How Do Businesses Approach Innovation in Marketing?

How Do Businesses Approach Innovation in Marketing?

How Do Businesses Approach Innovation in Marketing?

In the fast-evolving landscape of marketing, eighteen industry leaders, including CEOs and Founders, share their strategies for driving innovation and engagement. From the power of experimentation to the use of AI tools for personalizing customer experiences, these insights offer a glimpse into successful campaigns that have shaped the way businesses connect with their audiences.

  • Experimentation Drives Marketing Innovation
  • Community Engagement Amplifies Brand
  • Leveraging AR for Enhanced Engagement
  • Voice Search Optimization Boosts Traffic
  • Personalization Through Owner’s Branding
  • Localized SEO Increases Organic Users
  • User-Generated Content Spurs Interactions
  • Immersive Experiences Drive Product Trials
  • AR Recruitment Campaign Attracts Talent
  • AI Fishing Simulator Hooks Customer Interest
  • Agile Marketing Boosts Engagement
  • Multi-Channel Strategy Enhances Lead Generation
  • AR App Raises Environmental Awareness
  • Augmented Reality Enhances Shopping Experience
  • UGC Contest Lights Up Customer Participation
  • Chatbots Improve Customer Interaction
  • Interactive Content and AI Personalization Succeed
  • AI Tools Personalize Customer Experience


Experimentation Drives Marketing Innovation

In my experience, the most innovative marketing approaches are developed through experimentation and a willingness to try new things. As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly testing strategies to determine what resonates most with our clients’ audiences and drives the best results.

For example, when developing social media content for a client in the travel industry, we tested using different types of visuals, from professional photos to user-generated content to stylized graphics. We found that authentic, eye-catching visuals featuring real customers in action performed the best. 

By being open to experimenting in this way, we were able to gain valuable insights and optimize the client’s social strategy. The key is to not be afraid of failure and to learn from whatever the results may be. An innovative mindset is crucial.

Dmitriy Bobriakov, Founder and CEO, SEO Analytics Pro


Community Engagement Amplifies Brand

Innovation at Double Plus Marketing Agency begins with a grassroots philosophy: connecting with the community through events and local partnerships. We believe that the most impactful marketing grows from understanding and becoming a part of the local ecosystem. By aligning our clients with causes and activities that matter to their audience, we not only amplify their message but also endear them to their customers.

Take our campaign for a local coffee shop as an example. We organized a series of weekend coffee tastings that doubled as showcases for local artists and musicians. By doing so, we didn’t just promote the coffee shop; we celebrated the community’s culture. This initiative, which also included a ‘coffee passport’ for patrons to collect stamps for each event attended, led to a surge in engagement both in-person and online, as customers eagerly shared their experiences and became regular attendees.

We’ve also embraced the concept of ‘gamifying’ community engagement. For a local sports equipment store, we created a fitness challenge that spanned several weeks, encouraging participants to visit various local landmarks and check in online for prizes. This not only motivated the community to get active but also drove them to engage with the brand in a fun and meaningful way.

By focusing on these community-centric strategies, we’re not just running marketing campaigns; we’re fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty that transcends the traditional buyer-seller relationship. It’s this innovative blending of marketing with community building that sets us apart and drives success for our clients.

Joshua Bartlett, Owner, Double Plus Marketing


Leveraging AR for Enhanced Engagement

Our business approaches innovation in marketing by constantly staying ahead of trends and leveraging cutting-edge technology to engage our audience effectively. We concentrate on integrating data analytics, social media insights, and creative content strategies to tailor our campaigns to the unique preferences and behaviors of our target market.

One compelling example of this approach was our recent “Inspiration Unplugged” campaign. By employing a mix of augmented reality (AR) experiences, live interactive webinars with renowned speakers, and dynamic social media storytelling, we significantly enhanced audience engagement. The campaign not only saw a 40% increase in social media interactions but also contributed to a 25% growth in event attendance, proving the efficacy of our innovative strategies.

Austin Benton, Marketing Consultant, Gotham Artists


Voice Search Optimization Boosts Traffic

In our business, we love fresh ideas. We always try new things. One such idea was “Voice Search Optimization.” Many people use voice commands for searches. We saw a chance to tap into this growing market.

We focused on optimizing our content for voice search. We included natural language and question-based keywords. We also made sure our business details were up to date.

What happened? Our web traffic increased, and consumer engagement improved. We saw a significant rise in sales. This showed us that Voice Search Optimization was successful.

