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How Lessons From Aaron Branch Can Help You Get Started On Social Media Advertising


Over 3.5 billion (46% of the world’s population) people use social media today. On average, each of these people spends 2 hours, 22 minutes every day on social media platforms.

Aaron Branch, the author of The First 365 and CEO of the digital ad agency, Social Agenda, notes that any business that does not have a social media presence will lag behind its competitors.  

The following guide is sourced from Aaron Branch. It is created for business owners who want to leverage social media’s power to acquire new leads and retain existing customers.

Social Media Marketing

73% of marketers admit that social media has positively impacted the growth of their companies.

The major social media sites where your business should maintain a presence are Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here, you should use several approaches to stay visible, which are;

1.Passive engagement –where you read and respond to comments, discussions, and talks around your brand, product, or service. Too many passive engagements can reduce your visibility, so you have to maintain a balance.

2.Active approach – where you create content such as status updates, videos, and other posts to share with your target audience. Too much active engagement will be deemed annoying and aggressive, so again you have to find the right balance.

3.Paid social media ads are – an excellent option for businesses looking to get results from day 1. Paid ads and sponsored posts where you spend money to have a more comprehensive and targeted reach to your potential customers, increasing your prospects and engagements. All major social media platforms have this feature, so businesses must take advantage of the preferred channel.

4.Organic social media advertising Just as important as paid ads, establishing an organic reach to your potential clients is vital for your business’s growth. You can achieve organic reach by consistently posting quality, relevant and valuable content, engaging and answering key industry questions, and following some basic SEO rules. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise, although it’s time-consuming.

Getting Started with Social Media Advertising

Implementing the best social media advertising strategy needs proper planning. To optimize your chances of success, ensure to;

1.Plan Ahead

Establish a social media strategy to give you a clear direction on how you’re going to achieve your goals. Set specific but attainable goals within a timeframe. Define your priority; is it brand awareness, generating traffic or sales, etc. Do not copy, but ensure to learn from your competitors’ social media strategies. Seek inspiration from companies that are winning on social media advertising.

2.Choose Platforms that are Right for Your Business

The set camp where your target audience spends most of their online time. Look at social media platform demographics to reach the right audience. Factors such as active monthly users, gender, age, annual income, among others, help you determine the right advertising channel for your business. Optimize your social media pages by uploading profile pictures, filling in profile details, and adding a Call-to-Action on your page or posts.

Social media advertising is an effective tool for businesses of all sizes to reach a broader audience, boost brand awareness, and increase conversions. Aaron Branch and his team of experts at Social Agendas take pride in helping businesses of all levels interact with their customers and audiences through social media. 

In his free time, through his Start and Scale Program, he provides guidelines and knowledge to inspire social media advertisers to excel at what they do!

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