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How to Utilize Top Design Trends for Rigid Boxes?

Custom Rigid Boxes

A company is nothing without its customers. As the customers serve to be an asset for any company. That’s why it is necessary to make the customers happy as always. But how??? How can you make them happy?

Here I am going to tell you the top-class design trends for rigid boxes that will assist you in making the brand identity stronger with luxury appeal. Custom Rigid Boxes are one of the most fantastic packaging boxes to be used for packing luxury items.

As these boxes come with exceptional quality protection and a classy feel, these boxes can be the dream of anyone who loves to have the luxury in their closet or accessories. So, whatever you are packing, jewellery, perfumes, or heavy machinery, rigid boxes can be the best bet.

Also, these product boxes come with customization features making it easier for the consumers to order a box with their specific dimensions and styling. Printing and styling can be on both sides of the box, with great quality aesthetics.

What Are Rigid Boxes?

Rigid packages are mostly manufactured with thick and sturdy materials. You’ll be surprised to know that wholesale boxes are rigid and are usually preassembled. Although you can even fold these boxes so that they are easy to store and transport.

Custom printed rigid packages serve as an excellent alternative to plastic packaging. These boxes are manufactured with durable materials that make them a 100% recyclable choice. With classy lamination, these boxes serve as a great marketing tool and assist in the company’s branding.

Top Design Trends for Rigid Boxes

Now comes the main point of discussion for all this effort! Design trends of rigid boxes! With time, people want to see something new both in the products as well as the packaging. This creates a challenge for the brand. How will they satisfy their consumers by offering them special treats?

If the design and styling of the rigid box are up to the mark, it can result in an exceptional unboxing experience. You’ll be amazed to know that the unboxing experience directly impacts the product’s usage with regard to the consumer.

If the unboxing experience is great or up to the mark, the client will feel enthusiastic about how the product will serve or end their misery! Styling the rigid box so they look aesthetically pleasing is another trick to grab the consumer’s attention.

According to a recent survey by Dotcom Distribution, about 61% of the consumers love to visit the same brand if they receive the product in exceptional packaging.

So, you don’t have to worry if you are starting everything about the custom rigid box from scratch; I am here for you! Today I will tell you some of the most amazing designs and trends in rigid boxes that will surely take you somewhere up to the heights of success.

Introducing Inserts in Rigid Box

Keeping the product safe and secure is the utmost dream of every brand until it reaches the customer’s doorstep. In case the consumer receives a broken or damaged product, whatever justification you provide or compensation for the loss will never improve your first impression of the consumer’s mind.

And surely, they’ll try their best to avoid you the next time they make a purchase. So, what can you do to add a comfy touch to the box in a stylish way that not only keeps the product safe but also gives the rigid box a classy look?

Try using printed Packaging inserts for the product. With the printing feature, you’ll see yourself distinctive from other competitor brands in the market, and this will indirectly add to your product and brand marketing.

In custom rigid boxes, there are two separate lid and base cases that are easy to work and assemble. You can use contrasting shades to highlight the brand colours on both the lid and the box base.

Stackable Custom Rigid Boxes

Stackable rigid boxes – a choice for the brands that are dealing in delivering the products in parts. In case you have multiple goods to be packed in the same package or anything like that, use stackable custom rigid boxes with a magnetic lid for the closure.

There are no such boxes available in the market that allow the consumers to separate the product parts into two sections and then deliver them to the destination in packaging trays.

So the brands have introduced attachable magnetic lids for rigid boxes that keep the lowest part of the box attached to the package. So, when you are transporting the products, keep in mind that these boxes serve to be the best quality for luxury product packaging.

Magnetic Boxes with Extra Closure

In case you want to add a touch of luxury to the products, use magnetic lids with closure features for your products. This will keep the products in place when the products are shipped from the warehouses to the retail stores or to the customer’s destination.

Also, it Adds to the aesthetic vibe of the product box. When consumers look at such a box, it entices them, and they surely desire the product with a unique and unforgettable unboxing experience. This attraction brings on more potential customers and ultimately leads to increased brand revenue.

Window Rigid Boxes

Windows on the custom rigid boxes make it easier for consumers to have a look at what they are going to get if they purchase the product. See-through or window boxes serve to be one of the best sources for building trust and loyalty in the consumers’ minds for the company.

On the lid, the windows will make it easier for the consumers to see the product, and they’ll be more entrusted to buy from you. You can add a quality touch by embellishing the box with the ribbon on the magnetic lid.

A beautiful window box can stop passers-by in their tracks, elevate the visual appeal of the place and say ‘welcome’ to visitors.

With the window panels, you can show the diverse range of the products you are offering to the customers. This is an effortless way to amuse the consumers about your brand’s values and integrity.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you are looking for rigid boxes, keep in mind you can’t grab the consumers’ attention with those old simple standard packaging boxes. You have to spice up rigid boxes with your creativity and design skills to make them stand out in the market.

This is the only way you can outshine your competitor’s brands and stay for a long time in the market. Custom rigid boxes can take you to the heights of success, but for that, you need the right strategy and know how to seek your plan and be on track to achieve success. 

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