It helped us reach more people and made it easier for customers to find our service through voice-assisted search. It was a win-win situation. We will continue to use this strategy in the future, too.

Tim Hanson, Chief Creative Officer, PenFriend


Personalization Through Owner’s Branding

My business partners and I aim to innovate our marketing through personalization.

What do I mean? Most businesses market through their brand. For example, a hypothetical software CRM tool called PandaCRM runs social media, email marketing, and ads for their brand name. I like to approach it differently, where the branding comes from the owner’s name and personal brand.

Here’s an example: When I launched my business, TrioSEO, my two business partners and I got super personal. We all built out personal branding campaigns, targeting eyeballs to our new business through social media and email marketing. We each made multiple posts to our personal brand following, totaling 100,000+ people. And we sent personal emails out to our email lists, sharing the news of the new company and offering a special deal.

The results: People connected with our personal startup story and got excited about the brand. Word of mouth picked up, we got our first set of beta clients, and we had hundreds of applications from people wanting to work for us. Our new business quickly became a household name for 100,000+ people on the Internet. Talk about personalization hitting home for a marketing campaign.

Connor Gillivan, Entrepreneur, Owner and CMO, TrioSEO


Localized SEO Increases Organic Users

Marketing innovation requires staying ahead of the game and taking advantage of new trends and tools. Our agency combines thorough data analysis with innovative strategies to create a significant effect. 

Take our recent campaign for a law firm: we focused on localized SEO and crafted content that directly answered the legal questions people were asking online. This smart approach led to a 264% increase in organic users. By constantly adapting and trying new things, we ensure our clients keep up and lead in their fields.

Cody Jensen, CEO and Founder, Searchbloom


User-Generated Content Spurs Engagement

At our company, we foster an environment that encourages creativity, experimentation, and staying abreast of emerging trends as our approach to marketing innovation. Reflecting on my own experiences, I’ve found that consistently seeking out new ideas and technologies is key to setting ourselves apart in the market. 

An example that stands out is when we leveraged user-generated content to drive engagement. As someone who has dealt with similar situations before, I’ve seen the impact of incentivizing customers to share their product experiences through imagery and videos on social media. This not only fosters a sense of community but also leads to a significant increase in brand visibility and customer engagement.

Charles Veprek, Director, It-Amg


Immersive Experiences Drive Product Trials

Successful marketing innovation requires an entrepreneurial mindset, data-driven insights, and calculated risk-taking. Our agency is always experimenting with new strategies, technologies, and partnerships to stay on the cutting edge.

For example, when launching a new product, we developed an interactive digital experience using virtual reality and live streaming. Instead of a traditional ad campaign, we transported people into an immersive world where they could explore the product’s key features. This highly innovative approach led to a 400% increase in product trials and a 25% boost in sales over the first month.

While innovation always comes with uncertainty, the rewards of trying something new and creating a memorable customer experience can be huge. The key is starting with a clear vision, developing a hypothesis-driven strategy, tracking key metrics, and then optimizing based on real-world learnings. With the right mindset, data, and willingness to take calculated risks, innovation in marketing can unlock tremendous value.

Jason Hunt, CMO and Co-founder, Merged Media


AR Recruitment Campaign Attracts Talent

A recruitment campaign that stands out in line with this thinking was the incorporation of augmented reality (AR) into our hiring process. Realizing a need to engage an audience in a fiercely competitive atmosphere, we designed AR experiences where candidates could navigate virtual workspaces for possible future jobs, connect with team members, or see themselves working there.

We managed to blend these two worlds fluidly, capturing attention and making it memorable and immersive, rather than relying on traditional methods of recruiting. The campaign resulted in significant increases in various metrics of engagement, such as click-through rates, time on site, and ultimately, successful hires.

From this venture, what stands out is staying ahead of innovation and being open to trying new technologies or approaches. When we embrace innovation as part of our business strategy, we can continually intrigue our followers while attaining our corporate targets.

Isabella Brown, Campaign Manager, Qualify Candidates


AI Fishing Simulator Hooks Customer Interest

We believe innovation can make our clients’ marketing campaigns more successful. Therefore, we try to keep up with trends. We occasionally test new strategies to help our clients achieve their goals more efficiently. A client who runs a fishing store was dealing with low sales because of competition from larger online retailers. 

They wanted to beat the competition, capture customer attention, and build loyalty. We decided to get creative and recommend an AI-powered, 3D interactive fishing simulator on their site. Visitors on the website could use the simulator to choose a virtual location, weather conditions, and specific fish species. 

