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How Custom Rigid Packaging Boosts Your Business Value?

Businesses only survive by offering quality products, raising brand awareness, increasing product visibility, and promoting their brand with unique offerings. Packaging plays a vital role in making or breaking a brand.

Creating the desire in customers through attractive packaging is the key to increased sales. Even if the customers don’t need it, they may add it to their carts without giving it a second thought.

Packaging plays an important role in driving sales and increasing revenue. They can help brands establish a distinct identity, making them attractive, and turning new customers into recurring ones.

According to the statistics and survey:

  • “67% of surveyed participants agreed that the material used to package a product influenced their buying decision.”
  • According to Mordor Intelligence, the e-commerce packaging market value stood at $27.04 billion in 2020. Whereas by 2026, it is expected to reach $61.55 billion.
  • 72 percent of American consumers stated that product packaging played an influential role in their purchase decision

The importance of packaging in today’s consumer world cannot be put behind. With the increased expectations of consumers, not investing in custom packaging boxes may lead to losing customers, a decline in the product’s value, and letting competitors replace you.

Packaging boxes are offered in various materials and sizes. All of them are manufactured and customized according to the nature of the product. One of them is rigid boxes that are widely popular for being robust and thicker compared to other packaging boxes.

Is rigid packaging boxes something new to you? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about custom rigid boxes and how they help boost business. Let’s get started.

What is a Custom Rigid Box?

Custom rigid boxes are also sometimes called setup boxes manufactured from thick paper board. Compared to other packaging boxes, rigid boxes are four times sturdier and thicker. Unlike paper or cardboard boxes, rigid boxes are not flexible and cannot be folded. During unboxing, rigid boxes remain intact and retain their shape.

They serve as a marketing tool to boost product visibility, offer memorable experiences, and help stand out from the competitors. How custom rigid packaging boxes boost your business value and help you, in the long run, will be discussed shortly. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes Enhance Business Value?

Provide Better Safety and Protection to Products

Custom rigid packaging boxes are made of sturdy material to offer extra cushion to your products for better protection and safety. Unlike other packaging boxes, rigid boxes are made of high-quality material offering sturdy construction.

Fragile items such as perfumes, gifts, luxury items, jewelry, electronics, and glass items are protected better than any other packaging materials. During shipping fragile products are vulnerable to breaking, which can be protected by packaging them in rigid boxes. It also protects the items from direct exposure to heat, moisture, and air. The product safely delivered to customers offers an awesome experience to the customers, thus resulting in a positive brand image.

Premium Feel of Products

Custom rigid boxes feature sophistication and elegance. Whether it be an ordinary product or a luxury item, rigid packaging boxes enhance the value of packed products. By leveraging the premium packaging boxes, brands can create a strong image in the eyes of the customers and attract them more to buy.

For instance, custom rigid boxes with unique designs, premium finishes, and add-ons can enhance the appearance and attention to detail. In competitive retail settings where thousands of other products are displayed on shelves, your product can stand out just by investing in rigid packaging boxes with customization.

Differentiate from Competitors with Customization

The nature of different products requires different types of packaging. Varying in size, shape, and structure, you cannot use the same rigid boxes and customize them with the same embellishments, finishes, sizes, and materials.

The size, structure, design, and finishes have to be tailored according to the product’s nature and must synchronize with the brand’s core value and objective. Rigid boxes for chocolate and gift items must be embellished with decoration and embellishments compared to rigid boxes for electronics or cosmetics.

Environmentally Friendly

With the negative impact on the planet from the use of plastic and other harmful materials, people are much more concerned about protecting and saving the environment. A brand can build a positive image in the minds of customers by offering products in sustainable packaging materials that are recyclable, reusable, and safe for the environment.

Thinking of selling your products only for the sake of making money would ruin your image. Just show how concerned you are about the environment and what measures you take to reflect your care.

Product Visibility and Brand Recognition

Customized rigid boxes are not just picking the right box to fit your products and keep them safe from any damage and harm. It is a reflection of your brand, your story, and the value you offer in exchange for money.

The rigid boxes comprise logos, brand messages, colors, patterns, and other brand elements. All of these brand elements reflect your brand and the value people are spending to buy your products.

In the jampacked aisles of retail and convenience stores, customers picking your products are quite weak unless you have spent time and money on branding. Imagine a plain bland box alongside a customized rigid box displaying the same products – who you think will get into the cart of customers.

Obviously, the one that is offered in a customized box. Boost your brand’s visibility, show your presence, and present your product as a masterpiece and unique from the rest.

Changing the Perception of Your Product

The packaging of the product plays a vital role in changing the perception of customers about your product. The more you make it look appealing, the more the customers tend to buy. Rigid boxes particularly give a sense of luxuriousness and craftsmanship, leading to more sales and driving more revenue.

In comparison, if your products are packaged in an inferior and bland box, the customers would never even pick from the shelves to see what’s being offered.

Providing Smooth Unboxing Experience

Nowadays, products go viral instantly after the video of unboxing is shared by the customer. The more pleasant the unboxing experience, the more leads you can attract without doing much. Custom rigid packaging boxes provide a seamless and smooth experience, making customers even more contended and joyous.

Wrapping Up

In today’s competitive environment when e-commerce has been on the rise and brands are struggling to stay ahead, you can portray your brand as different and innovative. Custom rigid boxes are just one way to attract customers, be their top priority, generate sales, boost product and brand visibility, and boost revenue.

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