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How does a social intranet improve workplace culture

How does a social intranet improve workplace culture

The social intranet has made its place in the top-wanted software in companies to improve their workforce culture. The social intranet helps in building engagement among employees. It helps to crack the big goals like reducing employee turnover rate, yielding good relationships between employees, high rate of productivity, job satisfaction, and much more. 

If you are keen to know how the above goals can be achieved by social intranet, go through the blog post. We have thoroughly explained the essential ways to make your work hassle free.

8 Ways of Social Intranet To Improve Workplace Culture

  1. Form a better connection with employees irrespective of their locations

Through social intranet, employees sitting in any corner of the world will be able to see what is happening in the company. It enhances the workplace culture by allowing employees to have a conversation without any limitation of time zones.

  1. Reward your employees timely

In many of the social intranet benefits, this one helps to motivate and encourage employees to a great extent. It has a leaderboard that reflects the name of the hardworking employees, as hard work never fades away. 

Giving rewards and holding award ceremonies fill the employees with more passion for their work. It always helps peer-to-peer recognition and encourages them to interact, engage and improve their experience in the world of digitalisation.

  1. A source of sharing messages instantly 

It helps to comment, like, and share the news and achievements of the company posted on the HRMS software by the user. It helps to keep you updated on all the happenings taking place in the company. It also helps to collect feedback as a form of comments to know how the employees react to a particular message or announcement.

  1. A medium to get clarity on employees’ roles and responsibilities

Clarity about the company in which one works is very much important. Thus, it helps in creating a positive culture by knowing the shape and set-up of the company. From the CEO to the new interns hired, all of the employees can see each other’s bio, which gives a clear view of what exactly a company looks like. Bio or profile update in the HRMS helps to know each other’s roles and responsibilities in the company.

  1. Provides a unified platform for sharing knowledge

Who doesn’t need knowledge at their fingertips? To become perfect in our field of work, each one of us needs the knowledge to understand the company and its values or norms. Through social intranet, the subject experts share their knowledge in the form of videos, posts, article links, pictures, or polls. Employees can take advantage of such information snippets and don’t have to rely on other sources.

  1. Reduces dependency emails & meetings for every query

You might be fed up with piles of emails in a single day, and your calendar shows excessive meetings lined up in the next few hours. Then, smarter HRMS software is all you need; it has a chat feature that makes conversations easy. You can send messages to all and in private at the same time. So, you don’t need to go and look at your emails. It helps to address group discussion within a few clicks rather than depending on long email trails or joining meetings for every menial query. 

  1. Conduct polls & surveys for more employee engagement 

Every vote counts, and so does every perspective. So that you can make a better workplace culture for the employees. Conducting polls and surveys help to know the mindset of employees and have quick feedback on the activities to know who likes what.

  1. Announcing weekly posts and events to improve employees’ interest in the firm

It is one of the best social intranet benefits, as it allows every employee to update content on a regular basis. It can be through posts, pictures, events, and other forms. Every such weekly post will make employees excited to know what’s going to be the next event and how they can participate in the same. Such activities improve employees’ emotional involvement with the activities happening in the office environment, despite their locations. 


The social intranet will help in employee engagement, to amplify internal communication, and streamline tasks. The benefits of it are beyond the boundaries of a company. These benefits can be fully utilized when you explore all the features of HRMS. Every company at one point requires it to attain its full potential. uKnowva provides features that help you to prioritize your work and build a great environment for the employees. Apart from the features mentioned above, this HRMS software contains much more to explore.

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