Global Positioning System – A Brief Explanation of the Technology


A mobile phone, cell phone or simply hand phone, sometimes shortened into just mobile, hand phone and sometimes called by other names, is basically a portable phone that will make and receive phone calls via a radio signal, while the user is traveling within a selected phone service area. These devices are often known as mobiles (in the UK) or smart phones (in the USA). They come in varying prices to suit all needs and budgets, and are available in many different colors as well. As with any other phone, they have many different options, which include: speaker phone (for your vehicle’s audio system); speaker phone  headset; auto call; call forwarding; call waiting; call return; internet access; GPS receiver; MP3 player; video recorder and more. you to connect directly to a computer or other output using the Control Channel, which is helpful for hooking up things like a camera or recorder.

The next type is the Sim Card. A SIM card allows you to insert your own SIM cards (known as “pay as you go” or “gps ready” sim cards), and then use your Mobile Phone to make local, nationwide,

Let’s look at some of these options more closely. First, there is the Base Station. A Base Station is usually a straight-line phone connection that is designed for use inside the building it is installed in, with the option of extension wiring that allows for use outside the building. Some Base Stations allowand international calls, just like a regular mobile phone would. You will need to purchase an additional adapter for the SIM card in order to use it outside of the area where the Mobile Phone is purchased and used. An example of this type of Sim Card would be for someone who lives abroad.

Mobile phone systems

Next, there are “GSM” or Global System for Mobile Communication, which are the networks that use CDMA and GSM technology to provide phone communications. Most countries use CDMA, while others use GSM. Each of these has advantages, but both of them have disadvantages, as well. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary for people to buy an additional modem for their Mobile Phone to make international or other long distance calls, and this can be done through retailers of cell phones, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Most people still prefer to use their own home lines to make local, long distance, or international calls, and there are a number of reasons for this, as well. One, the cost of buying a new Mobile Phone, and two, the fact that personal usage does not have any taxes added to it when purchased from a cellular retailer. These are two good reasons to stick with what you know and what you like, and there is a third reason that you may not have thought about.

The third reason is that most people don’t know about it, and that is called MTSO (Mobile Telephone Service). MTSO stands for Mobile Telephone Service, and is a type of communication that uses a Global Standard of Mobile Communication, GSM. An example of this would be a voice over IP, or IP phone that has the capability to call a Mobile Phone in another country. So, this is how Global Positioning System works.

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