As they interacted with the simulator, an AI program analyzed their fishing choices and catches and used it to recommend specific fishing gear and tackle. In three months, there was a 40% increase in traffic, and users spent an average of 20 minutes longer on the site. The browsing time increased by 21%, and the data-driven product recommendations resulted in a 19% higher average purchase value.

Valerie Lavska, CMO, Promodo


Agile Marketing Boosts Engagement

At Businessmap, we thrive on innovation and believe in disrupting business-as-usual marketing strategies with fresh and creative solutions. Agile marketing practices, driven by the Kanban methodology, underpin our approach, allowing us to rapidly adapt and respond to changing market dynamics and customer behaviors.

One vivid example of our innovative approach was an interactive social media campaign we ran, utilizing the power of storytelling. We aimed not just to promote our product, but to engage users and weave a narrative around the transformative power of efficient project management. By introducing narratives as a series of posts, including riddles and puzzles for users to solve, we managed to increase our post engagement by 70% and substantially boost our following.

Another successful campaign involved leveraging SEO and SEM optimally. We created long-form, detailed blog posts addressing common project management issues and their solutions. These blog posts were paired with strategically optimized pay-per-click ads. 

Through this dual approach, we achieved a 40% increase in organic traffic to our site and increased our conversion rates by 30%. These personalized campaigns prove that when creativity meets strategy, marketing innovation doesn’t just lead to increased engagement—it drives long-term success.

Pavel Naydenov, Head of Marketing, Businessmap


Multi-Channel Strategy Enhances Lead Generation

As the founder and president of Raincross, innovation in marketing is something I prioritize deeply. For instance, we implemented a comprehensive multi-channel approach for an industrial manufacturing client that truly exemplified an innovative strategy. By leveraging programmatic advertising, SEO, and a dynamic content strategy, we crafted highly targeted campaigns. This holistic effort led to a 35% increase in lead generation within the first six months.

One such campaign included starting a company blog where we shared industry insights and updates. We ensured the content was both customer-centric and evergreen, addressing common problems and solutions within the industry. This not only improved our client’s Google search ranking but also increased their organic traffic by 45%. By providing consistent and valuable content, we were able to nurture leads more effectively.

We didn’t stop at just content; our use of programmatic ad buying allowed us to precisely target potential clients. This included retargeting website visitors with relevant ads that guided them back through the sales funnel. 

Paired with our SEO efforts, the client saw a noticeable uplift in visitor engagement and brand recognition, while reducing their overall cost-per-lead by 18%. This multi-faceted approach not only showcased our innovative marketing capabilities but also ensured long-term client success.

Kevin Watts, President and Founder, Raincross


AR App Raises Environmental Awareness

Innovation in marketing isn’t just a strategy; it’s a way of life. One standout campaign that exemplifies our approach involved leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to engage our audience in a truly immersive experience. We developed an AR app that allowed users to visualize the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in real-time. 

By simply pointing their phone cameras at various locations, they could see virtual representations of how different areas would look if they were littered with plastic waste. This interactive experience not only raised awareness but also sparked conversations about the importance of reducing plastic consumption. 

The success of this campaign was phenomenal. We saw a 67.89% increase in app downloads within the first month of launch, and engagement rates skyrocketed by 83% compared to previous campaigns. 

Moreover, sales of our plastic-free products surged by 49% as more people became motivated to make sustainable choices. This innovative approach not only elevated our brand but also contributed to our mission of creating a greener, plastic-free world.

Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder and CEO, Brown Living


Augmented Reality Enhances Shopping Experience

Our team leverages a blend of tried-and-true techniques and boundary-pushing strategies to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Here’s how we approach innovation in marketing and an example of a campaign where this strategy led to notable success:

Innovation at our organization means staying ahead of the curve in SEO tactics, as search engines continually update their algorithms. We invest in ongoing training for our team to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest industry standards and techniques. This commitment to education and growth allows us to implement innovative strategies that take advantage of new SEO trends before they become mainstream. Additionally, we experiment with various content formats, from interactive infographics to augmented reality experiences, to engage audiences in novel ways.

For a retail client, we launched an augmented reality (AR) app that customers could use to see how different shades of interior wall paint would look in their homes before purchasing. This campaign leveraged the growing trend of AR shopping experiences and resulted in a dramatic increase in engagement and a higher conversion rate compared to traditional online ads. The campaign’s success underscored the importance of interactive and personalized shopping experiences in driving consumer behavior.

