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Growth Hack For WordPress Website: Flash Tab Alert by NotificationX

WordPress Website

One of the greatest struggles online businesses face today is keeping their customers on their web pages. With tons of online distractions, it’s very easy for site visitors to abandon their carts and continue surfing the web. So how can you capture your customers’ attention and make them want to return to your site? If you use a WordPress website, there’s an easy growth hack – Flash tab by NotificationX. One of the most popular WordPress marketing plugins, trusted by over 30,000+ businesses, has recently introduced a game-changing feature to help solve this problem. 

With the new Flashing Browser Tabs alerts by NotificationX, you can quickly grab customers’ attention by displaying an eye-catching browser tab with vibrant colours and pulsating titles to make them return to your web page. 

WordPress Website

Three Ways Flashing Browser Tabs Can Help You Boost Conversions

When it comes to helping businesses supercharge their marketing strategies, NotificationX is one of the most popular solutions that comes packed with powerful features such as creating social proof alerts, adding dynamic countdown timers, and seamless integrations with popular solutions like Zapier, MailChimp, and more. 

WordPress Website

And now, by introducing Flashing Browser Tabs alerts, NotificationX has made it even easier for businesses to capture their potential customers and create a sense of urgency to make a purchase decision. Let’s look at some ways NotificationX can help you increase your conversion rates with the Flashing Browser Tabs alerts.

Create Urgency With Eye-Catching Content And Animation

Consider this scenario: a potential customer has visited your website and added some products to their shopping cart. But just before they can continue with the purchase, they get distracted by another tab that is open on their browser and leave the products in the cart.

This could lead to a high cart abandonment rate, as your site visitor might need to remember to complete the purchase and never return to your page again. If that’s a scenario you want to avoid, flashing browser tabs can be the solution!

By adding exciting animations and mentioning the number of items your potential customer has in their abandoned carts, you have better chances of regaining those sales before they are lost forever. 

WordPress Website

Boost Your Engagement And Reduce Bounce Rates

By bringing back customers to your shop, Flashing Browser Tabs alerts can help you reduce bounce rates as your site visitors will be encouraged to stay on your web page for longer. So, in this way, the Flashing Browser Tabs alerts feature by NotificationX can help businesses to increase their engagement effortlessly.

Act As A Powerful Call-To-Action To Skyrocket Conversions

Finally, by using the right power words to your Flashing Browser Tabs notifications, you can leverage them as powerful call-to-actions that will influence your site visitors to a specific action. 

From encouraging site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, claiming a limited-time-only discount, or visiting any specific page, you can customize the content in your Flashing Browser Tabs alerts with NotificationX to get the desired outcome.

How To Create Custom Flashing Tabs Notifications In WordPress?

If you want to learn how easy it is to create custom flashing tabs alerts in your WordPress website with NotificationX, then dive into the tutorial below. 

Step 1: Install And Activate NotificationX Plugin

To get started, you must install and activate NotificationX plugin on your WordPress website. Head over to your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Plugins’–> ‘Add New’ and then look for ‘NotificationX’. 

WordPress Website

Note: as this is a premium feature, you will also need to install and activate NotificationX PRO on your WordPress website.

Step 2: Add Flashing Tabs Notification Alert

After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to NotificationX and head over to the ‘Settings’ page. From there, you can turn on ‘Flashing Tab’ alerts as shown below. 

WordPress Website

Next, create a new notification alert with NotificationX and set ‘Flashing Tabs’ as your source. Afterwards, you can customize this alert however you like as shown in the next step.

WordPress Website

Step 3: Customize Your Flashing Tabs Notification

Now comes the fun part. With NotificationX, you can customize your Flashing Tabs alerts any you want, and tailor it perfectly to fit your audience. 

For instance, from the ‘Design’ tab, you can choose to customize the appearance of your Flashing Tab alerts. You can add icons, custom messages, configure when and how long the tab should flash or blink, and even choose which audience can see your flashing tab alerts. 

WordPress Website

To get detailed information on how you can customize your flashing tab alerts, you can take a look at our step-by-step documentation here

The end result? When your site visitor moves to a different page, the browser where you web page is open will flash and blink as shown below. Thus, you’ll be able to easily capture your potential customers and win back your sales before they are lost. 

WordPress Website

Recapture Your Potential Customers And Grow Your Conversions With NotificationX Today

As you can see, with NotificationX, it is now easier than ever to recover abandoned carts and convert your site visits into successful purchases by displaying flashing browser tab alerts. Try it out for yourself and see how this marketing strategy can help you grow your WordPress website effortlessly. 

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