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HeatWell Heater Reviews

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So, if you are not satisfied with this compact ceramic heater, you can always seek for a refund with less stress.

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We have also given an in-depth review on the HeatWell Portable Heater and this, is our honest opinion, read more…

While in a hot season, you crave some cool air, while in a cold season, you will do anything to feel warm. Well, the moral of the story is, be ready in all seasons.

Winter has come! and a new product has been getting a lot of buzz online, so we decided to do our homework and get back to you. This product like we have tried to imply above is supposed to keep you warm in a cold season or environment; your guess is right it is a heater. But there is more. This is not just one of the regular heaters that you know with the large sizes and deafening noise.

No, you do not have to have a chimney to use this one. It is the HeatWell Heater. Our guess is that you have heard of it and searched, HeatWell Heater Reviews, and here you are looking at this review.All HeatWell Heater Reviews you will see online will tell you about how good a heater it is, and go on and on, on why you should do get one. There is nothing wrong with that, but we definitely went an extra mile to get you all the information about this device, describing it in detail, down to the power button.

Hence, do not be surprised when we say that this is the best of all HeatWell Heater Reviews on the internet. Yes, you read that. And we know you’ll definitely agree in the end.
So, this is a HeatWell Heater Review; the one you’ve been looking for. Enjoy!

What is the HeatWell Heater? (HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews)

HeatWell Heater Reviews

The HeatWell Heater is a portable, electrically powered heater that heats up a room rapidly. When we say ‘portable’, we mean that it can fit into a travel bag or even held comfortably in the palm. It is new and different from all other conventional heaters, not only because of its size, but because of the mode in which it generates heat, and how it is powered.

Before now, all we knew as heaters were open fires that released a lot of smoke and had some hazards, and electrical heaters that got the job done but were very huge and large.

In other words, the HeatWell Heater has what other conventional heaters do not have, small size, electrically powered and no hazards. Well, that is what they said. We have reviewed this product and this is true, so keep reading.

Does the HeatWell Heater actually Work? (HeatWell Heater Reviews)

In the course of our review, we searched for other reviews online and came across a lot, the good, the bad and the ugly. We were able to get information from other actual buyers and users of the HeatWell Heater. And they all attested to its functionality. It actually works, they said.

We have also done some comparison with other heaters and you can read that here.

How does the HeatWell Heater work? (HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews)

Like we said earlier, the HeatWell Heater works in a way different from other conventional heaters. It works with the PTC (Positive Temperature Ceramic) technology. This ceramic resists the flow of current through it, generating heat. It also comes with an oscillator and a powerful fan that makes sure that the heat leaves the heater evenly in all direction to heat up the space evenly.

Is the HeatWell Portable Heater the Best Space Heater for Winter?

HeatWell Heater Reviews

In the earlier parts of this review, we highlighted features of the HeatWell heater that makes it different from the conventional heaters. These features believe are what make it better than the others. But because we will still believe in letting people have their personal preferences, we list out the differences and let you decide which is better.

To start with the HeatWell heater is small while other heaters are large and take up a lot of space. Next is that it is electrically powered and gives off no wastes like smokes nor eco-unfriendly elements, while some heaters work with dire and give off smoke and harmful elements that are hazardous.

The HeatWell heater has automatic timer which you can also regulate that turns it off after a particular time of use to prevent overheating, while other conventional heaters do not.
With all these said, what is your verdict?
Okay, you are done with the first part of this HeatWell Heater Review. The next section will be about the product proper. We are talking specifications, features, pros (benefits), and cons.

