10 Home Improvements That Add Value

Just because you see the value in your property, it doesn’t mean that the home is worth that amount. However, there are a few home improvements that add value to your house and sell it on the market for slightly more. 

1. Improve the curb appeal

Curb appeal is how your house looks at a glance from the outside. 87% of home buyers rely on professional photos of a property. As a result, you need to ensure your home makes an excellent first impression. That first picture of your property’s exterior could make or break the sale. Fortunately, there are a few affordable ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Mowing your lawn, pruning plants, and giving your front door a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. These jobs are all things you can do yourself, ensuring the costs stay low

2. Deep clean your home

Another DIY job. Giving your home a deep clean can improve its overall charm. Wipe and dust every surface. Mop and hoover all floors. Clean walls and wash curtains. It can be a time-consuming task, so take it one step at a time. To make it more manageable, go from room to room, create a checklist of cleaning tasks, and tick them off.

3. Add a fresh coat of paint

Your home will inevitably have suffered general wear and tear over the years. While updating every room might be out of your budget, a fresh coat of paint will boost each room. While you might like a brightly colored room, it may discourage some buyers. Try to stick to neutral colors that will appeal to most buyers. 

If you can’t stretch the budget to paint every room, focus on the important ones, such as the entranceway, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

4. Declutter

Decluttering your home is crucial. Too much of your possessions and furniture can prevent the buyer from seeing themselves living there. Clutter can make a room seem smaller. Try to sell items you no longer need or place things in storage cabinets while conducting property viewings. The key is to present your house as a blank canvas on which the buyer can imagine the potential.

5. Swap out light fixtures

A brightly lit room can improve your home’s value. Replacing outdated fixtures or broken bulbs can add an extra spark to any room. Ensure you prevent the most common home improvement injuries when dealing with electricity, ladders, or power tools. Hire an affordable landscaping service for light fixtures.

6. Update or repair flooring

Updating your flooring might be a more costly and daunting task especially if you have underpinning issues. However, if you want to add extra value to your home, it’s worth it. You don’t have to invest in high-quality, expensive flooring to keep the costs down. If your carpet looks shabby, replacing it with fresh, new flooring is one of the best home improvements. 

7. Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most influential aspects of home selling. 69% of home buyers consider a good kitchen as a swaying factor. It’s a social and productive space; they’re likely to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Simple upgrades, such as repainting cabinets, replacing the sink, DIY plumbing, and installing low-energy appliances, can add value to your home. You could also consider adding a modern epoxy floor to give your kitchen a commercial, yet stylish look.

8. Consider window treatments

Windows often go under the radar. However, a standout window can change an entire room. Give your window frames a fresh coat of paint and thoroughly clean the glass panes. Consider how you might dress your windows. Is it time to get rid of the shabby blinds? You can find relatively affordable curtains and blinds to start sprucing up your home.

9. Enhance your landscaping

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your yards. There are plenty of DIY landscaping jobs to improve your home value. For example, updating exterior lighting, neatening flower beds, and painting fences will give your yard a fresh look. 

10. Pay attention to the details

There are many small touches you can make to improve the overall value of your home. You might not consider door knobs a significant hindrance to the appearance of your home, but they’re an affordable change that will make a difference. Take the time to think of how you might make minor updates to your property. 

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