HIT N MOVE’s Boxing Gloves Are Revolutionizing the Industry with DR-T Technology

In the world of boxing, a fighter’s gloves are not just a piece of equipment, but a critical factor in their performance and safety. They protect the fighter’s hands and knuckles while punching, reducing the risk of injury. 


Boxing gloves come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, but are a fundamental component of the sport. As such, choosing the right pair is crucial for the fighter’s performance and safety — both for amateur boxers and professional fighters alike. 


In recent years, boxing glove technology has advanced significantly, with companies like HIT N MOVE developing revolutionary gloves — such as their DR-T Tech gloves — which are designed to offer superior protection to the fighter’s hands. “DR-T” stands for DaRT Technology, and along with offering additional protection, these gloves are designed to be ergonomic. 


One of the most significant problems with regular boxing gloves is that the padding can push up or down, causing discomfort for the fighter. In contrast, HIT N MOVE’s DR-T gloves are designed to stay in place, meaning boxers can focus on their performance rather than adjusting their gloves.


“Regular boxing gloves are injected with one bulky foam, or sometimes a cheap rubber latex mostly seen in so-called ‘Mexican gloves.’ Gloves don’t have a nationality — they either come with harmful padding or good padding. For example, using latex as padding is harmful because it transfers all the shock of impact through the arm up to the elbow,” notes Ozhan Akcakaya, a renowned pharmaceutical expert, boxer, and co-founder and owner of HIT N MOVE. 


“What we have created is a new gold standard of padding,” Akcakaya adds, “It is a super-compact 4-layer padding where each layer works to deliver impact on the target while keeping the impact away from the kinetic chain of hand and arm.”


Four layers for better performance

The DR-T Tech boxing gloves by HIT N MOVE are designed with four layers, each with a specific job to help protect the boxer’s hands, just like our skin has three layers to protect the body against pathogens and harmful substances. 


The fourth layer of the gloves — the outermost layer — functions as the first point of contact and is optimally dense for sparring and bag training. Much like the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), this layer protects the body from harmful substances trying to get in. 


The third layer — the thinnest layer of the glove — is made of lightweight sheet foam for uniform cohesive padding, while the second DR-T Tech layer reverses punch impact for optimal protection. Both the third and second layers of HIT N MOVE’s DR-T gloves are similar to the dermis, the second and thickest layer of our skin, to ensure mobility and comfort. 


“The innermost layer of the glove is like the innermost layer of skin, the hypodermis,” Akcakaya explains. “It molds itself around your knuckles, further protecting your hand from possible damage.”


There is no comparison

Boxers are infamous for sustaining so many injuries that many of these injuries are labeled as “Boxer’s [insert body part]”. For example, a common misconception is that boxers break their hands, which results in Boxer’s Fracture; in reality, these types of injuries are normally sustained by amateur street fighters or in isolated incidents. 


One of the most common injuries trained boxers sustain is Boxer’s Knuckle, which involves an injury around the first or second knuckle (between the pointer and middle finger) of the hand, and is often caused by a strong single blow with a worn glove or repetitive blows with cheap gloves over time. 


Most boxing gloves are made from padding, foam, and/or gel. While many people think this is enough to protect the boxer, they don’t realize that there needs to be more protection. Regular boxing gloves aren’t ergonomic-designed and constrict the boxer’s hand, preventing them from landing blows properly and potentially leading to discomfort or even injury for the fighter.


“Every layer of our DR-T Tech gloves has a specific job,” says Akcakaya, “from fit to impact to feel for the fighter. This means the gloves are designed to be as comfortable and effective as possible. On the other hand, normal gloves just have IMF-injected foam. They don’t take impact or have a suspension system, which means they do not protect the fighter’s hands as well as DR-T Tech gloves do.” 



According to Akcakaya, another issue with regular gloves is that they can be loud and make a slapping sound when the fighter is punching. This might give a sense of power to the athlete, but it can actually be harmful to the fighter, as the sound is a result of connecting a nice and fast punch. 


If the padding doesn’t have layers in place to reduce that impact, the fighter’s hands will absorb all of the impact instead. “This can lead to conditions such as Golfer’s Elbow, which is another common injury among boxers,” Akcakaya explains. “With HIT N MOVE’s gloves, the outside layer gives you the same satisfaction of the slap and pop, but the other layers help ensure the impact of the blow doesn’t travel all the way up through your arms.” 


HIT N MOVE’s DR-T Tech gloves are revolutionizing the boxing industry. They are designed to ensure each specific layer’s specific role in helping protect the fighter’s hands and enhance their performance. The gloves are great for knuckles, mold to the hand perfectly, and feel like a second skin. The DR-T Tech gloves by HIT N MOVE represent a significant step forward in boxing glove technology, providing a level of protection and comfort unparalleled in the industry.

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