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How MDM Solution Helps to Strategize Growth In Logistics

Logistics refers to the entire process of acquiring, storing, and movement of goods and services from one place to another at the right time and in the right place. With the advent of technology and mobile phones, logistics and trucking companies have increased their reliance on mobile devices to satisfy the overwhelming demand for digitalization globally. In this respect, there are newer issues and challenges to overcome for the logistics industry. All these modern advancements induced modern challenges that led to the innovation of Android MDM Solutions. Mobile devices may have revolutionized supply chain processes but mobile device management (MDM) solution has been the key success factory to that story. MDM magnified operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction for businesses to achieve steep levels of productivity and growth, impacting more and more logistics organizations to adopt mobile device management solutions in their business.

Mobile devices evolved as the primary choice of aviation to trucking to freight to shipment companies because mobile devices are the choice of end-consumers. The main objective of any business is to keep their stakeholders satisfied and logistics heavily depends on mobile devices in that matter due to their involvement in almost every process. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearables, rugged devices, etc have caused businesses to drown in information and data. There are immense data collected throughout the logistics process from procurement to warehousing to shipment to delivery which needs to be structured and managed in order to operate efficiently and make delivery on time. To top it off, these data are carried in mobile devices that move from place to place with delivery executives and drivers. Customer information like name, phone number, bank details, social security number, and addresses are at constant risk of breach. 

Moreover, managers are mostly concerned about their unsupervised on-field workers who can easily waste their valuable work hours, distracted by their devices. Likewise, proactive communication is at the heart of any level of the supply chain to keep connected with other parties in the chain and avoid financial losses due to communication fragmentation. The liabilities of handing out mobile devices in the workplace should not impede the expansion of capabilities and potential growth of a business. For this, the logistics industry is increasingly adopting mobile device management (MDM) solutions to tackle privacy, efficiency, and data security risks. 

Grow Your Logistics Business With CubiLock MDM

CubiLock mobile device management solution renders the logistics industry a broad suite of features that caters to the unique needs and requirements of the logistics business.

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking

Goods and services being moved from one place to another is a continuous process in the logistics industry. In this scenario, it is important to manage and monitor these vehicles once they leave the warehouse to provide accurate routes, consistent duration, faster transit time, and timely delivery. Geofence feature implements a GPS mobile tracking system that keeps all parties involved informed of the whereabouts of the goods and services. It also provides order tracking for curious customers and offers VoIP two-way calling and messaging for proactive communication at all times.

  • Warehouse Management

Warehousing requires the utmost care in management as this is where procurement and storage and initial shipment processes take place. Ill-managed warehouses suck out the productivity and structure of a business. To keep these warehouses monitored and managed, hand-held devices, tablets, printers, and rugged device management are deployed which can be bulk,-enrolled, easily controlled, and assessed through the single CubiLock console. It ensures consistency throughout all devices deployed and ensures devices are used specifically for work purposes with the latest kiosk technology.

  • Enhanced Security and Maintenance 

When the assets leave the four walls of the warehouse, it is much more difficult to keep track of on-field workers and drivers. Mobile devices can be a distraction that can be dangerous for drivers responsible for heavy trucks on road. Hence, device access control, settings configuration, and whitelisting/blacklisting apps and website through CubiLock can give IT admins complete device visibility and control over the proper usage of the device. Financial audits and intricate data stored on the devices are also diligently secured with passcode authentications, remote wipe out, Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and encryptions. 

Technical issues are part of the bargain when using mobile devices, remote troubleshooting of malfunctioning devices takes off the load from employees as well as the IT teams and reduces device downtime on-field where optimum device performance is required. 

  • Cost-Effective

Each of these advantages that MDM brings to the table, allows logistics businesses to save ample redundant and overbearing costs. It lowers overheads by maximizing productivity with lesser effort and in lesser time. It not only boosts employee morale with streamlined workflow but preserves customer satisfaction with the quality of service of the business. 

IT offerings are molded to provide quality service to businesses that are ambitious to take their enterprise mobility drive to the next level. It aims to cover every step of the supply chain process from freight and procurement analysis to customer service. 

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