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Power Pod Charger Reviews (Urgent Update!): DON’T Buy A PowerPod Charger Until you Read this Power Pod Keychain Charger Review:

Do you always have an extra phone charger and cable with you just in case? What about if you’re not close to an electrical outlet? You can buy a bulky battery and keep a cable with you but that can be cumbersome. With the PowerPod Emergency Charger, you can always have a little bit of extra charge with you, in your pocket, on your keychain, or in your purse or backpack, and never let your devices die again.

We have tested the Power Pod Keychain Charger and this is our honest review.

What is PowerPod Charger?

The PowerPod Charger is a compact cell phone and tablet charger that is made to be significantly littler than certain coins. It’s been intended to work with all Apple or Android cell phones or tablets and to be joined to any keychain, knapsack, folder case, or tote. Every PowerPod has a rubber-treated external shell, which may help spare it from harm if it’s unintentionally dropped. It’s guaranteed that when you plug one of these chargers legitimately into a proper gadget, it’ll give the gadget at least two hours of power.

The Power Pod Charger is lightweight and fits directly on your keys! It connects to every one of your gadgets without the need for any untidy cables and you are definitely assured of never having a dead phone battery anymore. It sounds like magic but it is so true.

The PowerPods’ built-in micro-high velocity charger delivers instant power and works with your Android and Apple devices. It needs no cables and therefore, you just have to plug it directly into your device. Also, PowerPod Charger can be recharged, so you can use it over and over again. It’s so light and compact that it easily fits on your key ring or in your pocket. Now you can take the PowerPod with you everywhere and have an instant charge when you need it! You no longer need to worry about browsing your email, sending instant messages, making and getting calls, utilizing all your applications, and even following maps!

This means, you just have to append one to your keyring, your folder case, your tote, and your duffel bag. It’s the ideal gadget to stick onto your children’s backpacks so the children can request a ride after school or practice!

Features of PowerPod Emergency Charger

  • Built-in Micro High-Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours
  • Instant charge when you need it!
  • USB Rechargeable – use it over & over again
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices – simply select which version you need.
  • No cables or messy cords – plugs directly into your device
  • Durable rubberized cover
  • PowerPod provides at least 2hrs of power. Even more on some devices depending on usage.

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Contents of Power Pod Keychain Phone Charger (PowerPod Phone Charger Review)

You will find the following item in your Power Pod package or box (Power Pod Keychain Charger Review):

  • 1x charging pad
  • 1x adapter for older phones
  • 1x micro USB charging cable
  • 1x AC wall adapter
  • 1x Power bank

Pros and Cons of the PowerPod Keychain Charger (Power Pod Keychain Charger Reviews):


These are the Pros and Cons of the Powerpod Phone Charger: 

Pros of the PowerPod Charger;

  • Rechargeable – Use Over & Over
    So small yet so powerful, the secret is Power Pod’s built-in micro high-Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours! Attach one to your key ring, or your briefcase, it’s the perfect size to stick onto backpacks so the kids can call for a ride after school or practice!
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
    The Universal PowerPod Keychain Charger is compatible with all leading mobile devices iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Google, ZTE, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Sony, OnePlus, etc.
  • Affordable
    You would expect the Power Pod price to be over the roof because there’s no match for this product. You don’t need to worry as I have good news for you. The manufacturers are very considerate and are concerned about the well-being of the users during producing and marketing of this product. The Power Pod mobile charger is relatively cheap and will not constitute a financial burden for you.
  • Durable Rubberized Cover– The Power Pod is enclosed in a solid rubberized cover. This cover absorbs impact and prevents damage in case the device falls from a height. This cover also prevents frequent falls as it helps you have a firm grip on your Power Pod.
  • Attaches Firmly Into The Phone When Plugged: This gadget can be attached straightforwardly into the gap you’d regularly plug a charger into, paying little mind to which perfect cell phone or tablet you’re utilizing. Accordingly, you won’t have to stress yourself over conveying any additional cables or cords with you so as to charge that cell phone or tablet.
  • Battery-Powered: All through your charging gadget’s lifetime, you’ll have the option to recharge it the same number of times as you’d like, at whatever point its capacity limit of at least two hours has been spent. To do such, you’ll have to utilize the included USB cable to plug your charging gadget into your picked USB port of any PC or desktop.
  • Two Versions Available: At the point when you get a Power Pod, you’ll have the option to pick between two renditions. One is Rubber made for use with any Android device(s), while the other is made for use with Apple gadgets.  
  • Rubber-Layered Cover: Since this kind of gadget is to be utilized while individuals are in a hurry, it’s just sensible to accept that you may drop it or knock it into things sometimes. In any case, it’ll probably not bring about lasting harm, on the grounds that everyone is secured with a sturdy, defensive layer of elastic or rubber.
  • Minimized Size / Compact: Some charging gadgets are as large as wallets and may gauge a pound or two, yet this present one is really littler than a portion of the bigger coins that are consistently utilized in North America. Everyone likely has about a similar load as a coin, as well. Thus, this kind of charger won’t be hard for anybody to convey or store in a little space (like a glove compartment or minuscule satchel). There’s likewise a little opening incorporated with everyone that will make it possible for you to join it to a key ring or a zipper.

