Here Is Why ETH, SOL, RBLK and AI Coins Could Rally This Week

Rollblock (RBLK)

The bull run has only just begun so we are most likely going to see some top altcoins performing better than others. For a week now, top crypto coins like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH) tokens skyrocketed due to the positive influence of Bitcoin’s price. In the midst of this positivity, most AI coins like and Render token are also proving to rally high this week, after the market just increased by 12.4% in capitalization. Meanwhile, Rollblock (RBLK), is proving to be a high gainer this week as the token offers a rewarding feature that could reel in traction from the GameFi market.

Ethereum Token Is Following Bitcoin’s Price Positivity Side by Side

Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin in the market has been on a bullish streak for some time now. As Bitcoin shows steady progress in the past week moving from $62K to $71K in the space of a week, the Ethereum token also followed suit, rising by over 30% to a current price above $3,700. 

Ethereum token has, however, grown in network activity, as the network has seen over 286% upsurge in just 24 hours. Owing to this impressive record, and the possible pending ETH ETF approval, Ethereum holds more than enough potential to rank amongst the top altcoins to buy this year. And this week might signal the start of Ethereum’s bullish momentum. 

Rollblock (RBLK) Has Garnered A Significant User Base On Ethereum Network

Some industry experts already believe that Rollblock (RBLK) can rank among the top crypto investments this year as the iGaming protocol is filled with enough catalysts to revolutionize the $450 billion iGaming industry. What Rollblock brings to the table is enough to disrupt the GameFi market and possibly increase the traction that this sector will see this year.

Notably, Rollblock’s unique appeal lies in its ability to ensure unparalleled fairness and transparency in iGaming. In addition to that, Rollblock’s revenue-sharing model sets a new standard in the GameFi market.  Specifically, Rollblock commits up to 30% of its weekly revenue towards repurchasing RBLK tokens from the open market. As such, 50% of these tokens are burned while the remaining are allocated towards staking rewards. This not only means RBLK will be one of the most deflationary assets in the space, but it will also offer investors some of the most lucrative passive income opportunities. Something that has been attracting large crypto investors. 

While that’s not the only benefit it has to offer, Rollblock iGaming Arena which is also operational, offers users access to over 150 games with plans to include sports stakes later on. All of these enticing features have been able to pull in a large community base of over 32,000 people, showing its potential to rank as one of the most promising altcoins to buy now.

With over 35 million tokens already sold, Rollblock is still just in its second presale stage, rapidly gaining traction. The token has given the early buyer 20% ROI after increasing from $0.01 to $0.012 while accumulating over $360,000. Depending on how well its trajectory goes, Rollblock can raise up to $1 million in presale revenue before May ends, with the price expected to increase up to 720%.

Solana Coin (SOL) and Network Sees Soaring Growth Amid Market Positivity

Although the Solana (SOL) token is not breaking records like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the token is close as it is currently priced near its ATH, in a bullish streak which only began recently. The native SOL token saw over 20% growth in the past week and now investors think that the super active network is on the verge of surpassing its peak in due time.

Solana coin may be well capable of being the highest performing token this week and due to further positive sentiment, the price of SOL might also appreciate more than other top altcoins. Currently, Solana meme coins and the several DApps on its network are reeling in enough engagement, which shows that Solana can further rise in the coming weeks. 

Is Rollblock’s Network Capable Of Seeing As Much Activity as Ethereum and Solana?

Rollblock is an interactive GameFi token with more than enough potential to reel in an amazing amount of traction when it finally lists on tier-1 platforms. While it might not gain as much network activity as Ethereum, the probability to outperform Ethereum and Solana in gains is high due to its low marketcap and potential to disrupt the large GameFi market.

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