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How Do Businesses Leverage Employee Advocacy in Marketing?

How Do Businesses Leverage Employee Advocacy in Marketing?

In the realm of modern marketing, companies are increasingly turning to their own workforce to amplify brand presence. From CEOs to Heads of Marketing, we’ve gathered 11 insightful responses that showcase how employee advocacy can transform marketing efforts. Discover how building brand connections through advocacy to fueling #PlasticFreePioneer success, these leaders exemplify the power of internal voices in elevating brand visibility.

  • Build Brand Connections Through Advocacy
  • Empower Employees as Thought Leaders
  • Naxisweb Innovators Amplify Brand Reach
  • Employee Tweets Showcase Expertise
  • Team Advocacy Drives Organic Reach
  • Authentic Employee Posts Enhance Brand Trust
  • Personal Employee Insights Amplify Brand
  • Coworkers’ Support Spurs Income Growth
  • Testimonials Humanize Brand, Boost Visibility
  • Employee-Led Feature Launch Increases Sign-Ups
  • Company Passion Fuels #PlasticFreePioneer Success


Build Brand Connections Through Advocacy

Employee advocacy in marketing is a keystone of our brand strategy, which helps build real connections and expands company reach through the voices of its insiders. We also encourage employees to act as brand representatives by sharing their knowledge and experience in various informal and formal networks. As a result, we have developed structured advocacy programs, extensive training sessions, and support aimed at equipping our staff with the necessary tools and directives that will enable them to genuinely represent our brand.

We recently had an exemplary employee advocacy initiative where we asked our team members to share how our product had changed their lives; this was followed by a campaign. These resonate strongly with our audience, leading to meaningful discussions on social media platforms. Through this process, we not only increase the coverage of our brands but also foster trust, loyalty, and credibility among our target audience, thus contributing towards growth and ultimate success for the organization.

Parker Warren, CEO, PWA Media


Empower Employees as Thought Leaders

Employee advocacy at Juris Digital isn’t just about getting our team to share content; it’s about empowering them to become thought leaders in their own right. We encourage our employees to share their unique insights and experiences on professional platforms like LinkedIn, and this brings a human touch to our brand that resonates with clients and prospects alike. When employees talk about the successes they’ve been part of, it builds credibility and trust.

A great example is when our lead content strategist shared a detailed post about the innovative approaches we use for local SEO. This post not only showcased our expertise but also highlighted the strategist’s role, making both the employee and the company more relatable and authoritative. 

The engagement on that single post led to increased inquiries from potential clients who felt a personal connection to our methods and philosophy. This kind of direct engagement from employees gives our marketing efforts authenticity and depth that traditional methods often lack.

Casey Meraz, CEO, Juris Digital


Naxisweb Innovators Amplify Brand Reach

Naxisweb views employee advocacy as a fundamental part of its marketing strategy. We believe that our workers are our best brand ambassadors, and their authentic voices substantially increase the visibility and credibility of our brand.

A good example is the “Naxisweb Innovators” campaign we recently undertook. We requested our team members to use their social media channels to discuss their personal experiences in the digital marketing sector. This campaign aimed to show that we know digital matters, and it also aimed at exposing the kind of organization that we are.

Every week, we highlighted employees from diverse departments such as SEO, content creation, and social media management. They recounted their experiences, gave professional advice, and took us behind the scenes in some of our projects. To encourage them, we provided logoed templates along with guidelines for ensuring continuity while allowing each one’s individuality to shine through.

The result was massive. Not only did social media engagement go up significantly, but it also increased website traffic, thereby further reinforcing the trustworthiness of our brand. Compared to corporate posts, employees’ write-ups had higher engagement rates, indicating how powerful personal and genuine content can be.

The above analysis reveals a single case of our senior SEO specialist, Ajay Sharma, having written a LinkedIn article on emerging SEO trends. This article went viral within the industry as it was shared by influencers and provoked discussions in professional groups. Just one piece of content resulted in an influx of new followers for our company page and interest from potential clients who admired our forward-thinking nature.

In summary, using employee advocacy has helped scale up our marketing efforts while boosting morale among team members. These are not only genuine endorsements but also powerful means of enhancing the reputation and visibility of our brand.

Pankaj Kumar, CEO, Naxisweb


Employee Tweets Showcase Expertise

We empower our team to be brand ambassadors on their personal social media platforms. This strategy amplifies our reach authentically, as employees share their genuine experiences and achievements within the company. 

A standout example was when a team member tweeted about a breakthrough in a client project, which quickly gained traction and showcased our capabilities to a wider audience. This not only boosted our visibility but also highlighted our team’s expertise and dedication.

Joe Davies, CEO, FATJOE


Team Advocacy Drives Organic Reach

At Businessmap, we strongly believe in the power of employee advocacy as an essential arm of our marketing strategy. Two key areas of focus are cultivating a positive internal culture and empowering our teams to be brand ambassadors. Our employees are encouraged to share their work experiences, achievements, and brand-related content on their personal social media platforms, directly resulting in a more authentic and broad-spectrum brand representation.

