How Technology Has Allowed More People to Pick Up DIY Hobbies

The pandemic inspired many individuals to turn to creative hobbies, such as arts and crafts, to fill their hours as they worked from home, quarantined with family, or were let go from their jobs altogether. Some crafters were even bitten by the small business bug, taking advantage of the opportunity to create a home business that allows them to practice their passions. However, many may not realize the pivotal role technology played in allowing this resurgence of interest in crafting.


How social media has enabled the growth of crafting

One of the main tools that allowed crafting to become so popular is TikTok, among other social media platforms. Social media platforms like TikTok exploded in popularity during the pandemic, as users spent countless hours watching content while they were stuck at home. This created the opportunity for a new generation of influencers to ascend to popularity, creating content in various niches, including DIY and crafting content.


With social media being such an integral part of the growth of crafting, it makes sense that millennials have the most representation among crafters — with individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 accounting for 41% of crafters. Up to this point, most of the crafting content on television has been created for children and their parents, leaving this significant millennial audience underserved.


A new hub for DIY and crafting content

Made It Myself TV was created in response to this growing demand for high-quality crafting content, with the goal of providing millions of households across the country — from beginners and experienced crafters alike. The platform hopes to become the go-to hub for crafting content across several disciplines, including knitting and crochet, woodworking, plant parenting, thrifting, craft hacks, paper arts, and budget-friendly home decor. 


One of Made It Myself TV’s strategies to deliver unforgettable and valuable crafting content is to partner with some of the leading influencers who helped bring their crafting disciplines into the mainstream. “Influencers like Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer) and Tamara Kelly (Crochet with Moogly) will create shows for the app to give viewers proprietary tips and tutorials that will take any crafter’s skills to the next level,” says Marcy Levitas Hamilton, CEO of TriCoast TV.


Made It Myself TV is a collaboration between TriCoast TV — the media company behind the massively successful genre film streaming channel Dark Matter TV — and leading home entertainment technology provider VIZIO. This collaboration represents a union of the best in both entertainment and technology, bringing the crafting field to the modern day.


How VIZIO and TriCoast TV are revolutionizing crafting content

VIZIO’s operating system comes equipped with every VIZIO smart television sold in the United States and across the globe. Their platform offers numerous out-of-the-box entertainment options to millions of households, which now also includes Made It Myself TV. Made It Myself TV will stand out on the platform as VIZIO’s first app in the DIY/crafting category, adding to its library of amazing offerings.


“VIZIO provides audiences with content across extensive genres and subject matters, and are pleased to now bring crafters, artists, and hobbyists into that fold,” Seta Goldstein, VIZIO’s Director of Content and Technology Partnerships, said in a recent press release. “With the exclusive debut of Made It Myself TV on VIZIO, our audiences can be inspired to create and find new passions with their friends and family.”


Thanks to Made It Myself TV, VIZIO smart television owners will have access to amazing crafting and DIY content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “The goal of Made It Myself TV is to create widely appealing content that is good, entertaining, inspiring, and gets the point across,” says Hamilton. “In other words, we want to become for arts and crafting what HGTV is for home improvement.”


Technologies like social media and platforms such as VIZIO have played an important role in the renaissance of crafting. “We hope that Made It Myself TV can be influential in the crafting space by inspiring crafters from all walks of life to craft their hearts out,” Hamilton concludes.

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