Jason Hennessey, CEO, Hennessey Digital


UGC Contest Lights Up Customer Participation

At Festoon House, our approach to innovation in marketing is all about staying ahead of the curve and continuously exploring new ways to connect with our customers. We understand that the digital landscape is always evolving, so we make it a priority to stay agile and open to new ideas. This mindset drives us to experiment with different strategies and platforms to see what resonates best with our audience.

One campaign that stands out to me is our “Light Up Your Story” social media contest. We encouraged customers to share their individual lighting setups and how they use our products to improve their homes. We used Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook to reach a larger audience, and user-generated content (UGC) to create social proof. To encourage participation, we gave away a grand prize of a free lighting makeover and shared the winner’s story on our website and social media channels.

The results were remarkable! We saw a significant increase in engagement, with a 300% rise in Instagram Reels views and a 25% boost in TikTok followers. The campaign not only generated buzz around our brand but also provided valuable UGC that we could showcase on our website and social media channels, further driving customer trust and loyalty. This innovative approach enabled us to tap into our customers’ creativity and passion for lighting, resulting in increased sales and solidifying our position as an e-commerce lighting leader.

Matt Little, Founder and Managing Director, Festoon House


Chatbots Improve Customer Interaction

At, our approach to innovation in marketing is rooted in the integration of cutting-edge technology and human-centric design. We strive to create marketing strategies that not only capture attention but also sustain engagement by aligning with the evolving preferences of our audience. A prime example of this is our foray into conversational marketing through the use of AI-powered chatbots.

By implementing chatbots on our website and social media platforms, we were able to provide real-time, personalized customer service and product recommendations 24/7. This initiative dramatically reduced response times and improved customer satisfaction.

One specific campaign that showcased the effectiveness of our chatbots was during the launch of a new product line. We programmed the chatbots to initiate conversations based on user activity, such as time spent on certain product pages or previous purchase history.

The chatbots engaged visitors in meaningful dialogue, addressed their queries, and even facilitated purchases directly through the chat interface. This seamless interaction not only enhanced the user experience but also led to a significant increase in engagement and a higher conversion rate. The success of this campaign highlighted our commitment to utilizing innovative technology to foster deeper connections with our customers and drive business growth.

Rohit Vedantwar, Co-Founder and Director,


Interactive Content and AI Personalization Succeed

Innovation is the linchpin of our marketing strategy at DesignRush. Rather than hopping onto every new trend, we keenly observe, evaluate, and select the ones that complement our business goals and resonate with our audience. A case in point is the incorporation of interactive content into our campaign blueprint. By fostering meaningful interactions through quizzes, calculators, and interactive infographics, we’ve been able to not only grow engagement but also gain insightful data about our users. 

Further, we understood the growing significance of personalization, and this led us to implement an AI-led personalization strategy. The campaign was optimized for users with personalized content and recommendations, and this direct approach led to more than a 30% increase in our site’s overall session duration and on-site engagement. 

The strategy also boosted our conversion rate by 25%. This experience helped reinforce one of our core beliefs: innovation, stemmed from a clear understanding of our audience and being solution-driven, can lead to stellar success.

Gianluca Ferruggia, General Manager, DesignRush


AI Tools Personalize Customer Experience

At Nesta Systems, innovation in marketing is about leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics to maximize engagement and drive success. A prime example from my own experience is a campaign for a local retail store in Long Branch, NJ. We utilized AI-driven tools to personalize customer interactions and optimize our marketing strategies based on real-time data. This approach led to a 30% increase in foot traffic and a 25% rise in sales within just three months.

One particularly effective strategy was integrating the Missed-Call Text-Back feature. This system ensured that every missed call from a customer was followed up with an immediate text message. This not only reduced lost leads but also increased customer satisfaction scores by 20% due to the prompt response. Another successful initiative was the implementation of AI-powered chatbots on the client’s website. These chatbots could handle queries 24/7, streamlining customer service and boosting engagement. The result was a 35% increase in website session duration and a 15% rise in conversion rates.

We also focused on enhancing the user experience through website optimization. Prioritizing mobile optimization and fast loading times, we managed to cut the average page load time by 40%, which significantly improved the user experience. In addition, leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) features allowed customers to better visualize products before purchasing, which contributed to a 20% increase in online sales. By continuously monitoring analytics and adapting our strategies accordingly, we ensured that every aspect of the campaign was fine-tuned for maximum impact.

Matt Henderson, Co-Owner, Nesta System LLC


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