One instance where this strategy significantly boosted our brand visibility was during the launch of a new product feature. Our employee-shared content organically reached audiences we hadn’t tapped into before, which led to increased traffic to our website and a 20% surge in sign-ups. This positive experience reiterated the immense potential of employee advocacy in marketing and motivated us to further invest in this direction.

Pavel Naydenov, Head of Marketing, Businessmap


Authentic Employee Posts Enhance Brand Trust

Our business leverages employee advocacy in marketing by empowering our team members to become brand ambassadors. We encourage employees to share their experiences, insights, and company updates on their personal social media channels. This authentic representation amplifies our brand’s reach and builds trust with a wider audience.

A standout example of this strategy in action was during a recent product launch. We organized a company-wide campaign where employees were provided with personalized content and encouraged to share their unique perspectives on the new product. 

One of our engineers, who had played a pivotal role in the development, posted a detailed LinkedIn article about the innovative features and the collaborative effort behind the product. This post gained significant traction, attracting thousands of views and generating robust discussions in the tech community. 

The genuine enthusiasm and expertise displayed by our employees not only enhanced brand visibility but also reinforced our reputation as a company driven by passionate and knowledgeable professionals. This campaign demonstrated the power of internal voices in creating authentic and impactful marketing.

Shehar Yar, CEO, Software House


Personal Employee Insights Amplify Brand

In our company, we leverage employee advocacy by encouraging our team to share company content on their personal social media accounts. This practice helps amplify our reach far beyond our official channels. 

When employees share their authentic experiences and insights about our services, it comes across as more genuine and trustworthy. This increased visibility not only extends our brand’s reach but also enhances its credibility. The personal touch from employees makes our marketing efforts more relatable and effective.

Leigh McKenzie, Community Advocate, Traffic Think Tank


Coworkers’ Support Spurs Income Growth

A large portion of our agency’s significant income growth can be traced back to the content that my coworkers and I post on our personal LinkedIn pages. We have an employee advocacy program that has helped us acquire new business. The peer-to-peer trust that comes from employee support makes it easier for potential buyers to learn about and appreciate the brand, which can benefit the bottom line in the long term.

A tremendous brand halo is created for our firm as a result of our employees becoming known in the industry for their cleverness as well. It has a significant impact—drastically speeding up the process of acquiring new customers. There is continuous improvement in the quality of our organization, in the acquisition of customers, and in the overall satisfaction of employees working for the company.

Precious Abacan, Marketing Director, Softlist


Testimonials Humanize Brand, Boost Visibility

Employee advocacy plays a pivotal role in our marketing strategy. We amplify our brand’s reach and credibility by empowering our team members to share their experiences and insights. A great example is how we integrated employee testimonials into our social media campaigns. 

By featuring personal stories of growth and collaboration at Corporate Suites, we managed to engage a wider audience and humanize our brand. These genuine voices provided a powerful testament to our company’s culture, significantly boosting our online visibility and client trust.

Hayim Grant, Founder and President, Corporate Suites


Employee-Led Feature Launch Increases Sign-Ups

At Businessmap, we firmly believe in the power of internal voices. We’ve found that employee advocacy is an effective marketing strategy in our toolkit. One notable example was the launch of a new feature in our project management tool. Instead of relying solely on traditional marketing channels, we entrusted our employees to share this feature across their networks. To equip them, we provided informational materials and encouraged sharing authentic experiences about the feature’s benefits.

The result was an organic buzz around the update, which improved our brand visibility and led to a significant increase in user sign-ups. Interestingly, we noticed that leads coming through this process were more likely to convert, as they trusted the real-world testimonials from our employees. This success showed us that employees can be our greatest ambassadors, transforming their passion for our product into compelling advocacy.

Gabriel Lukov, Head of Inbound Growth, Businessmap


Company Passion Fuels #PlasticFreePioneer Success

Our business leverages employee advocacy by empowering our team to share their authentic experiences and passion for our plastic-free mission. By creating an inclusive environment where employees feel valued and heard, we encourage them to become brand ambassadors on social media and in their communities. 

One particular example is our #PlasticFreePioneer campaign. We invited employees to document their personal journeys of reducing plastic use at home and in their daily lives. This campaign not only showcased their commitment but also provided genuine, relatable content for our audience. 

As a result, the campaign saw a 66% increase in social media engagement within three months. Moreover, posts by our employees reached a broader audience, resulting in a 47% rise in brand mentions and a 39% increase in website traffic. This initiative significantly boosted our brand visibility and reinforced our credibility, demonstrating the power of internal voices in amplifying our mission. 

Our success highlights the impactful role of employee advocacy in marketing, proving that when team members are genuinely invested in the company’s values, their advocacy can effectively enhance brand presence and consumer trust.

Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder and CEO, Brown Living


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