How Tech Is Changing The Hair Salon Industry In 2023

In 2023, the hair salon industry will be drastically different from a decade ago. Thanks to technological advances, salons can offer new and innovative services that weren’t possible before. We’ve interviewed hair salon owner Jessica Shults for insights on where the industry is headed. Entrepreneurs who are early adopters of this new technology will have a massive advantage over their lagging competitors. Here’s how tech will continue to change the hair salon industry in 2023.

More and more people are using apps to book appointments and find new salons.

Planning a hair appointment has never been easier! With an increasing amount of apps available, more and more people are booking hair salon appointments online. These services provide customers access to a wide range of hair salons across the country in just a few clicks. Online booking is making it easier to find the perfect hair salon appointment. From price comparisons and reviews to exclusive deals and special offers, customers can be assured they get the best hair service in town.

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important in the hair salon industry.

Technology is making its presence felt in many industries, and the hair salon industry is no exception. Online reviews are becoming increasingly important as people look for trustworthy and reliable salons regarding stylish hairstyling options. While salon reviews may have traditionally been based on the opinions of friends and family, technology has now opened up the possibility for customers to look up reviews from other people who have had previous experiences at the same salon. These real-time reviews give them invaluable insight into what their experience may be like when they arrive. With technology continuously advancing, online reviews help bridge the gap between potential customers and their perfect salon!

Social media plays a significant role in discovering new salons and stylists.

The power of social media has revolutionized the hair industry. People discover the latest hair salons and stylists every day thanks to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With hair trends changing constantly and hairstyles becoming increasingly more imaginative, customers appreciate the ability to see work from professionals— showing off their creativity and specialized skills. After only a few taps of a button, you can find a wide range of salon and stylist options that fit your hair wishes in no time! Whether it’s a trendy cut or trying out today’s hottest hair color, everyone wants to look their best – and savvy hair experts turn to social media platforms for inspiration, advice, education, and even booking appointments! With so many creative minds on social media, now is undoubtedly the time to explore what they offer!

Technology is making it easier for salons to track their clients’ preferences.

Technology is revolutionizing the salon industry, making it easier for stylists and owners to provide better customer service. By utilizing modern technology, salons now have a more efficient method of tracking their clients’ preferences regarding haircare, hair color, style, and even product. For example, some salons use software to record customers’ previous styles and notes on things they liked or disliked. This enables stylists to understand what each client prefers best, so they can reliably reproduce an optimal look every time they visit. Furthermore, this also makes it easy for return clients to switch up their styles easily. Ultimately, tech-savvy salons are setting themselves up for success since they can better meet their clients’ needs.

Some salons use virtual reality to give customers a realistic idea of what they would look like with a certain hairstyle or color before committing to it.

Virtual reality is revolutionizing hair salons. Imagine the ability to try out a hairstyle or hair color without committing to it! Thanks to this technology, gone are the days of permanent hair regret. Customers can now use virtual reality to envision the hair they want before making that scary commitment – no scissors necessary! No longer will you have to risk coming out of the salon with something you didn’t mean to get. Experience hair transformation in real-time and go home with the hair you truly want.

Some salons are using 3D printing to create custom wigs and hairpieces.

3D printing has revolutionized beauty, no more so than hair styling. With this incredible technology, salons can now create custom wigs and hairpieces that perfectly fit an individual’s head shape, style, and color. In addition to being stylish and unique, 3D-printed wigs offer quick turnaround times compared to cheaper alternatives or traditional hand-tied options. The potential for 3D printing is endless, and it is a technology that will continue to drive innovation in the beauty industry for many years.

It’s clear that technology is changing the hair salon industry, and those who embrace it will be well-positioned to succeed. Online booking, reviews, social media, and client management apps are all becoming increasingly important. Some salons are also using virtual reality and 3D printing to give customers a realistic idea of what their hair would look like before they commit to it. What technological innovations do you think will shape the future of the hair salon industry?

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