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Google E-A-T SEO: How to Create Content Google Wants?

Google E-A-T SEO

Google E-A-T is a very important guideline that marketers should focus on and know about. E-A-T must not be confused with food or something one eats. E-A-T can be elaborated as Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthy. E-A-T is an essential part of the algorithm of Google and it is baked into the Evaluator Quality Guidelines of Google’s search.

If one is a professional in SEO, then one must have heard about E-A-T in a previous couple of years.

What is E-A-T?

Can E-A-T be referred to as any major update or a small tweak? E-A-T is a guideline that is used by Google to determine the value of any content for the readers and the content’s rank. It also requires innovative content marketing ideas to take the content’s rank higher.

E-A-T was first ever mentioned in the year 2014 when the concept of Quality Search Guidelines was added by Google.

Evaluators of Google’s quality search were advised to provide their undivided attention to:

1. The content creator’s expertise.
2. The content creator’s authoritativeness, the website, and the content are all by themselves.
3. The content creator’s trustworthiness, the website, and the content are all by themselves.

Thus, E-A-T is a type of Google characteristic that helps in indicating the quality of a page or website (high or low-quality) to make it helpful to the users.

How to Create Content Google Wants?

Google is providing a tad bit of insight into the deciding factors of high-quality content and how it has such enormous implications on SEO pros and content marketing. The guidelines of E-A-T will help human website reviewers and evaluators know exactly what content is required for Google to rank it as high-quality.

One should create content according to the following guidelines:

● The content needs to be created or made by a professional or an expert.
● The content should help the users.
● The content should be posted or uploaded on a legal and authoritative website.
● The content should be trustworthy and it must contain genuine information.
● The content should be updated on a regular basis.

Websites or content that spreads hate misinforms, deceives users or causes any kind of harm will receive a low E-A-T search rating that essentially comes from the search evaluators.

Here is a checklist that will help a website to be more trustworthy and authoritative:

● Tell the users about yourself by creating an “About Us” section.
● Work with professionals and experts for creating content.
● Use headings and titles to make your content’s purpose to be straightforward and extremely clear.
● You must update the content regularly on your website.
● Provide links to sources of high quality.
● Consider several different viewpoints.
● Protect the website’s online reputation by providing love, and great and valid information.


E-A-T is absolutely not a ranking factor in Google but, E-A-T can highly impact the content’s rank. Is it a bit confusing?

Well, E-A-T is essentially Google’s guideline that determines what type of content should be referred to as high-quality along with which content should receive a higher rank. It also determines several different aspects of Google’s algorithm. For receiving a good ranking you need to do content marketing as well. Thus, it does not decide directly on the ranks but it can have an indirect good impact on the overall rankings of Google search.

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