Cryogen Air Cooler Reviews 2022 – Is it the Best Portable AC?

As the climate is changing, summer becomes worse. To stay cool during this hot weather, wealthy people are buying Air Conditioners that include ordering, shipping, and installation which may seem expensive for some people! 

But how good would it be if you don’t need to buy a full-size AC this summer?

Well, a portable air cooler can help you stay cool without spending a huge amount with its innovative water-evaporating technology. However, when a plethora of alternatives is available out there, selecting the best mini AC for your money might be difficult.

So, in order to aid you, we’ve reduced the alternatives down to one that would be a wonderful match (Cryogen Air Cooler). Furthermore, we will go over the Cryogen Air Cooler Review so you can decide whether or not the Cryogen Air Cooler is worth purchasing.

Before we get started, let’s learn a little tad about the Cryogen Air Cooler and how it works!

What is the Cryogen Air Cooler & How Does the Cryogen Air Cooler Work?

The Cryogen Air Cooler is a portable water cooler that can keep you cool during the summertime. It can be a budget and contemporary way to keep your home or company cool. Unlike typical air conditioners, which use chemical refrigerants to cool the air, the Cryogen Air Cooler uses only water to chill the air. 

The Cryogen Air Cooler comes with a fan and a water refill tank with a special evaporative cooling pad. When the fan is switched on, it sucks the dry and warm air from outside and fans over through the wet cooling pads.

When hot air passes over wet cooling pads, part of the water evaporates & absorbs the heat from the nearby area. As a result, cold, wet air is blown into the room, providing an amazing cooling experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum power: 4W
  • Color: pink, blue
  • Material: ABS, PP
  • Dimensions: 190x152x160mm
  • Weight: Less than 1 kg (approx. 700 gm).
  • Product type: USB Fans & Conditioners

The Key Features & Benefits of Cryogen Air Cooler

Here are some noteworthy features and benefits that may let you feel cool this Summer.

  • Works As a Fan And As an AC

Unlike the regular AC units, which only work as an AC, you can use the Cryogen Air Cooler both as a fan and as an AC. Its water evaporative system makes the thing happen. When you use the cooler without water it will work as a regular fan and when you put water/cold water on its tank it will start working as an AC. 

  • Durable And Easy to Operate; Highly Portable:

The Cryogen Air Cooler is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it sturdy enough to endure a long time.

In terms of convenience of use, this cooler is quite simple to operate for anyone and does not require much technical assistance or any expert tools or equipment. On the top of the gadget, there is an easy-to-use LED control panel that allows you to modify the fan speed as well as the device’s coolness.

Aside from its small size, the cooler is extremely portable. This gadget may be carried anyplace in your personal car or other vehicles when traveling on adventure vacations or family picnics.

  • Instant Cooling with 3 Different Airflow Speed

When you get fatigued and lethargic after traveling from the office to your house, you will have fresh and chilly air within minutes of turning on the Cryogen Air Cooler. With its strong water filter, it can quickly remove hot air even in less than a minute. 

Besides this, it has a 3-speed fan adjustment system that lets you change the temperature as per your needs. Along with this, it has a dedicated night mode which can ensure a tranquil sleep at night.

  • Works As an Air Purifier and Moisturizer

The Cryogen air cooler not just cools and refreshes the air you breathe, but it also features an air filter that purifies it. It subtracts insects, dust, and other potentially harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems, as well as keeping your skin, lips, & hairs from being too dry.

  • Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly Airflow

The Cryogen Cooler is a high-performance air cooler with low power consumption (less than 9 watts). It also contains a 5V battery that can give up to 6 hours of continuous cooling, which can help you save money on your monthly electricity bills.

Unlike the Normal air conditioners which include poisonous chemicals that are harmful to your health and the environment, the Cryogen Cooler is built of high-quality, safe materials and excludes Freon as well as any other potentially harmful compounds that might cause headaches, migraines, or other health issues.

  • Noise Free Operation

Even at maximum wind speed, the Cryogen Air Cooler seems to be almost quiet, emitting under 36 decibels of noise. As a consequence, it’s a great cooling device for whenever you need to focus on your study or work.

Now, let’s recapture its (Cryogen Air Cooler) features and benefits-

Key Advantages & Disadvantages of the Cryogen Air Cooler

Cryogen Air Cooler Pros

  • Highly portable and easy to use.
  • It can be placed in practically any place.
  • Three adjustable fan speeds to select from.
  • It has a classic appearance and a vivid color.
  • Environmentally safe airflow.

Cryogen Air Cooler Cons 

  • Midcore water tank size, only 375ml capacity, could be larger.
  • Only suitable for personal use; it cannot cool a big number of people.

So, What is the Cost of Cryogen Air Cooler & Where to Buy?

Here is the pricing of Cryogen Air Cooler and when you will buy more than one unit you will get an extra discount-

  • 1 x Cryogen Air Cooler at $89.99
  • 2 x Cryogen Air Coolers at $161.98
  • 3 x Cryogen Air Coolers at $215.98
  • 5 x Cryogen Air Coolers at 314.97

However, the only method to obtain a Cryogen Air Cooler is to visit the manufacturer’s official website and order the goods, which will arrive within 10 days. So, to avoid scams, always purchase the 

But, How to Set Up and Operate the Cryogen Air Cooler?

The Cryogen Air Cooler is extremely simple to set up and use. Its compact design needs a very small space and you can place it anywhere. While setting up, you just have to check the user’s guide and follow all of the directions provided by the manufacturer.

After placing it, fill up the tank with cold water, switch on the electricity, and start enjoying the breeze. It is very simple to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Portable Air Cooler Worth it?

The effectiveness of portable air conditioners actually depends on users’ needs. Portable coolers are ideal for temporary cooling. It can be a terrific cooling solution if you want an air cooler that you can carry from room to room. It’s also the most energy-efficient air conditioner option that is not harmful to the environment.

  • Do Portable Evaporative Coolers Need a Window Open?

To get as much out of your evaporative cooler, keep your windows slightly open because this allows hot air to exit while cooler air replaces it. Basically,   mini air conditioners recycle air from outdoors, so if you do not keep your windows open the cooling performance may slightly decrease.

  • Is the Cryogen Air Cooler Legit?

Yes! As per thousands of users’ reviews, we can state that the Cryogen Air Cooler is fully safe and effective for cooling your room, workstation, garage, or any other location. You can use this tiny device without any hesitation, which can help you assist in temperature reduction instantly.

Conclusion of this Cryogen Air Cooler Review

When ordinary air conditioners are prohibitively expensive, the Cryogen Air Cooler may become a viable option. In this Cryogen Air Cooler Review, we attempted to cover virtually all of its features, benefits, pros, and negatives, as well as price, so that your decision-making process becomes easy.

Based on our customer review research, we can state that the Cryogen Air Cooler is an excellent cooler for personal use due to its amazing mobility, energy economy, and smooth chilling. 

However, keep an eye on their official website for any recent price updates and find the greatest deal.

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