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Here’s How You Can Survive Long Haul Flights

Here’s How You Can Survive Long Haul Flights

While spending eight hours in a stuffy airplane might sound like your worst nightmare, long-distance travel can be a dream with some planning and home comforts. Follow our list of 10 survival strategies for lengthy flights to arrive at your destination feeling rested, at ease, and ready to begin your vacation.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Think of an outfit you’ll be happy to wear after ten hours of flying; this should go without saying. Wearing several loose layers is ideal to regulate your temperature as you fly because, as you may recall, sitting still and being blasted by a powerful air conditioning system can get chilly. VoucherCodesUAE offers the best GAP UAE Promo Code and GetYourGuide coupon code for your orders.

Keep your jewelry for the trip and pack it in the hold because it will only cause the airport security alarms to go off. Closed-toed shoes are preferable to flip-flops in an emergency, but avoid wearing anything too snug because your feet do swell when you’re at a high altitude.

Get a Good Seat

To plan and, if at all possible, picking a good seat is one of the most important long-distance flight recommendations. Some airlines may require you to wait until one or two days before departure, but the best recommendation is to log on as soon as check-in is open and choose the exact seat you want.

Have a Good Sleep

Since you’ll be in the air for what would be a full day or night, it makes sense to pack a few necessities for lengthy flights. To reduce neck pain while sleeping, start with a thin blanket and spend money on a quality travel pillow.

With a good sleep mask and some earplugs, you can forget that the other 349 passengers are even on board. You’ll feel a little bit fresher when you land if you also pack some essential toiletries, like a toothbrush and toothpaste that fits in a handbag.

Pack Less In Your Luggage

Even though a few small extras are undoubtedly helpful, keep your belongings small and portable. Nothing is more stressful than trying to stuff a large suitcase into an overhead locker while hauling it around the boarding area with everyone else tutting. If hand baggage restrictions permit, it’s best to bring just one cabin bag and a smaller handbag or shoulder bag so you can store your smaller necessities like a water bottle, earplugs, and an MP3 player conveniently under the seat in front of you.

Carry Your Snacks

On a long flight, you’ll eat, but it might not be when or even what you expect. Time zone changes make it common to eat breakfast at dinnertime and noodles or curry first thing in the “morning.” Stash a few slow-energy release snacks like cereal bars, nuts, or dried fruit in your carry-on luggage to fend off any hunger pangs while you wait for the rattle of the food trolley.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Because aircraft cabins are frequently extremely dry environments, the likelihood of dehydration is high. Drink a lot of water slowly and frequently, and limit your intake of alcohol, tea, and coffee.

You can even store any water that the cabin crew brings around in an empty plastic bottle in your hand luggage so that you always have some on hand in between trolley trips. If you frequently experience dry eyes, bring a small tube of moisturizer and some eye drops. You might also notice that your skin is affected.

All You Have to Do Is Relax

There isn’t a better occasion than a flight to put your worries aside and do nothing. No cell phone service, a crew that attends to your every need, and a different person driving. Use the time to finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, watch a few series, or read through the guidebook to get excited about your destination. Consider those eight, ten, or twelve hours as extra time, and your lengthy flight will instantly change from being a hassle to being a benefit.

Choose the Best Airlines

There is unquestionably a quality gap between poor and good long-haul airlines. Before making a reservation, do some research and read reviews to find out what other customers have to say about the airline of your choice. The best long-haul airlines typically have seats that are wider than 17 inches and offer more than a bag of peanuts for your in-flight meal, but consider what is most important to you.

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