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How New Business Name Generator Tools Are Powering Startups

A business name generator is an invaluable tool for startup owners wanting to come up with a unique business name and domain name suited to the nature of their business. But are all business name generators the same?

All business name generators work using a very similar concept. Users insert the words they would like included in their business name and in some cases choose the appropriate industry for their business, and then the business name generator usually offers users a wide range of name suggestions for them to choose from. Business name generators can vary slightly on the small details, but there are a few that are simply better than the rest. Here we will look at how some of the more popular business name generators are powering startups. 

How do business name generator assist startup owners 

Business name generator tools are specifically designed to inspire business owners by offering creative, catchy and sometimes emotive business names for startup owners to choose from. Most business name generators are free to use and only require users pay a fee once they have chosen to purchase the business name they would like to use, after checking its business name and domain name availability, of course. In such cases, users only pay for the business name they have chosen and not for using the business name generator itself. Business name generators assist startup owners define the face or brand of their business better than they could have alone.

A few top-notch business name generators perfect for startups

Most business name generators found on the internet will suffice, but if you’re looking to do more than brainstorm name ideas, the following business name generators are the best of the bunch. 

The TRUiC Business Name Generator helps startup owners choose a business name by sorting the names generated into short, full, synonyms and cool categories, and according to those with .COM domain availability and those without, based on the keywords users provide. The TRUIC Business Name Generator also has a step-for-step guide to help users choose a corporation name. TRUiC also offers startup owners other sorts of business startup tools, like brand and logo designer tools, to help them get their business off the ground. These are the type of business name generators to look out for. 

Business Name Generator (BNG) is also one of the more popular business name generators on the market. Users also insert the names or words they would like included in the business name and BNG generates a list of possible business names. Users search for business names according to industry, feeling, style or keyword but it also offers users unique sub-categories like “Cutting-Edge Evocative Brand Names” or “Whimsy”. BNG also checks which business names also have available domain names, and also offers users the use of their logo designer and design palette to help startup owners build their brand. 

NameMesh is primarily a business name brainstorming tool rather than a formal business name generator, but it makes the cut as a business name generator because it helps startup owners come up with business names not only for businesses, but also for apps and products. After users conduct an initial keyword search, business name suggestions are then grouped according to standard, new, fun, mixed and SEO-related categories for users to choose from. 

Namesmith is a business name generator that allows users to enter up to five keywords and has multiple name suggestion algorithms, including deliberate misspelling and added suffixes or prefixes to help users come up with the most unique business name possible. Namesmith is at the same time a business name generator and a domain available checker. 

Choosing the right business name the first time around

Experienced business owners know how important it is to choose the right business name and how big an impact the right business name can have on their future success of a business. But instead of going about it manually, let one of these new business name generators help you come up with the perfect business name. It has its benefits, they are free or inexpensive, easier than doing it yourself and significantly less time-consuming.

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