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How Can I Recover my Deleted Emails in Thunderbird?

A time always comes when you want to delete some emails to create space for new ones, or because they are not worth keeping. However, what happens when you delete an important email by mistake while you’re at it and you have emptied your trash?

If you’re in that situation, you can still recover your deleted emails in Thunderbird software if you know what to do. Here are some methods:

Recover deleted Emails from trash on Thunderbird 

If you haven’t emptied your trash, then recovering your email is easy. You simply need to locate your trash folder and click on the recover option and your file will be retrieved.

Repair inbox folder to Restore Deleted Emails on Thunderbird

Sometimes, your email might have been corrupted in your inbox folder, hence its disappearance. When this happens, you can repair the folder and retrieve the email.

First, you need to launch your Mozilla Thunderbird, locate the inbox folder and right-click, then select the option tagged ‘Properties’. From there, click on ‘General information’ and confirm that the folder is named ‘Inbox’.

Then, click on the option tagged ‘Repair Folder’ and click enter to complete the process and find the repaired and restored data in your email.

Use a Backup file to Restore Deleted Emails in Thunderbird 

Because the Thunderbird email doesn’t have a backup feature, you’ll need to carry out a manual backup, which means creating a backup profile on Thunderbird and then recovering the deleted email using the thunderbird profile backup.

You need to replace the profile folder with the backup copy created for your Thunderbird profile previously. Then, launch your Mozilla Thunderbird, and you’ll find that all your emails, messages, calendars, settings, and the like will move into your Thunderbird account.

Use professional software to Recover Deleted Emails in Thunderbird 

Once your emails have been deleted from your local computer, you’ll need professional software to recover deleted emails in Thunderbird.

You will find software designed to help you retrieve all lost files in a few minutes.

With this professional software, you can achieve the following:

  • Preview before Recovery

With this software’s feature, you can preview and determine which software you want to be restored. Only the ones you select will be recovered at the end of the process.

  • Recover data from deleted accounts and folders 

You can recover emails from deleted accounts and folders from the local disc because of the software‘s low-level content-aware algorithm. 

  • Restore emails from compacted folders

When Thunderbird compacts folders to save space, information about deleted messages is cleared from MBOX files. But, you can recover the files using a Low-level content-aware algorithm.

  • Fix corrupted MBOX files

When an MBOX file gets corrupted, you can recover it. During this process, you can either choose to extract the message from the file and save it in EML format or save it as a new MBOX file.

  • Recover permanently deleted emails

This software helps you to recover messages easily in a few steps even if you deleted the emails and also cleared the trash.

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