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Specifications of the HeatWell Heater (HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews)
Amount per Unit: One HeatWell Heater
Dimension: 5.6 in. (W) x 3.5 in. (D) x 5.6 in. (H)
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Material: Plastic, ceramic

HeatWell Heater Specifications

Features of the HeatWell Portable Heater
They include:
PTC Technology
Temperature Control
Built-in Timers
Flame Retardant materials
Energy Saving

Okay, we will be describing the HeatWell Heater in detail, so that you will be able to tell if you were sent a wrong device.
It is shaped like a cuboid with smooth curved edges; the front has a tiny display screen with the control panels at both sides. The display screen is in form of LED.
Just below the control panel still in the front of the device is the vent through which the hot air comes out from. It is a metal net covering an opening.

The back of the HeatWell Heater houses the plug. It is a two-pin plug and not a wire or a USB. In all, the HeatWell Heater is designed to be portable.

PTC Technology
This is the mode through which it generates heat. Just like we said earlier it is a new technology that works on resistance to flowing current.
The end result is that no waste products in form of smoke and others are produced, and that a lot of energy is not consumed, and also rapid heating because no time is spent heating up any material, once current starts to flow which happens almost immediately a device is plugged, resistance starts and heat is generated.

This part of the HeatWell Heater makes sure that the heat that is generated leaves through the vents evenly, more like, it spreads it out to get to every vent. Thus, the uniform heating.

Beyond the vents, just after the PTC there are nano-filters inside the HeatWell Heater, these filters make sure that the air coming out of the heater is clear of impurities.

Temperature Control
This feature is really important because it gives you a lot of control over the amount of heat that is generated. You can choose the temperature for your mood and not being subjected to a particular temperature all the time.

So, if you are the type that just wants a little warmth, the HeatWell heater will do it just fine, if you like to feel hot till you have all your body fluids flowing out of your skin, this heater still got you covered.

Built-in Timers
When we first heard about this device, we were worried, because we wondered how a small device will deliver a great deal of heat and not get burnt out. Less we forgot, the HeatWell heater can heat up a 350sq meter room to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in about 10 minutes. That’s hot.

Our fears were taken care of when we heard of the built-in timers that allows the heater work for up to 12 hours at a stretch and turns it off, irrespective of how hot you feel (ouch, but it’s for your own good). With this in place, you can fall asleep with the heater on and not worry about the device getting burnt or burning stuff because it will go off on its own.

Flame Resistant Material
This is for the materials inside surrounding the ceramic or PTC part. Ceramic itself is also heat resistant. So, just in case the timer does not stop the HeatWell heater, its materials will keep it and you safe.

Energy Saving
The PTC technology is simply resisting current, and from records and logic, this does not require much energy to do, but generates a lot of energy. Unlike when the current from the socket is required to heat up a device as is seen in other electric heaters. Due to this, the HeatWell Heater does not consume a lot of electricity, and is an energy saving device.

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Pros and Cons of The HeatWell Heater (HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews)

Now the pros and the cons of this device. Are you yet to crown the best of all HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews?



  • Portable 
  • Economical 
  • Rapid Uniform Heating 
  • Safe 
  • Adjustable Temperature 
  • Energy Saving 
  • Durable
  • Noiseless
  • Nano-Filters
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


  • Not Safe for Children
  • Doesn’t Work for Very Large Rooms (while using a unit)
  • Only Available Online on the manufacturer’s site
  • Limited Stock

Benefits (Pros) of the HeatWell Heater

HeatWell Heater Reviews

The HeatWell Heater can be caried about. Its dimension is small and it is light weight. This means you can move the heater from place to place to place, so you do not have worries when traveling or changing location, you just fit it into a travel bag. It also means you can move the heater from one room to another.

This benefit is a spin-off of the one above. For the fact that you can move the heater, it means that you will not have to purchase a heater for every room in the house. You can as well use one and move it when you want to go to another room.
More so, the HeatWell Heater does not consume electricity so you will be saving a lot of money off electricity bills by replacing heaters that consume a lot of electricity with the HeatWell space heater.

