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How Long Do Driving Lessons Take?

There are many things that make driving different. Some people do not like parallel parking. Others are uncomfortable with the thought that a hill start might become. It’s the same for learning how to drive.

Although there will always be a person who says they passed the first time after only three lessons, that’s not typical. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), most people take 45 hours to learn how and 22 hours to practice.

An intensive course could allow you to get rid of your L-plates within 10 hours. But that’s an exception.

Steps towards learning how to drive

Before you can start lessons, you must apply for your provisional driving licensure. This can be done up until three months before you turn seventeen.

You can start driving lessons in your seventeenth year as long as you get your provisional driver’s license on time.

Here are more tips to help you learn to drive.

How do you select a driving instructor?

There are many people and companies who can help with your confidence behind the wheel. When choosing an instructor, here are some tips:

  1. Are they qualified

    You can learn to drive with a friend, family member, or a relative. But an instructor must be either an ADI or a trainee driving instructor. ADIs/trainers must display a badge inside their vehicles. This badge is green for ADIs, pink for trainees.

  2. Do they have a great reputation?

    Word of mouth has a lot of power. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues about their instructors if they have just learned to drive.

  3. Do you feel comfortable around them?

    Even a highly qualified instructor may not be the right fit. If you don’t feel like you’re connecting after the first few lessons, change instructors. Learn how to drive safely and confidently.

  4. Are they reliable

    Change your instructor if he/she is not available on time, cancels too often, or double books with students.

Don’t forget that learning how to drive can be expensive. A lesson costs about ps25, which means that you will spend more than ps1, 000 learning to drive. You haven’t even paid for your tests or a full license.

The wrong instructor can slow down your progress and lead to more expensive tuition. Make sure you choose the right instructor for you.

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The theory of driving well

All drivers must pass their driving theory test.

Knowing the theory is key to passing your practical exam. Because the examiner will be watching you, he or she will be observing how you apply the theory to driving in real life.

The theory exam consists of two parts.

  1. You will be able to recognize and respond to dangers while driving.
  2. The multiple-choice test covers safety, your automobile, rules, traffic signs, and driving conditions, among other areas.

You will need to learn a lot in order to pass the theory examination. But, with good preparation, it should not take too much.

All questions are taken out of three books:

  • Official Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • The Official DVSA Guide to Driving – The Essential Skills

It is a good idea to purchase these books and take the time to read them. You can also use driving theory practice websites to help you get ready.

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