Cons of the PowerPod Keychain Charger (PowerPod Phone Charger Review)

  • Sold only online: The PowerPod Charger is currently sold only online via the manufacturers. We believe this is limit the introduction if fakes into the market. If you decide to own a powerpod charger. We strongly advised you to get it directly from the manufacturer’s website using the links in this review.

Also, there is limited stock due to high demand, we hope you are able to make a purchase by the time you are reading this review rather than wait months for restocking.

  • Could Lead to Phone addiction: the powerpod charger makes it possible for you to have your gadgets powered on at all times. Unfortunately, people who are addicted to their phones may find it difficult to stay off as they will always have a source of power.

Special Benefits of PowerPod Charger (PowerPod Phone Charger Reviews)

  • Advanced Work Efficiency: In case you’re somebody whom your work environment needs to connect with much of the time, even on your days off or vacations, having a Power Pod will get you out. When you have one of these, if your telephone loses its charge while you’re away from home, you’ll basically have the option to plug it into the telephone and begin accepting writings, messages, and calls once more. With the powerpod’s capacity, you’ll additionally have the option to utilize any applications that you’d ordinarily use on your telephone to complete things.
  • Useful for Navigation Tasks: At the point when your telephone goes off as you’re driving along, you’ll lose access to your GPS application, which implies you may no longer realize where you’re going, particularly in case you’re a long way from home. A Power Pod will empower you to recapture access to the application within seconds, so you won’t end up lost in a new territory. It’ll additionally get you out similarly in case you’re strolling, running, or biking as opposed to driving.
  • Perfect In Emergencies: In the event that you do happen to wind up in a crisis circumstance and you notice that your telephone is dead, you’ll have the option to plug your Power Pod into it to boot it up once more. At that point, right away, you’ll have the option to call or text the fitting individual or gathering of individuals for help. Without one of these fast-charging gadgets, you may wind up sitting in a segregated region with an ailment or injury for quite a long time, as you trust that somebody will go along and discover you.
  • Assists Kids With Keeping In Contact: A Power Pod will likewise help your children habitually speak with you by means of a cell phones when you’re not in a similar spot as them. That implies you’ll generally know whether they’re OK or not, and the other way around. The equivalent goes for seniors in your family whom you might need to watch out for because of physical or mental challenges they might be encountering.  

PowerPod Charger Pricing (Power Pod Reviews):

Using the links in this review, you buy the original PowerPod Charger directly from the manufacturer’s site at the following rate:

1 PowerPod Charger at $24.95 (28% off) not $34.99

2 PowerPod Chargers at $47.90 (50% off) not $74.95

3 PowerPod Chargers + free shipping at $65.85 (45% off) not $119.95

4 PowerPod Chargers + free shipping at $79.80 (47% off) not $149.95

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Why People Are Buying PowerPod Chargers, EVEN FOR THEIR KIDS (Power Pod Keychain Charger Review):

  1. It Provides Hours Of Power For Their Electronics

No cords are needed! Power Pod can do everything a charger can do, but with NO CORDS! Once fully charged, it usually provides more than 2 hours of power. So whether your grandkids are at school, waiting for a ride from after-school activities, or sitting in the car, their devices will always have power.

