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Global Pharma and Tokenization : Building A New Realm With OncoGenerix


OncoGenerix, a novel and generics pharma producer that specializes in injectable and lyophilized oncology drugs, recently had a significant take secured by Alpha Capital, LLC. The transaction coincides with the completion of OncoGenerix’s state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals factory in Mudanjiang Providence, China. The OncoGenerix offering gives birth to a first-of-its-kind digital investment opportunity: tokenized ownership of a pharmaceutical facility. Alpha Capital’s project anticipates to benefit from a combination of OncoGenerix plant’s strategic location, favorable valuations of pharma manufacturers, and continued global pharma market growth.  We sat down for a quick chat with Alpha Capital LLC’s co-founder and CEO Colin Breeze.

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Colin, what makes OncoGenerix a worthwhile opportunity for private investors?

OncoGenerix is a timely investment opportunity as it leverages completion of construction of a best-in-class oncology pharma manufacturing facility. The new facility is also able to take on additional work manufacturing vaccines as needed to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do the ONGX Tokens play into these points?

Through ONGX Tokens investors globally can participate in an investment typically only available to industry insiders and large investment firms. The ONGX Tokens flips this script by bringing pharma production investments to a much larger audience and democratizing the pharma investment opportunity.

Why has it been hard in the past for independent investors to enter the pharmaceutical industry?

Building pharma production capacity takes substantial investments of financial capital and time, and individual investors typically were only able to access this vertical via publicly traded securities. The ONGX Token makes it possible for individual investors to step before a public listing, while reducing the investment ticket size by orders of magnitude. 

How does the location of OncoGenerix’s production facility in China benefit the brand?

OncoGenerix’s Chinese production facility allows it to produce for EU, US and Asian markets at lower cost of production while maintaining all good manufacturing compliance requirements. 


Who are some of your other partners?

OncoGenerix works with leading EU, Chinese, Japanese and US customers to bring additional products and to guide distribution, allowing the firm to focus on delivering the highest quality, most complex drug formulations safely and quickly.

How will OncoGenerix expand in the coming years?

OncoGenerix is actively looking at how to expand manufacturing capacity in China, by adding production lines as they bring additional products online, how to bring OncoGenerix’s production platform to the United States, and how to develop capacity to vaccine production in an effort to help alleviate shortages and to deliver needed Covid-19 vaccines as they become available.

Thanks, Colin!  Keep us posted and share news updates on OncoGenerix

My pleasure! We will be making some breaking news announcements in the coming weeks – will be in touch.     

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