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A Leading Brand In Boxing & Martial Arts Gear: Interview with Ken Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear

Interview with Ken Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear

As a top brand in boxing and martial arts gear, Hayabusa Fightwear is renowned for its elite-level products, trusted by professional fighters and fitness boxing/kickboxing athletes globally. Additionally, the platform creates innovative and educational content, with an average read time of 8 minutes, surpasses industry standards and resonates with a broad and engaged audience. With about 100K monthly organic traffic, the platform reaches a wide range of interested individuals worldwide. We are excited to hear more about Hayabusa from the CEO in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us more about yourself.

My name is Ken Clement, and I am the CEO of Hayabusa. I have always had a passion for combat sports training across several disciplines. While I enjoy Muay Thai and kickboxing, my core discipline is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, where I currently hold a brown belt. Beyond Jiu-Jitsu, I am committed to maintaining my fitness through rigorous strength and conditioning routines.

What is Hayabusa Fightwear? What unique products and services do you bring to the boxing and martial arts gear industry?

Hayabusa has always been dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to our customers. We specialize in boxing gloves, and we are proud to be considered one of the premier gloves on the market when it comes to comfort, performance, and protection. With a commitment to excellence, we focus on developing standout products that exceed expectations. After experiencing our gear, fighters at every level quickly recognize why our combat equipment and technical apparel stand out. From boxing gloves and shoes to fight shorts, rash guards, and Jiu-Jitsu gis, we meticulously design high-quality products aimed at enhancing performance with meticulous attention to detail. 

Interview with Ken Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear

Could you give us more insight into the company’s history,  highlighting the company’s reputation for producing high-quality, elite-level gear trusted by professional fighters and how Hayabusa ensures that its gear meets the high standards of professional fighters?

Hayabusa has always been committed to excellence, refusing to settle for anything less than the best. From the very beginning, we embarked on a journey to define and refine the perfect boxing gloves. Partnering with esteemed universities, we established rigorous research protocols and utilized cutting-edge equipment to explore the performance of various materials and glove technologies, ensuring unparalleled hand and wrist support for athletes. Through meticulous research, we scrutinized numerous glove designs and rigorously tested competing products, subjecting them to thousands of strike cycles to assess their durability and performance over time. Armed with data-driven insights, we set out to create boxing gloves that surpass expectations. In an industry flooded with subpar products, our unwavering dedication to innovation has set us apart, earning recognition for our exceptional quality and performance.

On the brand’s popularity among fitness boxing and kickboxing athletes around the world, Could you give us some use cases on how Hayabusa’s products are tailored specifically for kickboxing athletes?

Understanding athletes at all levels is crucial to ensuring that our products meet athletes’ needs across the spectrum. Our clientele includes men, women, and children of all ages, ranging from casual practitioners to elite athletes. Whether it’s the fit, comfort, or design, our boxing gloves and equipment cater to the diverse needs of boxers and kickboxers, from fitness enthusiasts to competitive professionals. We strive to provide optimal protection and performance, refining our offerings every day to meet the demands of athletes at every stage of their journey.

Interview with Ken Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear

Exploring the success of Hayabusa in the fightwear industry and its impact on shaping trends and standards, what sets Hayabusa apart from other brands in the boxing and martial arts industry?

The fight industry, particularly boxing gloves, is flooded with subpar designs that pose risks to athletes. This can lead to both short-term discomfort and long-term injury, including issues from repetitive strain. At Hayabusa, we prioritize protection and product development to prevent such problems during training. We focus on understanding and addressing design limitations in order to build superior equipment without compromising on quality, always putting athletes’ needs first. This commitment sets us apart, and we remain dedicated to leading and evolving to set new standards in the boxing and martial arts industry.

With some insight into the global fightwear market size, data and insights on the growth and influence of Hayabusa in the market, what are the success stories from Hayabusa customers on the design and development of the products?

The combat market is vast, with participation steadily increasing as its popularity grows. Over the years, there has been significant momentum in health and fitness, leading more individuals to embrace combat training for its numerous benefits. There is an element of comradery in going to an academy with your peers and coaches at your side. It is something everyone should have the chance to experience. The rewards are endless, even the benefits of training solo, using it as an outlet to help manage stress, anger, etc. Hayabusa takes pride in being a part of athletes’ journey, whether pursuing fitness, expanding their skill set, or enhancing their self-defense abilities. We are honored to contribute to their personal evolution.

How does Hayabusa stay ahead of competitors in terms of innovation, design, and technology? What type of materials does Hayabusa use in creating high-quality gear for fighters?

Hayabusa stays ahead by rejecting the status quo. Our passion for innovation drives us to explore new avenues and elevate our standards throughout every step of the process. Many companies tend to mimic others with a knock-off approach. We prefer blazing new trails and are excited to wow our customers with original ideas and novel products. We also safeguard our exclusive technologies and maintain an extensive intellectual property portfolio worldwide.

Interview with Ken Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear

Highlighting specific products or collections that have been particularly successful for Hayabusa, how does Hayabusa stay ahead of trends in the fitness boxing market?

Hayabusa’s core flagship product collection is our “T3 Boxing gloves” line. Backed by our unwavering confidence, we offer a money-back guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction with these gloves. Given the popularity of this collection, we have fostered partnerships with renowned companies like Marvel and Lucasfilm, which have led to the creation of elite gloves featuring designs inspired by Marvel and Star Wars. These gloves incorporate the same cutting-edge technologies that Hayabusa is renowned for, including superior fit, comfort, performance, and protection.

Would you like to introduce the key figures or ambassadors associated with Hayabusa and their role in promoting the brand. What partnerships or collaborations has Hayabusa engaged in within the martial arts community?

Hayabusa is exceptionally fortunate and proud to have such amazing communities and athletes supporting our company and products. We have athletes at all levels choosing to have Hayabusa in their corner, and it speaks volumes to us that we see such fantastic support across all combat disciplines.

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