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Digital Advertising Trends 2021 to 2030: An Industry Update

  • In 2020 digital marketing became the dominant medium as consumers were stuck to their screens as lockdowns loomed over most countries.
  • The last few years print marketing has slowly but surely faded into digital marketing – and the recent pandemic helped accelerate the final moments of the outgoing trend. Digital marketing took center stage and the industry boomed.
  • The global digital advertising market is anticipated to rise from $169.7 billion in 2020 to an astounding $237.5 billion in 2023.

Technology innovation pertaining to marketing is moving fast, and predictions on how consumers will behave and which interests they will have are hard to make. Entrepreneurs will not be able to guess what the trends will be and hope for the best. Below we list the top digital advertising trends of 2021 to 2030 that will help business owners lift their businesses to a whole new level. According to the digital agency ESBO, ( budgets and focus have never been this fragmented as decision-makers seek to capitalize on all the latest trends. 

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fate for businesses and the digital marketing world. In 2019 LinkedIn bought a business by the name of Drawbridge for $300 million. Drawbridge is a startup business that uses artificial intelligence to understand consumers using machine learning. LinkedIn acquired them to understand their target market and audience. AI is one of the biggest commercial opportunities for businesses and nations. Globally it is expected that the GDP of AI will increase 14% from now to 2030. This shows that the early birds too AI will be at a major advantage within the next several years. 

AI analyses consumer behavior and it recognizes and searches patterns to help businesses understand how their customers and consumers find and shop products and services. It also cuts staffing costs and helps companies accelerate growth.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining a lot of traction in the global digital marketing world. AR has been adopted by businesses to enhance user experience with their products or services online. AR advertisements are believed to be more informative to consumers as they have more control and the ability to interact with the content, instead of just viewing it and scrolling past. In 2018, Snapchat gave consumers the option to display items in real life, this made them one of the pioneers in AR ads.


Chatbots is an AI driven technology that uses instant messaging to chat with consumers in real time. Chatbots already power 85% of customer services. Many brands already use chatbots as they respond and communicate with customers in real time. Companies like Lyft, Facebook Messenger and Amazon Echo already are using chatbots. Chatbots are a 24 hour service that companies give to their clients, it offers instant responses to enquiries and never gets rude or impatient. This increases user experience and many consumers prefer chatting to chatbots. Business owners prefer them as they can focus on more important work and have the chatbot do the customer services for you.


63% of consumers are irritated with generic advertising, 80% say that they would rather engage with a business that gives consumers a personalized experience and 90% of consumers say they find more personalized ads appealing. This shows that the one trend to focus on is personalization of ads and digital marketing. Brands that have mastered the art of personalization are Netflix, Amazon and EasyJet. Just consider the way the user-experience change once you watched any of the top 100 movies on Netflix and built up some history. They have proven that ending personalized digital marketing like emails, had a 25% higher click-through than non-personalized emails.

Video Marketing

No surprise here, Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends to date, and probably for the next several years as well. 70% of consumers say that they have shared brand’s videos, 72% of businesses and companies have said that video marketing and content has improved their conversion rate. Businesses should not only think of Youtube, it is really easy to start and post videos on Facebook and Instagram. Brands are also using live broadcasts to increase brand awareness. 52% of users say that they have more confidence in a brand that has and posts video content. Consumers and internet users do not want, and don’t have the time to read long messages and emails. Video content and marketing with transcribed text are very effective on all platforms and devices.

Final Scoop: These are not all the trends!

As social media channels fight back against search for their share of the market, watch out for other trends such as marketplace disruption, for example: Will Facebook Shops be a good counter strategy to Amazon, how will Google Shopping respond? Will another credible channel take over from Linkedin to provide a more legitimate B2B pay per click experience? Watch this space for more updates.

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