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How Peech for Webinars Empowers Marketers to Maximize the Value of their In-House Video Content

The rise of video marketing has presented both challenges and opportunities to a myriad of industries globally. While it has been proven to be an effective way to reach audiences and boost customer engagement, the behind-the-scenes process leaves room to be desired for marketing teams across the board. From professional editing to mass video production, marketers are left with the daunting task of keeping up with the demand for high-quality video content at scale.

Peech, the first generative AI video expert that turns content teams into unstoppable creators, has been an advocate of empowering marketers with the most cutting-edge tools to transform in-house media content into professionally edited videos without having to outsource experts. And as an extension of their unparalleled commitment to streamlining content creation, their team is launching the beta version of “Peech for Webinars”, a tool that allows marketing teams to automatically generate unlimited amounts of short-form edited videos from their webinars.

What is Peech for Webinars?

Creating and sustaining a robust content marketing strategy requires marketing teams to have access to a plethora of video content, featuring various editing styles and visuals suited to diverse channels and languages. However, achieving this objective in the long term is challenging, particularly when organizations possess extensive in-house media content in various formats such as webinars, interviews, and videocasts. This is the gap that Peech bridges: with just a click of a button, marketing teams can transform numerous new, branded pieces of content, primed for publication across various digital channels.

Peech for Webinars service merges the traditional Peech technology, which automatically edits and brands content videos, with the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This results in the conversion of lengthy, informative videos into fresh, condensed videos focused on specific topics.

Peech’s newest solution helps marketing teams get the most out of their existing video content that they’ve already invested money and effort in, empowering them to reach their ideal marketing KPIs. This repurposing process will help to increase the power of marketing strategy by automatically producing more videos, increasing brand awareness, and generating more leads.

The power of Peech is evident right from the moment that marketing teams sign up for the platform. Upon uploading their existing webinar videos, Peech immediately begins processing the content. In just a matter of minutes, a range of pre-edited videos are generated and available for publishing in the user’s account. These videos can be easily adjusted and customized by the user, utilizing the same features as the classic Peech product. Moreover, Peech is designed to be seamlessly integrated into a company’s webinar recording software, automatically syncing with new webinars and generating new short-form videos as they are recorded.

“We are excited to bring this revolutionary product to the market,” says Itay Kinnrot, Vice President of Research and Development at Peech. “Peech for Webinars leverages our cutting-edge technology to help marketers repurpose their existing video content effortlessly and generate high-quality short-form videos on the go. Our advanced AI and NLP algorithms ensure that marketers can create custom-branded content quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality or creativity. We’re confident that Peech for Webinars will be a game-changer for marketing teams looking to maximize their investment in video content and take their marketing strategy to the next level.”

“Our mission to empower the marketing teams is still on,” says Danielle Dafni, Co-Founder and CEO of Peech. “And after speaking with lots of them, we understood that they want more than just help in professionally editing content on the go, but also leverage technology to provide new ways to get the most out of the content they already have. Peech for Webinars is a premium product for marketing teams who create lots of long and informative content as part of their marketing strategy.”

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