Rapid Uniform Heating
The HeatWell portable heater works in a way that allows it to heat up the room fast and also uniformly. It has its unique PTC technology and oscillator to account for this. Other heaters take a lot of time to heat up because the technology they work with is one that uses current to heat up a particular component that ends up being the source of the heat. The PTC technology works on creating heat from resistance to current flow and this does not take as much time and is indeed rapid.

It heats up a 350 square meters room to up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in about 10 mins and this happens uniformly. So, if you are coming in from a very cold place and can’t afford to wait for long to get warmed up, you will have no worries with the HeatWell portable Heater in your corner.

The uniform heating is also a benefit as all corners of your room, provided it is within the area it can cover will have equal amount of heat and not having some sides hotter than the other. So, there will be no need to change seats or positions in a room with the heater.

This is a problem and cause of worry with a lot of electrical devices, not to talk of a heater. In other words, there are two hazards to contend with: electricity and heat.

The manufacturers of the HeatWell Heater are definitely concerned about your safety and this is evidenced by the features they put in place.

To start with, the HeatWell heater is made up of insulating and fire-resistant material. The ceramic and surrounding components are fire-resistant; therefore, even if there is an incident of over-heating and an eventual fire, the heater will not burn.

Also, the plastic material that covers the heater is insulating, so you need not worry about electrocution.
Finally, as regards safety, the HeatWell heater has an automatic timer that turns it off when it has reached maximum heat, which is after 12 hours of continuous use. That means the chances of having a fire because of over-heating is low. Hence, the HeatWell Heater is totally safe and sound.

Adjustable Temperature
The HeatWell Heater allows you determine the level of heat you want. This is way better than being subjected to one temperature as is the case with some other heaters.

Energy Saving
This is a benefit because there won’t be any spikes in the electricity bill but a reduction if you replace your conventional heaters with it.

The materials which the HeatWell space Heater is made of that is plastic and ceramic do not wear off. More so, its electrical component and technology is new and durable, so it is a one-off purchase with a long-time use. There is a minimum warranty of three years and this is worth more than its price.

One downside most machines or devices that are made to serve us better usually have, is the noise. So, you have a fan meant to blow cool air while you sleep, but it ends up keeping you awake with the noise.
Well, the HeatWell Heater is noiseless in operation. Its mode of operation keeps noise to its barest.

This is another benefit that is really important. These nano-filters have features that enable them get rid of germs and microorganisms. And we need not spell out the importance of this for you, in this era of illnesses, including ones that occur in unsuspecting ways, you need to be sure of the air you breathe.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Yes, this is one of the reasons we personally adore the HeatWell Heater. Its size, shape and color do not distort the aesthetics of your room. It is safe to say that it is totally invisible in the room.
Even if seen, its major color, white can blend in with any color in the room. Also, its LED display gives it a sophisticated expensive look which is what everyone desires. A little bit of finesse will not hurt.

Buy HeatWell Heater directly from the manufacture’s site (Order Now, discount expiring soon)

Cons of the HeatWell Heater (HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews)
Not for Children
The HeatWell Heater may have all the safety features in it, but it is still not a device to be meddled by children. The nature of these little creatures makes them to explore a lot, and they may just do something that will abhor all the efforts made by the manufactures to keep it safe. Also, it contains a lot of tiny parts that are not friends to kids at all.
This is a disadvantage because it means that if you have kids, you may have to be extra careful with the device, which of course can be tiring.

Not for Large Rooms (while using a unit)
Yes, we are sorry to tell that if you have plans of buying one HeatWell Heater to cover up an entire floor of a 700 square meter building, you are going to get disappointed. One unit of the heater can only afford to heat up efficiently 350 square meter space. The other option would be to use multiple units in a large room setting.

Only Available Online
The HeatWell Heater can only be bought online on the website of the manufacturer and thus you may not have the luxury of seeing for yourself or feeling before purchasing, as it is not available in any physical retail stores. It is also not advisable to purchase this space heater from amazon or other shopping sites like eBay as we can only trust that you will get the original via the manufacturer’s site (links included in this review). If you are the type that likes to feel or see before believing, then this will definitely not sit well with you.

