How Often Do You Need To Charge An Electric Car?

The auto industry is facing challenges every day. One of the most frequently asked questions in this section is ‘how often do you need to charge an electric car?’ It is a bit complicated question and needs a little longer answer. Here it is: 

Driving an electric car has helped reduce traffic noise and hurray, it is eco-friendly! Electric cars’ power is based on batteries, and the most fun question someone can ask you is ‘how often do you need to charge your car? Well, most likely it will take more time than a regular car. But it is cheaper and eco-conscious! With the right electric car charger installation, the charging process would be much easier.

There are some points that you have to consider: 

  • Where to charge an electric car? – Nowadays, there are various locations to charge an electric car like parking near shopping malls, rest areas, tank stations which turned into electric car stations… But the best of all, drivers choose a dedicated home charging point. This means that an electric car can be charged at your house. It is safer, and the charging point is weatherproof, so there is no need to worry about some strange failure during the charging process. Electric car charger installations are on the rise in production. As of 31 December, there are around 100,000 worldwide electric car stations. There are many brands of home charge stations like Zappi charger installation one which will give you around 30 miles per hour, it is faster than a standard 3-pin charger, it is compatible with any type of plug-in vehicle, and many more features. 
  • How long are your trips? – It is simple, the more you drive an electric car the more often you have to charge it. Most electric cars, like Tesla, have the feature to calculate how many times you have to charge a car on a long trip, and it shows locations of those! The average length of a trip that you could cover on a single charge is 250 – 400 miles. 
  • What is the weather like outside? – Lithium-ion batteries do not like wintry weather. They perform better when it is warm outside. The reactions will produce less electricity to get your car going. In the wintertime, you will probably use the heat function a lot, and it takes a good amount of battery which means it will drain the battery faster. Pre-heating an electric car in winter is mandatory for the health of a battery. The thing to mention is that you need to keep the electric car charger installation secure. 
  • What is the size of the battery and how old is it? – Based on the capacity of the battery (Tesla X P100D has 100kWh and lasts around 305 miles), you will need to charge it probably one time a day. Lithium-ion batteries are the best when charged between 20-90% which means that charging it to 100% every time will dissolve the battery faster. For a rough comparison, the battery in an iPhone loses performance over time, so will an electric car’s battery. The health of the battery is important, too. Keep the number of charging cycles the same

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To recapitulate all information given, you will need to charge it probably once a day (for about 8 hours from empty to full at 7kW charging point), but it depends on the type of electric car and the parameters given above. Do not be discouraged from trying and buying an electric car because of winter. There are many electric cars coming from colder places and they work so well. The electric cars project will give us an advantage for a greener future! 

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