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How does Self-Service Customer Portal Empower the Customer and Merchant Relation in SaaS?

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To make the business successful, it is extremely important that the relationship between customers and merchants is nurtured through proper channels and there are no chances of discrepancies. Customer self-service portal in 2022 for SaaS has gotten immense importance over the years as the dynamics of SaaS, businesses, and customer preferences have changed. 

Research shows that 70 per cent of the customers are more driven toward businesses with a customer self-service portal where customers can manage and view their online buying and selling whether of products or services. This renders the explanation that the customer self-service power portal sharpens the relationship between consumers and merchants. Let’s look at the points that reflect light on them in a brief manner.  

Support and Management 

For every customer, it is a sigh of relief that others have multiple layers of support that can provide customer care support and customer management as well. Other than the technical support team, customers want a portal or a dashboard where they have the right to access the operations that pertain to them. 

When customers are given access to their customer self-service portal, they are also equipped with guides and manual handbooks from which they can solve the roadblocks that fall within their capacity without hours to get their tickets solved. 

With this being said, support and management are important to keep the frustration of your client at bay and not take the customer to that level where they might just stop using it. Therefore, a customer self-service portal is necessary for customers to retain and make them satisfied with the products or services. 

Elated Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction depends upon a number of factors. It entails the support, the usefulness of products, management, and all factors that root in them. If we talk about support and management, merchants cannot rely on our source only to solve the issues of their clients. They need a coherent system that can help customers out in more than one way. 

For related customer satisfaction, it is vital that customers are not hanging in the waiting line, rather they have been equipped with all the materials that can help them in solving all the issues. In case of big issues that demand support from the technical end, most customers want the customer support and customer success team to handle it all. 

Thus, it is proven that there is no one way for customer satisfaction to be near the highest rank possible. Even if you are providing a customer support team to your customers, adding a customer self-service portal to your website would make it stand out and grab the attention of customers. 

Increase the Knowledge of Customer

You might think that we should improve the knowledge of the customer. But here is one point: the knowledge base of the product is solely built for customers so that they can understand the functionality of the product easily. When customers are given access to the customer’s dashboard or customer self-service portal, along with the elements that can guide customers such as widgets, manuals, guides, playbooks, and much more, customers get to hold the knowledge of the product and its usage. 

By increasing the knowledge of the customer, interaction and product usage can be fueled. This links directly to a good relationship between customers and merchants. The more knowledge they have, the more they are apt to use the product, which ultimately improves the relationship between customer and merchant benefitting the business. 

From where can I get the Customer Self-Service portal for my SaaS business?

Just want to clear it for once that no matter which industry you have business in, it is extremely important that you have a customer self-service portal for your customers. If you are wondering where you can get a self-service customer portal for your business, then there are multiple platforms but the tried and tested one is SubscriptionFlow. 

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management platform that aims its solutions and features for small to mid-range business that works on a recurring billing model. 

With many of the smartest features and solutions, the customer self-service portal is one of them – serving hundreds of clients. The process to integrate a self-service portal to your website is as easy as a pie of cake. SubscriptionFlow provides customization to the self-service portal as per the preferences of the merchants for better efficiency and functionality based on the features and demands. 

If you are looking for a customized and highly flexible customer self-service portal, then scheduling a demo with SubscriptionFlow is the right choice. 

Schedule a demo with them and take your business to new heights of scalability.

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