Limited Stock
Just like every device that gets a buzz like the Karben Wallet, the HeatWell Heater has been ordered by a lot of people, and there is a possibility of having more demand than the available products.
Therefore, if you decide to purchase the heater, you will have to act on it fast and wait to save, to avoid being a victim of the dreaded ‘out of stock’.

Now we are done with all of that, this HeatWell Heater Review will be listing out the steps on
how to use the device.

HeatWell Heater Setup (HeatWell Space Heater Review)
Step 1: Unpack the heater from its case.
Step 2: Plug in directly to a wall socket.
Step 3. Switch on the power button.
Step 4. Adjust to temperature of choice. Enjoy!

HeatWell Heater Reviews; Setup

Now that you are aware of technically everything you need to know about the HeatWell Heater, the one thing holding you back from deciding is the price. So, we will tell you, because the best of all HeatWell Heater Reviews cannot leave out such an important detail.

HeatWell Heater Pricing
1x HeatWell Heater costs $59.99
2x HeatWell Heaters cost $119.98
3x HeatWell Heaters cost $134.98
4x HeatWell Heaters cost $164.97

Buy HeatWell Heater directly from the manufacture’s site (Order Now, discount expiring soon)

Frequently Asked Questions
This is for people that do not have the time to go through the entire article; this HeatWell Heater Review cares about you too.
How does the HeatWell Heater work?
The HeatWell Heater works through PTC technology that resists current flow to generate heat. This is energy saving and safer than conventional heaters.
Does the HeatWell Heater really work?
Yes, it does. Many users of this product in US and Canada have attested to its functionality.
Where can I buy the HeatWell Heater?
The HeatWell Heater can be bought online on the manufacturer’s website. It is not available in any physical retail store.
How much does the HeatWell Heater cost?
1x HeatWell Portable Heater costs $59.99
2x HeatWell Portable Heaters cost $119.98
3x HeatWell Portable Heaters cost $134.98
4x HeatWell Portable Heaters cost $164.97
Is the HeatWell Heater easy to use?
Yes, it is easy to use. We highlighted the steps in the setup section of this review, and they are as easy as A, B, C.
Is the HeatWell Heater safe?
Yes, it is. The device has a lot of features that makes it safe. From the insulating and fire-resistant material to the auto-timer that goes off before it overheats and burns.
Will it increase my electricity bill?
No, it will not. The HeatWell Heater is an energy saving device that won’t use up a lot of electricity and will not increase the bill.

HeatWell Heater Reviews (Consumers’ Reports)

HeatWell Heater Consumers’ Reports

“The HeatWell Heater is such a relief to have! My home’s entryway floor has the closest heater, and the heat usually takes too long to reach my bedroom. With a HeatWell heater, I can get soothing warmth faster as it is close to me.”  – Thiery L- Portland, OR


“I love that the heater does the work without raising my bill. Shout out to the makers!”
Lauren, San Francisco

“Man, I love this small heater! While central heating is wonderful, it may be rather pricey and is not nearly as adaptable as the HeatWell Heater. To avoid becoming too cold while working on wood projects, I bring the HeatWell Heater into the garage. The HeatWell Heater is excellent for spaces without warmth, such as our attic.”Rupert K. of Sacramento, California.

Final Verdict on the HeatWell Heater
If you are looking at this right now, you are at the end. Shout out to you for making this far. We believe by now that you will agree with us when we say that this is the best of all HeatWell Heater reviews out there.
Now what do we think? We have weighed the pros against the cons, like we always do, and we have come to a conclusion that the HeatWell Heater is really something. It is innovative and has a lot of promise, and the benefits outweigh the risks. So, we believe it is worth a try.
Now, this is the end of this HeatWell Heater Review. Hope this review was helpful?

Buy HeatWell Heater directly from the manufacture’s site (Order Now, discount expiring soon)

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