GMCoin sponsors B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club

GMCoin is one of the biggest companies to support in sailing with the B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club. The Club is also hosting the venue for the “2022 Optimist World Championships becoming synonymous with daring endeavors and a quest for excellence.

Sponsoring sailing competitions is traditionally considered to be the most effective means of communication in which the company is established, and successful. This is partly based on the game, such as ‘special’ and ‘elitist,’ with labels linked to golf and cricket. But the game and its ideas change. The proliferation of TV and the growth of the internet has brought the game to global viewers.

Golf and cricket have both evolved to fit today’s and very different crowds, and little by little, sailing achieves the same results.

When you talk about sailing, no matter how close or far you are, there is always something adventure involved in sailing. Some days you will never know where the wind and waves will take you – exploring new islands or discovering a piece of previously unknown paradise, meeting friends in the water, dropping a line in the back, and seeing what you can catch. You never know what might happen if you get out of yachting!

Every sport has a footing in technology, trying to find that extra half percent edge over your opponents. Sailing takes this to the extreme! In the last ten years, we have experienced the phenomenon of foiling. Instead of boats dragging heavyweights around in the water, they can now be lighter and “fly” above the water with only a small surface area in the water holding them level. Many of these advances trickle down into the average sailors’ arsenal, with many readily available foiling capable boats available. On top of this is all the GPS, routing, and other gadgets now available for sailors. We’ve come a long way from just using a compass and a sextant! Making the technology enthusiasts connect with this sport so well that companies like GMC sponsor B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club.

Apart from this, the B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club, which is member of Turkish  Sailing Federation, and the program of activities to be carried out in 3 groups of TSF Development Optimist athletes to the camp. Yiğit Özbaşıoğlu,  Oguz Onal, Elif Lena Kısab , Tayfun Turk, Ayla Poyraz, and Ata  Turkoglu were invited  Turkish National Team. The Turkey Sailing Federation program of activities located in the Laser 4.7 our athletes to development camps Ata Berk Erbektaş , Laser Radial development of their athletes have been invited to camp Kemal Ege Özgün moreover  . And, also Efe Ağan has invited to development camp in Laser standart.  With the participation of Bodrum Mayor Mr. Ahmet ARAS and Bodrumspor Rowing Branch Officer Yaman Olgaç, their rowing branch was put into operation.

About GMC

The GMCoin Blockchain project adds to cryptocurrencies with a few advanced features and GM Informatics JSC products. The makers hope for the immediate success of this new token system among global investors.

GMC is the latest introduction to the world of blockchain technology to implement a variety of exciting programs. GMC (IT / ICT Managed Services Giant GM Informatics JSC) now sponsors BB Bodrumspor Sailing Club.

GMC is the first tokenized company model developed on the TRON network. Near future, the company will offer attractive discounts to first-time buyers. Supporting famous clubs such as BB Bodrumspor Sailing Club will bring success to the organization and prove great. The developers also promise a business segment with multiple layers, stability, and profit-focused blockchain ecosystem benefits.

Also, GMC Partnered With International Marketing Agency CAPHIQ to introduce its tokenized ecosystem. “We are all set to make the global audience aware of the unique tokenized ecosystem of GMC,” says Mehmet Ali Demirci – Founder of GMC.

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