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Home Improvement Trends In Tampa, Florida

So much has changed in recent years with the housing market. The market was deeply embedded in a seller’s market, seeing astronomically high prices for home sales. This trend was so strong that the federal government had to step in and turn the tide by introducing higher interest rates. This slowed the momentum of many seller markets across the nation. However, Tampa seems to be still a strong seller’s market. The low inventory keeps it this way despite the high inflation and high-interest rates. If you plan to sell soon, you may still be able to sell your house fast in this market. But you may have to put some thought into home improvement to ensure that your home doesn’t sit on the market too long. Here are some home improvement trends to consider for your Tampa home, whether you sell it or stay in it.

Phenomenal Curb Appeal

One way to give homes in Tampa the “it” factor it needs is to start outside by enhancing curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or host events at your home, what potential buyers or guests see when they first arrive will have a lasting effect on them. Make sure the lasting impact is a positive one. 

Keep in mind that it won’t take change outdoors to make a lasting impression. These simple tasks can improve your return on investment (ROI) by as much as 238 percent. 

  • Attend to basic yard care 
  • Spread three cubic yards of bark mulch
  • Tidy the landscaping 

In addition to sprucing up the greenery, it is also a good idea to pressure wash your exterior and paint your front door. Historically, red has been a popular choice to paint the exterior. But in Tampa, you may want to consider a flattering blue, gray, or yellow-colored door. 

Plush Bathrooms

Another home improvement to consider is the bathroom. Improving the bathrooms in your home, especially your primary bathroom, is a very worthy investment with high value. Your bathroom remodeling project could yield between 60 to 70 percent ROI. 

In Tampa, a couple of the hottest bathroom remodeling trends include classic all-white bathrooms or bathrooms with wood elements in them. 

With all-white bathrooms, you can include white floors, sinks, toilets, walls, and tubs. You can even turn up the elegance a notch by incorporating white marble. For bathrooms with wood elements, consider including wood in the vanity and walls. The key to this design is to have just a few wood elements. 

Jaw-Dropping Kitchens

If you want to upgrade another part of the home that will yield high value, consider revamping your kitchen. Like the bathroom, this is another area of the house that potential buyers like to see remodeled. This part of the home can yield upwards of 80 percent ROI. 

In Tampa, you will want to keep up with the trends to ensure this room gets the most bang for your buck. What’s hot now is all-white kitchens with plenty of bright lighting. You may even want to toss in an accent wall with wallpaper on it to mix things up just a bit. 

Additionally, consider adding stainless steel cabinets and plenty of eco-friendly elements, including composters, energy-star appliances, and quartz countertops. 

Functional Home Office

In recent years, the home office has gone from being an afterthought to a full-fledged must-have in the home. The pandemic changed the face of work, and many people work exclusively from home or perform hybrid work in which they work from home part-time and in the office the other part of the time. 

Having a space in your home with a functional home office can be quite an attractive option for potential buyers. Even if you aren’t selling your home, having a home office with plenty of access to natural and artificial lighting, an excellent desk and chair, and adequate storage space is the best way to go with remodeling this area of the home. 

Fun Backyard Additions

Why do most people love Tampa? The sunny outdoors, of course! So, when improving your Tampa home, make your backyard a special place for entertaining. Functional outdoor spaces are high on the list of must-haves for many potential buyers, especially after the pandemic. Even if you’re not selling, having a comfortable outdoor space can be quite therapeutic. Here are a few items you may want to add to your backyard to give it the pizzazz you desire. 

An Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to improve your outdoor experience. Tampa experiences moderate temperatures all year long. So, you can enjoy the great outdoors most of the year with a great outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, pizza oven, television, and comfortable patio furniture. Adding this unique feature to your backyard may significantly enhance your ROI by about 70 percent. 

Pool or Hot Tub

In Tampa, such a feature is almost a standard. But if you’re home doesn’t have a pool or hot tub, you may want to consider getting either or both for your backyard. Maintaining such features can be pretty costly. But if you plan to use them often and if you sell your home, these features may increase the overall value of your home when closing. 

Deck or Patio

Having the perfect place for your guests to congregate is another ideal space to add to your backyard. You can achieve this by building a wood deck which could help you recoup upwards of 65 percent ROI. 

If wood decks aren’t your thing or require too much maintenance, you can spruce up your landscape with a beautiful patio. Adding pavers or decorative concrete to your backyard space can go a long way to provide balance and make great seating areas in your backyard. 

Great Lighting

Lighting is another essential enhancement you’ll want to add to your backyard space. Tampa is a great place to enjoy the outdoors annually. So, to allow your guests to enjoy the great outdoors even when daylight savings time kicks in, improving outdoor lighting is a good idea. 

You can get electric lighting for your backyard with energy-saving light bulbs. However, investing in quality solar lighting could be even more cost-effective. After all, Florida is in the top ten states in the U.S. for solar. So, take advantage of this when incorporating backyard lighting. Not only will it provide a comfortable backdrop for your guests, but it can save you plenty of money. 

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