Glacier Air Cooler Review – Is It Worth Buying?

The summer becomes unbearable every year, and as a result, more people are dying from heat stroke. Well, people who are wealthy enough are buying air conditioners to keep their rooms cool. But what about those who can’t afford an AC for each room?

Hello, if you’re struggling to remain cool in this extreme heat, portable air conditioners might be a cost-effective solution for you since they’re offering a fantastic way of cooling the hot air during the summer.

But when there is a superfluity of options out there, choosing the best mini air conditioner for your budget can be a confusing task. So to help you out, we have narrowed down the list to one that would be an excellent fit (Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner).

Along with this, here we will walk you through the Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner Review so that at the end of the discussion you can discover whether the Glacier Cooler is worth buying or not!

But before we dive into the review, let’s first discover what the Glacier Cooler is and how it works!

What is the Glacier Cooler, And How Does the Glacier Cooler Work?

The Glacier Cooler is a cost-effective and futuristic way to chill your home or office during the hot summer. Contrasting to traditional air conditioners that use chemical refrigerants to cool the air, the Glacier Cooler uses only water to cool the air. As a result, it is significantly more environmentally friendly and economical to operate.

How does the Glacier Cooler work? The Glacier Cooler chills the air by evaporating the water. The device is equipped with a fan, a water tank, and an evaporative cooling pad. Well, when the fan is switched on, it pulls hot, dry air in from the outside and blows it over the damp cooling pads.

Moreover, when the air travels through the pads, some water evaporates and absorbs heat from the atmosphere. As a consequence, the space gets blown with this cooled, moist air, which has a pleasant and cooling effect.

This is how it functions!

General Specifications:

  • Power Supply Mode: USB
  • Rated power: 6W
  • Rated Voltage: 5V
  • Noise: 36dB or less
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: approx. 3.66 x 5.59 x 7.52 inch
  • Package Includes: 1 Piece Mini Air Cooler Fan, 1 Piece USB Cable, and 1 Piece User Manual.

But Why Should I Buy Glacier Cooler, What Are the Benefits?

The Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner has some distinctive features that can help you remain cool on a hot summer day. Here is a glimpse of it-

1. The Glacier Cooler is Easy to Set Up And Operate

The Glacier Cooler air conditioner is incredibly easy to install and operate. You won’t need the help of a professional to understand how to use this air conditioner.

Its user manual is easy to understand and follow, you will get every detail regarding the installation. Furthermore, no specific tools or equipment are required to operate this portable air conditioner. 

The ease of operation of this little air conditioner makes it excellent for home and commercial use.

2. Highly Portable, Unique Compact Design

The Glacier Cooler has a small footprint (3.66 x 5.59 x 7.52 inches). Aside from mobility, it may enhance the appearance of your house or business.

You can simply take this on business or family travels, and it can be packed in a tiny space. Well, It is lightweight so that you can easily transport it anywhere in your car or on your bike to your workplace, gym, or wherever you like.

3. Three Speed Airflow

Regular air conditioners, as we’ve seen, include a remote control for adjusting the airflow rate. Likewise, the Glacier Cooler Portable AC has a three-level fan speed controller that lets you alter airflow speeds easily. You may like to select high, medium, or low airflow rates based on the humidity level in your place.

Furthermore, it has air moisturizing technology which is good for the skin and lungs as well.

4. Energy Efficient 

The Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner does not need a lot of energy to keep your place cool like an ordinary air conditioner. Only 6 watts of power are required to run this portable AC. It comes with a decent 5V 1A battery that can last up to 5 hours of water spray in moderate usage and 3 hours of continuous usage after a full charge.

Well, you will get a USB charger to charge the device quickly.

5. Safe for the Environment

Traditional air conditioners pollute the environment by emitting chemicals and pollutants that harm indoor air quality; however, the Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner is ecologically beneficial.

It operates in an innovative method that does not require any refrigerants that emit harmful chemicals, parabens, and other pollutants that might harm the environment. 

Because it uses water to chill the air so that it does not emit those chemicals. However, it moisturizes the air, allowing you to breathe clean air while remaining healthy.

6. Easy to Clean

This portable Glacier Cooler is very to clean and requires no cost if we compare it with the traditional air conditioners which is a costly process because it needs professional mechanics who know how to clean the indoor and outdoor unit.

That means you can easily clean your Glacier Cooler at your home. But make sure you have read the user manual before you clean.

So, How Much Does the Glacier Cooler Cost?

Right now, you can purchase the Glacier Cooler at €79,99 from their official website. However, the cool thing is, if you buy more than one unit you will get the Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner at a discounted price. 

Well, the cost will thereafter be 143,98 € for two units, 279,97 € for Five units.

But to get the genuine product, make sure you are buying it from Glacier’s official website where you may get your cooler at a discount as well.

The Vital Pros and Cons of the Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner


  • Instant cooling.
  • 3-stage Airflow Speed Controller.
  • Highly portable; Very easy to use.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Eco-friendly


  • The 200ml water tank may seem small to some people.
  • Will not be efficient for cooling a large room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Air Cooler Better Than Air Conditioner?

It will be hard to tell because both Air conditioner and Air Cooler have their own advantages and disadvantages. But in most cases, a high-quality Air Cooler will be the better option for those who need minimum cooling at a budget price.

  • How Long Does a Cooler Air Conditioner Last?

Well, it actually depends on the quality of your air cooler. If it is well built and you use it according to the standard rules, then an Air Cooler Conditioner will last at least 5 years without major internal problems.

  • Does the Glacier Portable Ac Really Work?

Yes, the Glacier Portable Air Cooler really works and it can chill your room’s air within a very short time. So those who are looking for a legit air cooler can go with the Glacier Air Cooler without any hesitation.

Final Thoughts on this Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner Review

The Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner is a highly cost-effective cooling device. It might be a great option for anyone who wants to stay cool during this hot summer without affecting their budget.

Well, in this Glacier Cooler Air Conditioner Review– we tried to explain its benefits and drawbacks and we believe that this information will assist you in making an informed purchase decision on your own.

To conclude, we can say that the Glacier Cooler is an excellent alternative in the budget tiny air cooler market because of its low power consumption, quick chilling, and high mobility. 

And yes, to get the best deal on your favorite Glacier Cooler, check their official website and stay updated with the latest price.

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