  1. It Works With ALL KINDS Of Devices (Both Android And Apple)

Power Pod is available in two styles – iPhone/iPad compatible, and Android/USB-C compatible. It’s simple to figure out which Power Pod style they need! If you’re unsure, you can ask them if they have Apple devices or something else (most other brands use a USB-C style charger.) No messing around with specific brands or models – just two easy options!

  1. It’s Rechargeable And Reusable

Power Pod can be fully charged with its included micro USB charger. It can also be charged by plugging it into a computer. Power Pod can be recharged and used over and over again. This gift will keep on giving LONG after the holidays have passed!

  1. It’s Small, But Even Forgetful Kids Won’t Lose It

Once powered up, Power Pod can go just about anywhere. Your grandkids can put it in a pocket, wear it on a necklace, put it on a keychain, or attach it to a backpack or coat zipper. It’s that small! It’s so portable that their devices may never run out of power again! Even the most forgetful kid can find a way to keep track of their Power Pod.

  1. It Helps Keep Them Safe

Sure, Power Pod can be used to power their devices so they can listen to music, play games, study, or surf the internet. But has your grandchild ever been stranded without a ride…and their phone was dead? That’s scary. Power Pod can keep your grandkids in communication, even if their phones die. You can help keep them safe by getting them a Power Pod. Heck, Power Pod could end up being their guardian angel on a day like that.

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PowerPod Charger Consumer’s Report: See Why People Are Ditching Their Bulky, Heavy Power Banks for Power Pod:

Lance V. – Phoenix, AZ

I am so happy to always have a charger on me that can charge my Apple devices. It is very convenient to have it on my keychain. Super simple to use. Just plug it into a USB port and get charging. You can charge your iPad and iPhone, too.

Gerardo M. – Minneapolis, MN

I really like this compact charger. It’s so handy to put on your keychain or keep in your backpack. When my iPad or phone starts getting low, I just reach into my pocket, and I’m topped up again FAST.

Esther W. – Detroit, MI

I love this Power Pod charger! Its charging power is the best. It’s portable and the perfect size for my purse or pocket. I will be ordering more to have one for travel and one for work. Very pleased with this product.

FAQs: Power Pod Charger Review:


  1. How does it work?

The Power Pod plugs right into your device and releases power to give your device enough charge for a couple of hours of use.

  1. What does it come with?

The Power Pod comes with a keyring and USB cable. The cable is needed to recharge the Power Pod after use.

  1. How do I charge Power Pod?

Using the included charging cable, plug the large USB end into a wall adapter (usually included with phones, tablets, etc) and plug the small USB into Power Pod’s charging port. The blue light on the side will begin to blink to let you know it has started charging. Allow Power Pod to charge for approximately 90 minutes, or until the light remains solid. If you lose your cable, any Micro-USB cable can be used in its place.

  1. Can you store data, pictures, and music on the Power Pod?

No, the Power Pod is only a portable charger. It cannot store other information or data on it.

  1. How big is the Power Pod ™?

The Power Pod is 2’’ x 0.5’’ x 1.5’’, weighs 0.6 lbs, and fits comfortably on your keyring.

  1. How long will the Power Pod ™ hold the charge?

Usually, a charge will last for around 3 months. If not used during this time, we recommend fully charging again.

  1. What is the shelf life of the battery in the Power Pod?

If the product remains unused and uncharged, the shelf life is over 10 years. If the charging instructions are followed, you should see no loss of battery life beyond 10 years.

  1. How many times will I be able to recharge Power Pod?

Power Pod has over 500 charge cycles.

  1. How many amps is the Power Pod?


  1. How much time does a single charge power my device?

On a single charge, Power Pod will provide over 2 hours of emergency power.

Final Verdict (Power Pod Keychain Charger Review):


This is the mobile device charger that will charge up your cell phone and other gadgets on the spot! So compact, it fits right on your keychain, the Power Pod is the perfect tech device to take everywhere with you to make sure you always have all the extra power you need! Never be stuck with a dead battery ever again!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Lots of people agree, so no surprise they’re Selling Out, but If You Want Your Own, You Better Act Now. So, get to the official website using the right links now for guaranteed delivery! Don’t be suckered into buying a cheap knockoff from external sources with no guarantee.

Thanks for reading our Honest Review!

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