests. This can take a long time, but it also helps you establish deeper connections with your potential clients. You need to utilize paid social advertising as part of your lead generation strategies. If you would like to interact with a  particular audience, focus on demographic and behavioral segmentation.

2) Landing pages

The landing page is an excellent way to generate leads, as its main task is to collect the contact information of your target audience. It constitutes the beginning of the funnel where customers enter their name, email, phone number, or industry.  

3) Feedback

Lead feedback helps to avoid losing sight of crucial information and making sure you submit it to potential clients. Investing in a feedback tool allows a business to test in on current relationships and resolve the problems before customer attrition occurs. Feedback is likely to be more effective for B2B businesses because of a fewer number of clients. 

4) Analytics

It is crucial to monitor the statistical data and infer from that. By monitoring the way clients are using your website, you can determine the things that give rise to problems and that have a negative impact on business leads

5) Research

Having conducted research, you will learn more about your customers, which will enable you to build up a relationship of trust with them. Campaigns that do research on their customers grow several times faster than their counterparts. B2B market research is a difficult task, but it’s an essential part of achieving results and growing your company.

B2B Buyer Characters 

B2B Buyer Characters are profiles of your perfect leads that involve information about their demographics and other characteristics. When forming this portrait, you need to add as many distinguishing features as possible. Thus, you can build more personalized suggestions and better communications with customers.

When marketing to the various personas, you will have the same value proposition. But the words and images you use may differ for each of the personas.  

Just remember one thing: B2B buyer personas you create can change with time. So, you need to maintain contact with your customers and always be aware of their changing requirements.


The B2B industry sees new achievements and innovations every day. B2B lead generation is a high priority to the progress of a business. It is the initial step every business needs to go through prior to sale. One of the best working methods of lead generation is a well-thought-out website that is SEO optimized and focuses on increasing the interest in your services.

The success of B2B lead generation depends on the data that your sales and marketing teams possess. Without high-quality data, lead generation is not possible.

And remember: lead generation is not the end of the process. As soon as you collect leads through the use of the above-mentioned strategies, it’s time to change them into regular customers. 

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